Mike Shanahan Fired? Damn…

I don’t care if Denver hasn’t made the postseason the last three years and finished this season 8-8 after an embarrassing loss to the San Diego Chargers. Why would you want to pay a coach 20 million dollars without being employed? Yeah he had John Elway, Terrell Davis and Sharpe, but didn’t he win two Super Bowls? Damn, what’s a man gotta do to keep a job these days? Two Super Bowls? Wow. I wouldn’t want to be Denver when the team who picks him up in the next 5 minutes has a lead against the Broncos with time on the clock. 146 victories in 14 years. It has to be mentioned the Broncos are 1-4 since Elway left but is this the NFL or the NBA? I guess Jeff Fisher has to win the Super Bowl huh?

18 Responses to “Mike Shanahan Fired? Damn…”

  1. michelle says:

    The pink slips keep coming. I thought Mike was safe though.

  2. Dredded One says:

    Me too, Michelle. However, to argue Mizzo’s point, 2 rings in a span of 14 years with the last one being like what, 8 years ago? And the way they started and then ended the season? Yeah, it makes sense, although I’m surprised too.

  3. Mizzo – if you fire four D-coordinators in four years, can’t draft for the defensive end to save your life while being the VP of Football Ops, get beat by Peyton Manning thoroughly every time you play him in the playoffs, and botch the QB transition from Plummer to Cutler, your back-to-back Super Bowl bubble has popped.

    I was expecting him to lose his front office title; I wasn’t expecting him to lose his head coaching duties too.

  4. Miranda says:

    I really didn’t see this coming. Some other head coaches should be pretty nervous right about now!

  5. Mizzo says:

    I understand, but nevertheless shocked.

  6. Origin says:

    Shanahan to the Raiders you heard it here first.


    If that happens it will surely be a sign that its the end of the world.

  7. Mizzo, shock is quite appropriate here. No one who follows the Broncos thought Pat Bowlen had the stones to do this.

    Best to start the blood-letting now rather than drag out another season with a new DC (because Bob Slowik would have been fired) that didn’t do the job AGAIN.

    Broncos need to chase Rex Ryan or Steve Spagnuolo. Defensive-minded head coaches must be at the top of the list.

  8. Mizzo says:

    I’m not for all these firings. These coaches should be allowed to finish what they start when they’ve had big time success.

    Would Pittsburgh have a SB if the chin was fired?

  9. Temple3 says:

    Shanahan to the COWBOYS. You heard it here first.


    You’ve heard me say it about Favre. No more than 1 win in ANY playoff season since 1998. Shanahan — 1 playoff win since 1999. Holmgren — done. It’s time to close the book on these cats, except people think they’re the same guy they were back in the day. Dungy owns Shanahan. It’s a new day. I only hope that Shanahan’s character issues reared their ugly heads and he head a moment of franchise envy.

    He knows he could coach circles around Wade Phillips. Wade used to be in Denver and now has a solid defense in Dallas. Boy, oh boy, what Genius Mike could do with all those weapons in Big D. I bet he put out a feeler to Jerry Jones that was received rather warmly…only Pat Bowlen found out before Mike could get his, “I’m getting old and this isn’t working” Story together.

    Phillips will be out before you pop the bubbly. Shanahan is going to Dallas to keep Wade’s defense intact and coach up Romo and the offense.

    You heard it here first.

  10. Temple3 says:

    As for the Steelers, the argument here and there was for many, many years that they might well have had more than five if they didn’t have the chin. He never let his nuts hang in the playoffs until 2005. The team was always getting whipped in short yardage situations and on special teams — those were supposed to be traditional areas of strength.

    4th and 3 vs. the Chargers in ’94 — stopped on a deflected pass vs. a team they should have destroyed. 2004 — 4th and 1 — Bettis stuffed by Pats. 2001 — Troy Edwards false starts on a punt from deep in Pitt’s end. Troy Brown scores a TD on the re-kick. Pat’s win and go to SB in 2001. Don’t get me going on that, please!! Please. Please.

    He’s clearly an excellent coach, but he lost too many AFC championship games at home. He lost a Super Bowl to a Switzer-coached Dallas team that the Steelers dominated save for 2 picks to Larry Brown from Neil O’Donnell. He did ultimately get over the top and he deserves all the credit for that, but there were many bumps along the way — at least 5 big ones.

