Friday Fire Answer From LeBron James

Posted in Blogroll on January 6th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

I had the Stylistics running through my brain before writing this. Can anyone guess the track?

We had a pretty interesting discussion over the weekend on if LeBron James could be the greatest athlete of all time. Sunday, Anthony Gilbert and I took our soul flow on the road to check out the Wiz/Cavs and this would be the perfect opportunity to ask LeBron myself. I’d been up for two days because of work and thought I was going to sleep for the two hour trip (I should have known better) but after AG scooped me, we had our usual conversation about journalism, music, sports, the ladies and his Mom’s amazing pound cake.

The Eagles were playing the Vikings later, so I had to rock my throwback 12 (R.I.P Andre, Jerome and Reggie) on the way to Chocolate City.

Gotta tell ya I felt like a Cowboy whose cheese steak tasted different in South Philly after we stopped by a store so I could cop a Red Bull. No one was disrespectful, but I got my share of Oh no he didn’t looks. Yeah…I felt real green but at least it was Randall.

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Step it Up Media or You Will Get Responses Like This

Posted in Blogroll on January 6th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

The best part about this job in my opinion is getting answers to stuff I wanted to know as a fan. I want to know who, what, where and why. I find it easy to interact with players because I connect with the hard work they’ve put in to become the best. I’ve flubbed myself, but work hard to ensure it won’t happen again.

I guess Chris Webber had enough huh?

My man…