It’s Time for Donovan McNabb’s Legacy to be Law

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This is the last Donovan McNabb piece I will write until next season.

Before I go…

Wake up from your Super Bowl slumber. Already last year’s game is a memory. I thought that was the best Super Bowl ever? I thought the catch from last year was the best ever? Oh never mind.

Dude, wake up!

Look…listen. Can we talk? I mean…really really talk? Yo, let’s talk. I mean really, really, really, really talk.

It’s time for Donovan McNabb’s legacy to be law.

All this foolishness about Donovan undeserving of Hall of Fame enshrinement or is not in the top three of current NFL quarterbacks is just crazy.

This is not about race. We can talk about race in this instance if you want to…

Please…I don’t want to talk about race. We all know race. It has its place, so keep it in its space.

Think about it this way:









Since this nation is moving into a new direction, can we please move away from old thought…conventional wisdom…if you will?

Some just will not be moved.

Ok, that’s cool.

Some things are changing, but we have a long way to go. I understand.


Let’s talk Donovan McNabb.

I will agree there is a positive fan base that is straight up down for Donovan McNabb. I would never deny this.

Never ever.

To those who seek to keep Donovan McNabb locked in a primitive perception of history? This is for you. Since you have become the moral majority who are describing society’s rules forevermore, yeah, this is for you.

I hate talking about stats. Seriously I do.

Do you really want to talk about stats?

OK. I will but just for a bit.


Compare his stats to the so called best quarterbacks of his era. Mainly the wins and playoff appearances.

There is a time where stats are relative, but in a natural, love of the game conversation, stats reek of a convenient advance of flaws insecurity.

What the hell do kids learn from stats?

My bad, that doesn’t matter to you does it?

It should be all about the win. Period.

You don’t think so?

That’s cool. Again, whatever.

How many quarterbacks in the history of this league has played in 5 championship games?

5 NFC Championship games in 8 years.

Donovan McNabb is a Hall of Fame quarterback based on he’s played half of his career in the NFC Championship.

Like Asante Samuel said to reporter Don Bell in New York after upsetting the defending Super Bowl champion Giants: “Swag 100 baby. Swag 100.” Translation? The Eagles defeated the Giants because they wanted it more and they did so with a chip on their shoulder.

That chip is Donovan’s class.

I’m sure there were pundits ready to elevate Eli Manning over and above Donovan McNabb. Try again. Eli could have had a bad game…granted…but just stop.

His teammates get tired of reporters writing bs about someone who has never been in trouble ever.

Donovan is a model citizen and has talent. What else do you want?

This was a team everyone threw in the trash–even their own city. There were fans all around town saying the same thing at the end of last season after the Eagles missed the playoffs: “No more McNabb.”

The Eagles arose from the ashes when it counted to make a good playoff run. It didn’t work out. There is always next year.


I don’t get why the lack of depth on the Eagles offensive roster continues to bite them again and again and again and rarely do writers question Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner with the same veracity shot smack at McNabb and Reid.

One has to wonder why the Philadelphia media has been allowed to operate with such a laissez-faire approach regarding McNabb. Yes, he has had bad games but he has never been horrible–not Brett Favre leading the universe in touch backs horrible. Brett has been a great quarterback in this league and also a great ambassador for fans of the NFL, but his interception total for someone who is held in such high regard is simply unacceptable.

Unacceptable for history’s sake. He is not the best quarterback of his era and he won’t be 20 years from now either.

Donovan’s 2008 stats:

3916 60.4 23 11 86.4

MVP Peyton Manning’s 2008 stats:

4002 66.8 27 12 95.0

Imagine what Donovan could do with Peyton’s weapons.

Remember, Peyton watched the Super Bowl from the sidelines just like Donovan.

The perception is that Donovan is a lackluster quarterback who has had a bad career.

His career stats:

Passing Stats
1999 PHI 12 106 216 49.1 948 4.4 8 63 7 60.1
2000 PHI 16 330 569 58.0 3365 5.9 21 70 13 77.8
2001 PHI 16 285 493 57.8 3233 6.6 25 64 12 84.3
2002 PHI 10 211 361 58.4 2289 6.3 17 59 6 86.0
2003 PHI 16 275 478 57.5 3216 6.7 16 59 11 79.6
2004 PHI 15 300 469 64.0 3875 8.3 31 80 8 104.7
2005 PHI 9 211 357 59.1 2507 7.0 16 91 9 85.0
2006 PHI 10 180 316 57.0 2647 8.4 18 87 6 95.5
2007 PHI 14 291 473 61.5 3324 7.0 19 75 7 89.9
2008 PHI 16 345 571 60.4 3916 6.9 23 90 11 86.4
Career 134 2534 4303 58.9 29320 6.8 194 91 90 85.9

He’s thrown 13 interceptions one season. One, and that was his first season as a starter.

