TSF Exclusive: Phillip “Hot Sauce” Champion Signs With the College Park Spyders of the ABA

College Park Spyders add excitement to the ABA Franchise by signing Phillip “Hot Sauce” Champion for the 2009-2010 Season.

King streetballer Phillip “Hot Sauce” Champion has inked a contract to play for the newest American Basketball Association (ABA) franchise, the College Park Spyders. “Spyder” Duane Hughes, president for the team, said the signing will make ABA history.

“This signing reminds me of when Julius Erving first came into the ABA with the Virginia Squires,” Hughes says. “There were no trumpets blaring or fanfare. The Squires executives knew just what they
were doing though. They were signing Mr. Excitement. The same with Earl “The Pearl” Monroe when the Knicks got him in a trade from the Baltimore Bullets. The papers were all questioning whether Pearl’s streetball, one on one style would work with the Knicks consummate team system.

Doc went on to become the face of the NBA-ABA merger, and Pearl cemented his enshrinement in the Hall of Fame with an NBA championship as the ultimate team player as he toned down his game.”

Champion, who’s 6-year run on the AND1 Mixtape Tour scored the highest television ratings, is equally anxious about the upcoming season. “I just want to be an asset to the ABA as I was to AND1,” he says. Glenn Toby, CEO for the team says Hot Sauce joining forces with the Spyders is a win-win arrangement.

“I have spent most of my sports career on the other side of the table, I have a played an important role in the building of many successful teams by supporting, managing and negotiating to bring the team and
talent together,” Glenn says.

“When you are able to engage an athlete at the level of talent that Hot Sauce has with a new franchise like the Spyders you have a recipe for success.”

Optimistic about where the ABA and the College Park Spyders are headed, Hughes says he encourages the players to play their game. “I told Sauce just to be himself on the court. Basketball is basketball when you are born with God-given gifts. I just want him to use what God gave him.

Like the ABA of old, people will come to see something they have never seen before, on any level of the game. That’s what the great ones do,” he continues. “They create, improvise and mesmerize. There will be doubters, as there were in those cases. That is our challenge as an organization, that is Hot Sauce’s challenge as a player who will be leading an expansion franchise.

In my talks with him, I am confident that he will rise to the occasion and prove that he is every bit the ball player that his unique skills say he is. As the team president, GM and coach, he already knows he will not have to look over his shoulder every time behind the back pass goes sailing out of bounds.

I got his back. I just want him to be himself, and let his talents speak for its self”. Hot Sauce and the College Park Spyders will take the court this fall. For more information, visit SpydersBasketball.com.

About Phillip “Hot Sauce” Champion:

Champion was the main attraction during his tenure on the AND1 Streetball Mixtape Tour that aired on ESPN. Amid AND1 fame, he starred in the motion picture basketball movie “Crossover” opposite Wayne Brady and Wesley Jonathan (Roll Bounce). Additionally, he has been singled-out in national and international print and broadcast media for his stylish and aggressive moves on the basketball court. He is currently touring with fellow AND1 streetballers and just signed with the American Basketball Association’s College ParkSpyders.

17 Responses to “TSF Exclusive: Phillip “Hot Sauce” Champion Signs With the College Park Spyders of the ABA”

  1. Dredded One says:

    Good update, Mizzo. THIS is the type of sports reporting that is refreshing. Some stuff from the streets thats not gossip.

  2. Phil Drummond says:

    Hot Souce game is weak. That And1 BS not gone fly in the real game. Hell, that boy got cut from Morris Brown College(Div. II). They just took him for his name not his REAL game.

  3. Stank-0 says:

    If he can tone down the And1 game and utilize his handles, he can be a great open court player. He could be World B. Free 2.0.

  4. starbury says:

    Yeah, talk about a weak game. All his moves rely on palming the ball. What a joke.

  5. TC says:

    I haven’t watched AND1 too much but I’ve seen it some and Hot Sauce has some ridiculous handle. He’ll obviously have more free rein to play his game in the ABA and if you can handle the ball that well, well, you got a lot going for you. Man, that stuff wasn’t even right…

  6. Phil Drummond says:

    World B Free? Please! Hot Sauce can’t shoot like Free. Unless he plays with the Harlem GTs he not gonna do shit. He sorry, too small. You will see. I seen cats from Atlanta kill him on the court and they were college players

  7. luke says:

    HS has got some mad handling, but agreed, too small.

  8. eric says:

    he is the shit

  9. diana says:

    hot sauce is so hot ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love u hot sauce i love u

  10. Shaylyn McCormic says:

    I think Hot Sauce has an amazing talent when it comes to basketball. I have witnessed him play basketball and he has something special. I just hope one day that I can have a talent as special as his.

  11. diana says:

    he came to my school today he is cute and true he is talented but hes not that famous right ? well i have not heard about him until today

  12. samantha says:

    hotsauce you are the sexyest man on earth i love youn so much and i am from l.c swain middle school and i want to let you know that i went on the computer and got pictures of you just so i can see your face everyday and night.

    p.s (i want to have sex with you)

  13. bokiita says:

    iim better dhen h0t sauce iikn0e all he’s m0ves s00 iican beat hiim; hiit me uhp 0n aiim > b0kiitax7

  14. Frederick Kamara says:

    he is a good player form AND 1 mix tape

  15. Newtoxton says:

    Hot sauce is the man i real want to meet coz he is real the man who inspires others to play the game best.

  16. marquise champion says:

    sup cuzin