Mizzo’s NBA Top 5: The Champs Are Back!

1. Boston Celtics 37-9 6-0 week

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

They’ve won 8 straight against pretty good teams. What else can I say. I told ya’ll things would shake back into place as soon as people began to jump of Black Pharaoh’s bandwagon. KG is the glue and no, he ain’t crazy like it. His will is something you just have to see, hear and yeah…feel. His is not losing. Detroit and Lakers upcoming.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers 35-8 5-1 week

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

I think we were all in agreement that Mo Williams is the real deal. His line last night was sickdiculous: 43 LBJ’s, 11 Lil Stevies and 8 Big Bens. That’s crazy considering his boy recorded his 20th triple double and looked second fiddle. Whoever is picking the East reserves has a serious conundrum because out of Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson and Mo…who is best? Seriously and real rap? Alley I is fourth right now and dude is starting. Yeah Philly baby. Anyway, the Cavs have run their home record to 21-0. Ain’t no one done that since my man GP was hatin’ 96. Conceivably would be up top if it wasn’t for that Jack Nicholson blowout.

3. Los Angeles Lakers 35-9 3-1 week

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Remember this is for the week. Last night Kobe Bryant fouled out for the first time this year (put up 38 in the loss) and the Lakers lost in doube O.T. to Charlotte. I know it had to kill him to be on the bench and watch his mates screw it up as if he was Magic or Larry coaching. In other words, no one does it better than you. Boston is coming up (4 cupcakes beforehand) and time will tell if this team can handle the whole weight and play some defense in ya face.

4. Orlando Magic 34-10 4-2 week

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

Orlando was rollin’ until Boston and Miami gave it to them this week. I just don’t know about this squad. Dwight Howard is eatin’ the big piece of chicken every night, but I’m just not peace with their defensive intensity. Cleveland Thursday in a game that will be too late in settling who will back up Iverson at the one in Phoenix.

5. New Orleans Hornets 27-14 5-2 week

(AP Photo/Bill Haber)

Until the Spurs beat the Hornets, they aren’t falling off this list. Chris Paul seems as if he’s taking his game to another level even with his teammates beset by injury. When is the quad doub coming with steals? I think he has a shot at doing the unimaginable. There’s no longer a discussion who the best point guard in the league is. They gave it to my boys at home last night and have GS sandwiched around two bangers…Denver and San Antonio. Two wins in those games and no more hatin’. DWest for life Co Co! LOL

6 Responses to “Mizzo’s NBA Top 5: The Champs Are Back!”

  1. Origin says:

    Good list brotha.

    However I believe that the lakers should be ranked higher then the cavs. Also brotha Mizzo you are missing the Magic’s overall record. Anyway lil Rondo back to causing havoc on the defensive end.

    If you are out there brotha Kev……tell Phil to keep up the good work in feeding that big monster Bynum in the paint. He and Kobe are the key to winning the championship. Not Kobe and Gasol.

    The lakers got away from feeding Bynum last night. Thats why they lost IMO. Bynum had 10 points in the 1st Qtr then they went away from him. He was killing my boy Okafor in the paint with his height and that hook shot. And there is no reason Gasol should have gotten more shots then him. Plus Gasol could not guard Wallace or Diaw. Who ever Gasol was guarding would just beat him off the dribble.

    And please please sit Walton on the bench for good. There is no reason Ariza shouldn’t start over him. Now I know Ariza got hurt last night. But still no way Walton should start.

  2. Temple3 says:

    I was reading that up there and thought that was a serious typo. You’re telling me that a 6-1 POINT GUARD scored 43 points, had 11 assists and pulled 8 boards, too?!?!

    I had to go to the boxscore.

    Okay, that’s simply amazing. I can’t imagine too many 6-1 players have ever had nights like that in the NBA. I knew Mo Williams was good at Alabama, but, that’s just over the top.

  3. Temple3 says:

    Nice job giving the photographers their props for some very good photos!

  4. Origin says:

    Yeah Temple Mo Williams played a great game last night.

  5. GrandNubian says:

    Good job Mizz,

    Yep, I was flippin’ channels between Cleveland & Orlando last night (Gotta love NBA League Pass). I thought for a minute that Mo would get 50 (he missed his last 3 shots, if i’m not mistaken).

    I didn’t catch the “Lake Show” last night because my sleep was starting to catch up to me. But 3rd place sounds about right to me, especially if you beat Cleveland one week and lose to Charlotte the next.

    On another note…I think that Miami will get that 4th spot in the East because the Hawks & Pistons seem to not want that spot.

  6. Co Co says:

    Michael stop it! D West can’t carry Timmy’s luggage! LOL