Friday Fire: The Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James Debate Continues

The debate rages on. What’s your opinion? Before it’s all said and done, both will be included in the most elite pantheon of basketball talent. There aren’t five more skilled players who’ve stepped foot in the NBA. Here are some other questions:

Is this era unique because of their talent? My pick would still be Kobe–based on his body of work and also because his minutes are being cut for obvious reasons. LeBron is an absolute ridiculous ball player, but right now, is he better than Kobe Bryant? At 24? When? Now? We’ve talked about this many times here and I think it’s apropos to have this debate every year just to speak of the past, present and future of pro basketball. What does LeBron need to do to take his legacy to another level? Who should he be compared to? Mike? Oscar? McGinnis? Baylor? Are there any out there who think Kobe is on the down side of his career? Is he the best of his era? Is there anyone to compare him to besides Doc and Mike? Could he have done it alone? How many more scoring titles would he have if not for Shaq?

LeBron James:

08-09 CLE 34 34 36.6 0.508 0.296 0.781 1.2 5.4 6.6 6.6 1.9 1.3 2.91 1.90 27.4
Career 425 424 40.8 0.470 0.322 0.733 1.3 5.6 6.9 6.6 1.8 0.8 3.29 2.10 27.3

Kobe Bryant:

08-09 LAL 34 34 35.7 0.483 0.368 0.866 1.2 4.1 5.3 4.3 1.4 0.4 2.68 2.30 26.9
Career 900 752 36.4 0.454 0.341 0.840 1.2 4.1 5.3 4.6 1.5 0.5 2.93 2.70 25.0

58 Responses to “Friday Fire: The Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James Debate Continues”

  1. StoneCold says:

    “From the begining everything I have written has been my opinion”

    No it hasen’t..U said & I quote: “The better player of the two is [obviously] Kobe.”

    That comment wasn’t preceded by a “my opinion is” in order to say it’s your opinion because when U said the word “obviously”, that’s implying that what you’ve stated is an absolute fact..

    “Stan van Gundy made a questionable call, almost to the point to where you may think he is on Mike Brown’s payroll.”

    More coulda, shoulda woulda’s, with a lame attempt at justifying them with a bunch of “IF’s”..can U for once lay off the conspiracy theories & deal with what actually HAPPENED?

    “It’s been fun, but obviously I’m too much for you.”

    Typical false bravado, steeped in ignorant-arrogance. U haven’t said or done anything but attribute Lebron’s & orlando’s accomplishments to “theories” & excuses that are slanted towards the other guy/ I said, come back when U can deal with the facts..

    “Look, I know I”m a dificult oponent”

    How difficult can U be if all U can do is toot your own horn about something you’ve YET to present one FACT about? And besides, the word is “op[p]onent”. This lame display of arrogance only HIGHLIGHTS your strategy of side stepping the facts & hurling insults & taunts to mask the fact that your argument ISN’T strong in factual content..

    Guys like yourself are ALL alike. When you’re pinned by the FACTS, the plethora of personal attacks are sure to come. Next, the elaborate excuses will start. After that, you’ll try to credit “conspiracy theories” for the “Individual” success of the guy who’s in “opposition” to your “claims” or discredit his coaches decision making.

    When U see that won’t work, you’ll attack the messenger as if we made up the other guys individual body of work & claim they don’t mean or prove anything LOL!!

    U guys are TOO predictable..I have ya M.O. down to a science..

  2. Dashon11 says:

    Yeah, it has. The better player is obviously Kobe, in my opinion. Nearly everything we talk about is relative. My job hear, was to convince readers why I feel this is so. Thus I give evidence and interpretation of that evidence. The comment doesn’t have to be preceded, this is again understood. You’ve been blasting like 9 people who think that Kobe is the better player, but this is obviously there opinion. Maybe you just don’t understand these types of questions. I’m not knew to forums. I got it, and I think everyone else did too, I just think you are trying to blow it up into more than what this is. Debate, give me reasons why you believe Lebron is the better player, so I can blast you, but this whole time you have been givning me regugitated information from whatever sports show you’ve been watching. I can tell this from the way you just throw out stats, inflated somtime, without any interpretation at all. Nothing is a fact this day and age. We accept what we believe to be true for the time being until something more plausible comes along. A few hundred years ago, the world was obviously flat, so don’t give me that complete fact bs, because it is just what we see and are lead to believe at that moment. That is my definition of a fact. One must use strong words in order to interest readers to read a long paragraph. Here, you obviously didn’t understand what I was saying, as in, it is my opinion that you didn’t understand me at all.

    lol. Conspiracy Theory!? Really, I guess it was just a coincidence that the guy who denied Lebron the game winner in game 1, who happens to be the best defender on the team Mikael Pietris, was put on Sasha Pavlovic. R u f-ing kiding me. That is the worst thing i have ever heard of, it is so retared that Gundy should loose his job right now. I was pointing out something so retarded that it couldn’t be a blunder. It’s like the Spurs putting Tony Parker on Kobe in a last sec effort. Peitris said after Game 1 that his whole mentality was that I was just going to deny Lebron the last shot. And guess what, he did, and Cleveland lost. WTF. That’s all I’m going to say about that, we all knew who was getting the ball.

