Friday Fire Answer From LeBron James

I had the Stylistics running through my brain before writing this. Can anyone guess the track?

We had a pretty interesting discussion over the weekend on if LeBron James could be the greatest athlete of all time. Sunday, Anthony Gilbert and I took our soul flow on the road to check out the Wiz/Cavs and this would be the perfect opportunity to ask LeBron myself. I’d been up for two days because of work and thought I was going to sleep for the two hour trip (I should have known better) but after AG scooped me, we had our usual conversation about journalism, music, sports, the ladies and his Mom’s amazing pound cake.

The Eagles were playing the Vikings later, so I had to rock my throwback 12 (R.I.P Andre, Jerome and Reggie) on the way to Chocolate City.

Gotta tell ya I felt like a Cowboy whose cheese steak tasted different in South Philly after we stopped by a store so I could cop a Red Bull. No one was disrespectful, but I got my share of Oh no he didn’t looks. Yeah…I felt real green but at least it was Randall.

We met up with Jeff Young and took our usual press seats to what is always an entertaining game. During the game we received some blaze music from Lorin Chvotkin (son of legendary Georgetown Hoyas radio announcer, Rich Chvotkin) which was definitely peace.

The Cavs lost to the Wiz after LeBron was called for a walk. When the media got the quotes they needed, I walked up to LBJ to get his answers on the subject:

Michael Tillery: LeBron, does the thought ever cross your mind about playing quarterback in the NFL?

LeBron James: Once I got to high school, I didn’t play much quarterback. I wanted to play wide receiver. I was a big fan of Randy Moss and Peter Warrick coming up. I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I played quarterback as a youngster, but I always wanted to be a receiver.

MT: The reason why I ask is because on my site, we discussed you possibly being the best athlete ever. I tried to convey to my readers that your combination of physical attributes would translate to any sport seamlessly.

LBJ: Appreciate that.

MT: When I look at Terrelle Pryor and his development in football, I see the same athlete you are in basketball.

LBJ: Same?

LeBron gives me the C’mon man look. Then we share a laugh.

MT: Obviously not at this point bruh.

LBJ: He played basketball in high school too.

MT: Yeah, I’m not talking about basketball. I’m speaking of the athlete he is now compared to the athlete you were at that same stage physically.

LBJ: Right, right, right. I see what you are saying. You are definitely right about that.

MT: Are you two cool like what’s being reported?

LBJ: Not like that. I’ve been down there a few times and met him but I don’t have him on speed dial or nothing like that. I’m an open guy though. Somebody needs help? If Terrelle is one of those guys who may need help one day? I have no problem giving advice.

MT: I wanted to take the ubiquitous Black quarterback discussion further because cats like you are sticking to the soul sphere instead of airing out Jim Brown’s lunch pail.The way you drive down the lane now? Just imagine looking over the damn near seven foot linemen, getting into your five step drop, hittin’ Randy Moss in stride or taking off like Randall.

LBJ: (Shakes head) Man that would have been something.

MT: Did you have any kind of arm?

LBJ: Yeah, I could throw the ball sixty yards. I was the third string qb. If we threw a double reverse pass, then I could throw the ball down field.

I was just fascinated with being that guy that made plays down the field catching the ball man. I just had that knack and matter of fact there were already two quarterbacks in place and had been there. I was put in a position to excel at receiver because I was so good at it so it stuck.

MT: When was the decision made to push football aside and why was it made?

LBJ: We lost the state championship my junior year in basketball. My senior year, I just refocused myself to the game of basketball–completely. I loved to play football. To this day, one of my only regrets was not playing my senior year, but that loss hit me hard so I rededicated myself to the game I play now.

MT: Who do you consider the best athlete of all time?

LBJ: Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong…

MT: Yeah, Randy (Randy Mims, LeBron’s day to day road manager) said Lance when I asked him.

LBJ: Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali…but to me the greatest athletes are in the Olympics. All the things that they do? Most people don’t know their history but I’m sure you know how it is.

MT: Damn right young fella. Would you put Michael Phelps in there?

LBJ: Uh, yeah he belongs in there, absolutely.

MT: Could you have been a successful professional athlete in other sports if you played them?

LBJ: Me? If I wanted to? Yeah of course.


In the locker room before AG did his thing (posted below), Jeff brought up someone that was never mentioned during the discussion: Lawrence Taylor. Great name because LT was a sickdiculous athlete whose skills could have translated to other sports as well. I’m sure quarterbacks were shook back in the day with LT across the line talking smack.

