The Buffalo Syndrome


“The Buffalo Soldiers, dredlock Rasta’s…”


Lauren Hill – Ready Or Not


The Philadelphia Eagles will enter their 5th NFC Championship game (6th in team history) within the last 8 years, and what’s more surprising than the Eagles opportunity at a Super Bowl berth…is the fact that they will face the Arizona Cardinals.

Bridesmaid, never the bride


The Eagles tied the Bengals (week 11), and lost to the Ravens (week 12), while the Cardinals lost 4 of their last 5 games of the regular season, as no one saw this day approaching, and that’s why the NFL is so great…especially this year. The two teams did meet in Philly, during a week 13, battle of the Birds, on Thanksgiving, with the Eagles prevailing 48-20. The Eagles are the favorite to advance this Sunday, but if they lose either the NFC Championship game or the Super Bowl, then they will qualify for an infamous title, that only the Buffalo Bills fans could understand. Misery loves company, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their fans welcomed Eagles revelers with open arms.


So how tortured are the fans that cheer in the frozen artic of Ralph Wilson Stadium…to put it simply, it’s like being a Red Sox fan circa October 1986. The Bills were a superb team in their days of AFL supremacy, winning back to back titles in ’64, and ’65…prior to the AFL/NFL merger. Since those glory days of yesteryear they returned to a quasi state of prominence beginning in 1990.


Buffalo won the AFC Championship in 1990, 1991, 1992, and again in 1993, however in these four straight trips to the big show, they came up empty each and every time…making their dominance over the AFC, more of a late night talk show hosts’ joke, than any point of strength.


The Atlanta Braves had their fair share of World Series let downs; however they earned their respect from the sports world, by winning it all in 1995 over the Cleveland Indians. The Eagles can equally erase the losses of their past, by winning a Super Bowl within this Andy Reid/Donovan McNabb era. Like the Bills, the Eagles have never won the BIG game, as they boast 2 NFC Championship Trophies, and 3 NFL Championships, ’48, ’49, and ’60. The first Super Bowl was played 7 years later on January 15, 1967, thus diminishing the luster of the Eagles’ 3 NFL Championships.

In life and in sport, things don’t always work out the way they should, but all the ‘Birds (Eagles) have to do, is win…it sounds easy, but it’s not.


Any loss within the next two games would prove to be quite the conundrum. The expectations in the City of Brotherly Love are high, after the Eagles did the impossible by not only making the playoffs, but they have beaten the defending champions, as well as the Minnesota Vikings. The Phillies sparked the retro feelings of 1980, and with victories in the next two games, the Eagles can bring to fruition, what was once a childhood dream.


These are interesting times, as a new President will take office next week, and Philadelphia could possibly emerge as TITLETOWN USA.

9 Responses to “The Buffalo Syndrome”

  1. origin says:

    Yeah that would be something.

    Just to play a little game……the philies won the WS in ’80 no switch the numbers around and they win in ’08.

    The eagles won there first championship in 1948……if they win the super bowl it will be 48 years since they won their last championship in 1960.

    Also if you take the 1960 championship and flip the last 2 digits around you get ’09.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm could it be???

    Could the AFL soul not only be the last team that won a championship in the AFL. Also be the team that ended the 25 year philly championship curse???

    HAHA this is Fun Mizzo………I feel like Miss. Cleo.

  2. oh sangjin says:

    I love the site so much you’ve converted me from someone who used to like Donovan well enough into a true fan. I’m rooting for the Eagles now and everything…

    But “Titletown”? C’mon nah.
    Let’s have some respect for the tradition of the game. There can be only one.

    That said… Go Philly.

  3. Origin says:

    Also Mizzo.

    Every NFL team that klecko has played on won a championship when he was there.

    Pats and colts.

    Klecko is the eagle’s good luck charm!!!


  4. Temple3 says:


    Quickly: You know that that’s Bob’s line. Lauryn just borrowed it — in a complimentary (luv her some baby Rohan) kinda way.

    Since you’ve taken the “Way Back Machine” all the way back to 1948, you’ve gotta save some Syndrome Sympathy for the Minnesota Vikings.

    Four Super Bowl losses under Bud Grant. A heart attack-inducing loss to the Dallas Cowboys on the Pass Interference Touchdown pass from Staubach to Drew Pearson. A devastating loss to the 1998 Atlanta Falcons after Hall of Famer Gary Anderson misses his ONLY KICK OF THE SEASON. How about the 1987 Vikings — the Wildcard squad that knocked off the Saints and the vaunted 49ers (in San Francisco) only to lose by a TD to the Washington Redskins? Remember Wade Wilson, Darrin Nelson and Anthony Carter? I know you do!

    The Minnesota Vikings just have to get some love. Four SB losses. The Purple People Eaters. Chuck Foreman with more spin moves than Karl Rove. Paul Krause, the NFL’s career INT leader. The old Metropolitan Stadium and those FRIGID FROZEN TUNDRA games that defined the old NFC Norris. Remember? I know you do!

  5. Temple3 says:


    I think you mean Vinitieri. Klecko’s like Tebow — along for the ride.

  6. AXG says:

    ^Temple3, I know that’s Bob Marley…I always open my stories with a lyric or something meaningful from Langston Hughes.

  7. AXG says:

    And you made a great case for the Minnesota Vikings! Very well written Temple3!

  8. Temple3 says:

    Apologies — I thought Mizzo wrote this. I could’ve sworn that was up there yesterday. Anyway — great piece. Philly is definitely trying to get out of that conversation.

  9. AXG says:

    No worries, it’s all good, and yes hopefully Philly gets these next two!

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