Guy Torry Comes To Helium Comedy Club In Philly Jan. 30th and 31st

I know we have some Philly readers so if you aren’t doing anything tonight come see my boy Guy Torry for that get away from the work week laugh I know you all need. Guy will be cracking jokes on everyone and ya momma at Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103. As you probably are aware of, he’s also an actor and one of the deepest brothas I know but it ain’t about that this weekend. I want to fall out of my chair tonight in front of everybody. I don’t care if I break every bone in my body, I’ll still be laughing in that full body cast thing checking out all the nurses and getting smacked by my sister…who is a nurse as well. Guy is also appearing tomorrow January 31st. Philly, represent!

Just to refresh your mind, check out these clips:

At the same roast, Jamie goes hard on Doug Williams…not that one.

I’m your conscience…

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