The Monday Morning Starting Five

Eddie Curry’s ex girlfriend murdered in the South side of Chicago. Son witnesses, but thankfully is unharmed.

Michael Redd out for season after tearing knee. Pic linked to my interview with Redd before Olympics. Big loss. Redd is the epitome of professionalism and class.

School fires coach after team wins 100-0, refuses to apologize.

Kirk Radomski says he took urine tests for Doc Gooden. Doc says LOL.

Ralph Sampson’s son instrumental in Minnesota’s win at Bloomington.

One more: Book says ARod “developed a ‘Single White Female’-like obsession with Jeter and asked for a personal clubhouse assistant to run errands for him.” Former Yankees skipper Joe Torre apparently criticizes Brian Cashman as well. Anything for book sales huh?

9 Responses to “The Monday Morning Starting Five”

  1. Mizzo says:

    He’s not a Yankee Modi…sorry. Reggie would have kicked his ass by now.

  2. MODI says:

    Miz, you got it backwards! Torre is the dude who is waaaay wrong! This book is either beneath Torre, or he is revealing who he really is.

    Remember, reggie was a loner in the clubhouse too!


    — terrible about eddy’s ex-girlfriend

    — not surprised if Rad is telling the truth about Doc. That was pretty common back in the ’80 (LT talks about it in his book). we already know Doc loved coke, so the story is no biggie

    — That coach is an ass — not for scoring 100 points though. But for not allowing the other team to score. You can’t really tell your team not to score, but how about calling a time out, and saying ‘lets give them a couple of easy shots to get on the board…

  3. MODI says:

    mizzo, thank you for inspiring an AROD article from me in next couple of weeks that will address the unwarranted AROD hate!

    just like Phile, NYC teams need a scapegoat, it is just how it is. It could be Isiah, marbury, or even Ewing. It could be Winfield or AROD, but it will be somebody…

  4. MODI says:

    Verducci refutes the early reports about the book. He say torre never said “A-Fraud” or “Single White Female”…

    A wise man once said:

    Give me a three run home-run, and I’ll show you chemistry.

  5. Mizzo says:

    A wise man also said (not really) a three run home run during the regular season is your job but hit a three run home run during the playoffs and they will chant your name forevermore.

    I don’t think you understand Modi but just one great post season devoid of hitting into double plays will absolve this man.

    Just one.

    He can’t handle the whole weight…

    Gimme Winfield any day.

  6. MODI says:

    Winnie was one of my heroes growing up, so it pains me to say this but…

    they used to call him “Mr. May”… (coined by george)

    oh, your one season will be-a-comin’

    Its called 2009.

  7. Mizzo says:

    No question on the moniker George coined.

    As far as your boy, I hope you are right. I’m not sold on Tex either. This season could be a disaster. Hopefully their talent will shine through.

    I want Manny!!! 🙂

  8. TC says:

    Terrible tragedy for Eddy Curry and the three-year old he had with this young lady. My thoughts and prayers to Eddy and her loved ones.

    Yeah, Michael Redd is a class act. I taught one of his cousins and his cousin was the same way. Same build, same demeanor. He’s up there on the Underrated List with Paul Pierce (he was underrated until they finally won it last year), David West, and Joe Johnson. The logical heir to Ray Ray as Man Most Likely Born Shooting J’s.

    I like Joe Torre and I thought he wasn’t given his props given what he’d done for the team. I hope this isn’t too salacious a book as I don’t think it’d reflect well on him, and often it seems these early revelations are released to hype its sale. If he has to set the record straight on a couple of things, fine; otherwise, I hope Joe Torre proves himself to be a man unwilling to sink into the media swamp. That said, I love watching the Yankees spend themselves into the playoffs every year, or just miss….and then each year the soul-searching goes on. They’ve obviously forgotten that their success in the ’90s and 2000 was based on nurturing young players. They just seem increasingly like an out-of-touch diva whose day has gone but who insists on the treatment to which he/she was accustomed back in the day.

    Nice to see Ralph Sampson III killin’ it like that….another really talented frosh center is the guy playing at G’town, Greg Monroe. He’s a lefty, poised, has great footwork, a great sense of the game and soft hands. Just so long as Ralph Sampson III doesn’t knock the Lakers out of the WC finals one day, it’s all good.

  9. Mizzo says:

    Yeah, Gtown is suffering lately because they can’t get him the ball and are resorting to threes. During this losing streak I think they are shooting 12%.