    As I stated before you lacky, your not even on my lvl because you don’t understand basketball at all. Anyone who uses solely stats as their basis for practically anything besides who has the best statistical numbers is an idiot. Plenty of people proved you to be incompetant when it comes to this before me, I’m just here to deliver the killing blow, and try as you might to fight back, you have yet to successfully defeat me in anyone point. When you have failed you haven’t even come back to debate it again. I have to admitt one thing, you did say in your first response that Lebron had better stats in 4 out of 5 years, but you didn’t even realize that. It doesn’t matter at this point however, because I feel this coming to a close, you just don’t want to continue your embarassment. I am sorry if I made you feel bad, but c’mon, ur a grown man, argue like one. Well, I hope you are since you called me son anyway.

    again, WTF, i told you I am not interested in repeating anything mentioned before, I think we have had enough stats put on this site, or maybe you want to copy and paste the entire rosters career numbers too. I gave you a few new numbers that worked hand in hand with the point I was trying to prove. That was your so called facts. I used your own stats against you, your own so called facts against you, but I also did something which you stayed away from, I interpretated statistics. So don’t give me the bs you didn’t bring in any facts, most of my facts where your own, it just stumped you to the point to where you couldn’t respond. Either your an idiot, or you can’t read, which I’m betting the second one since you didn’t understand one single thing I have said. Maybe it would have been the other way around, if you had brought any original material.

    As i said before, those jokes where me throwing you a bone. I liked you style, but for some reason you took it as arrogance when I was just joking around. Where I am from, word play means a lot. I really was not making fun of you. You humiliate your opponent and then you destroy them, it makes the victory that much sweeter. Your first couple responses, you were trying to debate with me, but you quickly turned defensive by denying the legitamacy of my argument that you just argued. You don’t make sense. When all else fails, deny seems to be you motto. I will check this site one more time, but if this doesn’t change then I will figure I have wasted time talking with you. I was hoping a few people might get involved, but unfortunately, I guess your raw skill scared them away. So this is prob so long StoneCold. Stay up you idiot!

  3. luka says:

    for me better is lebron james

  4. When it’s all said and done, there’s only one statistic that matters. Kobe 4, LeBron 0.

    Would love your take on this.

  5. Stonecold says:

    “there’s only one statistic that matters. Kobe 4, LeBron 0.”

    That would be the “only” stat that mattered “if” we were gauging who has more rings, but that’s not the case. Titles are a TEAM accomplishment, not a gauge for an individual’s level of skill & talent in relation to each other..

    Robert Horry has 7 rings, does that make him better than MJ? Steve Kerr has 4 rings, does this make him “as good” as Kobe, since he has an equal amount of rings?

    Of course not.

    I don’t know why kobe fans ALWAYS try to hide behind his rings when he’s mentioned in relation to LBJ or even MJ, but will TOTALLY ignore what these guys have done, and in the case of kobe & LBJ, CONSISTENTLY does on the floor, regarding the “skilled facets” of the game (their production), which is what they SHOULD be looking at when gauging their talents/skill in relation to each other..

  6. Stone…. don’t get me wrong, I think LBJ has more talent than Kobe.

    BUT Kobe at this point still has the more polished game. I think it’s safe to say you’d rather have him with the ball in his hands at crunch time as he’s proven over and over again to be able to deliver in cut-throat fashion.

    I’m not saying Kobe is better than Bron Bron simply BECAUSE he has four rings. I am saying that he’s more able to take it to another level.

    I love LeBron but I need to see that happen this year. Have BronBron beat Kobe in a seven-game series… and COVER Kobe… and I think we’ll be able to end this argument once and for all.

  7. Stonecold says:

    “I think it’s safe to say you’d rather have him (kobe) with the ball in his hands at crunch time”

    You know, this is one of those misnomers that TOO MANY people seem to be disillusioned by. To be perfectly honest, NEITHER are as “clutch” as the ESPN’s & these lame-brained analysts would lead you to believe, when you actually go look at what they’ve actually done in the “clutch”..

    Since 2003

    Reg Season game winning free throws: LBJ 23 > kobe 15
    Reg Season game winners: LBJ 18-56 (32%) > kobe 19-65 (29%)

    Since the 2004-09 Playoffs

    Reg Season Game Winners: LBJ 5-10 (50%) > kobe 4-10 (40%)

    Total Game Winners since 2003: LBJ 23 = kobe 23 has tracked & has the most COMPREHENSIVE record of who’s MADE the MOST game winners since ’03. They posted the leaders of this thru 2/4/09. Obviously, there’s been OVER a year of ball played since they’ve updated this, but in order to get a more accurate assessment of this since then for both players, factor in that LBJ’s made 1-6 reg season game winners, to kobe’s 5-9. Also, kobe’s made 3 game winning free throws since 2/4/09, whereas Lebron’s made 9.

    Kobe in the ’09 playoffs has only 2 game winning attempts: a missed 3-ptr vs Utah on 4/23/09 & a blocked layup by Turkoglu in the Finals on 6/7/09. LBJ on the other hand was 1-2 in playoff game winners in ’09: his buzzer beater vs Orlando on 5/22/09 & a missed O.T. 3-ptr vs them on 5/26/09.

    Factor all of that into the equation & you have the #’s I posted above..

  8. Al says:

    @ RobD…the cavs are gonna win this year so dont woory…we wont have to wait 10 years…you’re forgetting that LeBron just started in ’03, and when did Kobe start, like ’95 ’96??? He’s had much more time to make achievements then LeBron. At LeBron’s age, Kobe wasn’t contributing as much as LeBron is now! LeBron has already surpassed Kobe and will continue to excell.