Brothas workin’ it out: AG and the King (this should be on his blog later. Dig it on there.)

36 Responses to “Friday Fire Answer From LeBron James”

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  2. Rashad says:

    Good stuff man. Something tell me that when the Wiz and Cavs play again in April, Gilbert will be back, and the rivalry will kick up even more.

  3. Mizzo says:

    I’ll have a piece on the rivalry on in the next couple of days.

  4. Ryne Nelson says:

    Great work as always, Mike. I had no idea Bron played third-string QB in high school. You’d think he could at least get some more playing time because of his height! The vid was great as well…although, I kept thinking of Hellboy with those headphones on his forehead!

  5. Michael as always, good working with you brother!

  6. You killed it with the first question! I know he was caught off guard with that question especially after his famous “crab dribble”…lol…good stuff! I see what you were telling me.

  7. michelle says:

    Very interesting and entertaining read. Good work Miz.

  8. Jeff Young says:

    Once again, a pleasure to work and learn from you Mike. And besides LT I think I got another name for you..How about Charlie Ward? I mean he was the Heisman trophy winner in 1993, who was to me, the Mike Vick before Mike Vick. And yet went on to have a successful career playing the point in the NBA. Just a thought. Peace

  9. Mizzo says:

    Jemele just mentioned this post on First Take. Thanks Jemele.

  10. KevDog says:

    She still selling us all out over at BSPN?

  11. Mizzo says:

    Nah, she gave me and the site mad props. I’m humbled.

  12. KevDog says:

    With all due respect my man, and you know I love you. Giving you props because of your interview with LeBron don’t mean she ain’t selling us out on a daily on BSPN.

    Their agenda is clear, she apologizes for their machine at every turn and she HAS bought in.

  13. KevDog says:

    Don’t be fooled by your friendship Miz. Ms. Hill has some pathologic compulsion to make white people feel better, justified about their racism.
    It’s simply pathetic.

    “The issue there for me is that this is not just a one-sided issue. of certain boosters being uncomfortable with hiring someone like Turner Gill or Charlie Strong. This is also them, unfortunately and sadly looking at the reaction to a black coach married to a white woman would be when they went in some of these recruit’s homes. And the reality is even now in 2009 when we’re on the verge of swearing in a black president, there’s a lot of African-Americans who feel uncomfortable with that as well.”

  14. Stank-0 says:

    Jemele Hill did big up, ya’ll. How could he leave off Deion and Bo? Seriously? Deion had otherworldly speed and Bo was a straight up freak of nature.

  15. michelle says:

    KevDog is tough!

    I have to say I agree with Jemele on this one. LeBron could have come up with a lot of other athletes but I guess that’s his opinion.

  16. Mizzo says:

    Sorry, I’ve been sleep all day. Haven’t slept much this week because of work.

    Here’s the thing people. I can only go on what I know. Jemele is a friend, so just as I would any of you, I got her back. She and I get into it all the time over stuff. I’m sure none of us agree on everything.

    It comes from the soul of my grand kids and their great times five great grand parents to be loyal.

    As far as LBJ, we have to remember this was a spur of the moment thing after he lost a tough game where he committed 7 turnovers. There are names I’ve thought of after the fact.

    Oh, just so you all know. Here’s the Stylistics track.

    Imagine that soundtrack riding though ya mind driving through DC with ya boy at ya side digging the scene.

  17. GrandNubian says:

    I knew it was that song……i just couldn’t think of it when reading the peice. 🙂

  18. Jemele says:


    I don’t know where you live, but I insist that you let me buy you a drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. I just want you to tell me about myself, since apparently you know me so well. Please KevDog, can you help me change my sellout, hanky-head ways? There’s hope for me. I’m sure of it. I’m sure that if I was in your presence for a few hours it would totally dilute the ESPN brainwashing. Help me, help you.



  19. KevDog says:

    Vegas, give me about a month advance warning before you come out and we’ll do it. Careful though, you might learn something.

    And bring Stu Scott and Kobe Hater Milke Wilbon too. Ya’ll need some perspective.

    Took care of Stu in my ER once, doubt he remembers.

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  21. KevDog says:

    Didn’t say it before. Nice work Mizzo and thanks for LBJ doing all of us a solid.

  22. MODI says:

    nice to see a different interview… his take on great athletes was pretty accurate and a nice nod to history. Rarely does jackie robinson get mentioned in these discussions… beyond the original thread last week.

    kevdog, gotta admit… Jemele’s post was funny…

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