Somethin’ For That Jazz

A walk in the park gripping poetic blanket with philosophical basket. The romantic steam coming off reality’s sensual scientific dream. It satisfies mindful these as they in time come in threes. Come fly with me drenched as we touch the cascading open wide but far off tacit seas. Your heart, your mind just gave me a sign so please lay your head back with eyes so fine to waste some time as we soul unwind.





Baddest NB


6 Responses to “Somethin’ For That Jazz”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I hate FIREWALLS. I’ll have to check this later, but I KNOW it’s gooooood.

  2. aaron d.w. says:

    mingus is tops for me. and meditation on inner peace is my favorite mingus. thanks for posting these.

  3. KevDog says:


    You’re from Philly right?
    This dude was the greatest musician the area ever produced, straight out of Wilmington

    And this dude, straight out of Philly, the second greatest the area ever produced.

    Undiluted baby, undiluted.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Of course I know of those two. I usually attend Clifford Brown’s festival in Wilmington every year. Beverages, blankets and brilliance.

    He was definitely a master. RIP.

    Morgan was just the same. I was attempting to show folks stuff they weren’t aware of. Thanks as always for setting me straight.

    I miss Brown bad.

  5. KevDog says:

    They had a CB symposium this fall. I wanted to go so badly, but it was 4 days after my girls were born.

  6. Mizzo says:

    Where was that Kev?