  11. Origin says:

    I agree Temple I was telling my wife the same thing about Shanahan and Dallas.

    Told the wifey that by the time we get back in Dallas on Saturday that Wade would be gone and Shanahan would be in his place.

  12. Temple3 says:

    I’m not saying that Shanahan should have been fired, but if folks keep it real, they’ll see that either Bowlen said, “Yeah, Mike it’s time for you to bounce.” OR “What!?!?! Dallas!? Oh, hell naw!!”

    Either way, no playoffs for the last 3 years. What happened before that?
    – Blowout loss at home to Pittsburgh where the first TD of the game is thrown by a 2nd year QB against Champ Bailey. Ouch. (34-17)
    – Blowout loss vs. the Colts. (49-24)
    – Blowout loss vs. the Colts. (41-10).

    Doesn’t anybody remember those 3 games? Do people remember the 400 points scored against their defenses? Yo, sun, the Broncos actually suck. Not like the Lions suck, but like the Broncos aren’t supposed to suck.

    Before that nice little run of blowouts, they missed the playoffs in 3 of 4 years — the one exception was when Griese served a little speed bump for the 2000 Ravens. (21-3).

    BOTTOM LINE: Michael Shanahan has not fielded a competitive playoff football team in 10 years. Pink slip bytchez!! Hit the bricks Genius!

  13. texjah says:

    he had a negative arc. shouldnt have gotten rid of gm last year, bad move set tone for bad karma.

  14. That Shanny to Dallas ish is plausible. Romo is an alum of Eastern Illinois. Guess where Shanny had his playing days as a young QB and budding Mastermind.

    The Rocky Mountain News implies that Bowlen gave Shanny an ultimatum: either fire the DC or get out. One would think a coach would have thrown the DC under the bus quickly to keep his job.

  15. GrandNubian says:

    Damn T3,

    You’ve been reading my mind (or maybe i’ve been reading yours) when it comes to Shanahan. I know I remember those games. All those losses that you re-visited is why I say that he should’ve been canned a few years ago. Also add in the fact (as you’ve done) that he has only 1 playoff win in nearly 10 freekin’ years!

    I think that his plans and schemes just weren’t connecting to the current players in Denver. Yeah, TD can talk all he want about how good of a coach Shanahan is (and he is a good coach), but if you can’t get your players to buy into your plan/schemes then it’s time to coach elsewhere. If your team continue to lose year after year, pretty soon the players will start to believe that they just can’t win.

    Wow…..Shanahan in Dallas? I never thought about that. I was thinking more of him in NY. But you may be right…..just like you were right about the Eagles.

  16. Temple3 says:

    Thanks GN.

    I think Shanahan’s an EXCELLENT coach. Look at his career record vs. Belichick. Bill is his bitch. I think Denver would have nailed the Pats this year, but Cutler was hurt on damn near the first play of the game.

    I don’t know how much credit he deserves for Alex Gibb’s run blocking scheme, but the Broncos have had excellent offensive line play for years. He knows offense. He clearly doesn’t know defense — but he knew enough to hire Wade Phillips back in the day.

    I think his time is up — and even though he may be an excellent coach, you’re only as smart as your personnel. The Broncos are truly flawed on defense.

    I also think its important to remember the impact of the shooting death of Darrent Williams (and subsequent unraveling of Javon Walker) on this team. They’ve lost 2 Pro Bowl quality players. The Broncos have been through quite a bit lately.

  17. David says:

    I think this was the worst move in the history of the broncos! Its not often you have a hall of fame coach. How many teams make the playoffs every year, we were going in the right direction and I believe we would have been 5-11 without Shannahan this year. Horrible move, Bowlen should be ashamed of himself!!!!

  18. HarveyDent says:

    “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!”

    Just like I didn’t expect Shanny to get the boot. I can see why though because the team looks like it’s gone stale under him and maybe a change is needed just to make a change. I could see him landing in Dallas despite Jerry Jones claims of no changes will be made in Big D following this year’s flame out. The most expensive stadium in the NFL with the consensus most talented team in the NFL in need of a new and proven coach who’s suddenly available?

    Sounds like a union made in heaven but as an Eagles fan I shudder to think about that happening because Dallas does have a the talent to go undefeated if there’s a coach in place to whip that talent into shape.