He’s 32. What’s that 5 years left? Are you diminishing his career because he needs those five years of stats?

Can you imagine what they are gonna look like after those said five years in this offense?

If healthy, that’s at least 3,300 yards and give or take 25 touchdowns a year. Do the math.

C’mon man.

Am I missing something here?

What are you afraid of?

Kurt Warner’s career stats:

Passing Stats
1998 STL 1 4 11 36.4 39 3.5 0 21 0 47.2
1999 STL 16 325 499 65.1 4353 8.7 41 75 13 109.2
2000 STL 11 235 347 67.7 3429 9.9 21 85 18 98.3
2001 STL 16 375 546 68.7 4830 8.8 36 65 22 101.4
2002 STL 7 144 220 65.5 1431 6.5 3 43 11 67.4
2003 STL 2 38 65 58.5 365 5.6 1 37 1 72.9
2004 NYG 10 174 277 62.8 2054 7.4 6 62 4 86.5
2005 ARI 10 242 375 64.5 2713 7.2 11 63 9 85.8
2006 ARI 6 108 168 64.3 1377 8.2 6 64 5 89.3
2007 ARI 14 281 451 62.3 3417 7.6 27 62 17 89.8
2008 ARI 16 401 598 67.1 4583 7.7 30 79 14 96.9
Career 109 2327 3557 65.4 28591 8.0 182 85 114 93.8

Imagine what McNabb’s stats would have been if he’d played with Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald?

Kurt Warner is the evolution of Dan Fouts.

Yeah, he had a nice playoff run and put up sick numbers in three Super Bowls, but in the end he lost and is still labeled a winner and a football god?

Wow, I don’t know what to say here.

His quick release is perfect for receivers who are open. Why is that so hard to understand? One step on the defense usually means six in the NFL. When Kurt was on his back in New York, no one was proclaiming him the second coming were they?

Tell me when Donovan had open receivers all over the field his entire career?

Well there was one and uh…didn’t they go to the Super Bowl with a big mouth cat wrecking shop on one leg?

What does Donovan have to do? So if he doesn’t win a Super Bowl he’s not at least as good as Dan Fouts or Jim Kelly.


He has done more with less in his stellar ten year career than anyone. Tom Brady you say? Andy Reid is a decent coach, but he’s no Bill Belichik.

At the beginning of the season when the Eagles played Dallas and also against the Giants, most were surprised the Eagles were as effective as they were on offense. People were shook. They thought, damn this is the year Donovan finally puts it together. Pundits began picking them all over the place. Jumping on the bandwagon with one hand and one foot just looking for a reason to jump the hell off. Most did do just that when the Eagles fell off for a minute but have to realize the Eagles are quick strike when the team is healthy–and that’s without top rate weapons. Most know when Donovan has all his physical capabilities, he is one of the best whether they say it publicly or not.

Stop hating please. Be nice for once. Tell it like it is. Take one for the team. Be a leader of men. Say Donovan is the best around the water cooler first even though you’ll be frowned on by your peers. So what. Hold your head up high. The truth is the truth. Get rid of all that old school baggage your grandpappy gave ya. Get with the times man. Walk three mental steps without taking one. You can do it. I know you can.

These cats are not going anywhere. Terrelle Pryor is going to be a stud.

Since Donovan McNabb’s benching he completed an astounding 80% of his passes. You hear all the time about Brian Westbrook being the key to the Eagles offense but looking at McNabb’s stats and his performance under the media glare during the playoffs, anyone who disagrees with Donovan McNabb being the determining factor in the Eagles scheme is a fool. Check the history of the league. There are 8 quarterbacks with 10 postseason wins and they are either in the Hall of Fame or a lock to be enshrined.

I was having dinner in the Sixers press room with a couple of scouts. Tim Tebow was brought up and everyone was proclaiming him to be the next great NFL quarterback. Then in the same breath, they had the temerity to say an athletic quarterback will never win a Super Bowl.


Why isn’t Tim Tebow seen as a running quarterback?


This isn’t about woe is me. Don’t take it there. This is a team who rallied around their quarterback because they want to do their jobs in peace. They don’t want to hear a bunch of bull in the locker room or press conferences after games. Their luck ran out this year, it’s a simple as that.

Marcellus Wiley picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl next year based on Donovan McNabb’s talent. He also took a shot at the Eagles front office saying “Draft receivers more than six feet tall.”

I tell you what, if Anquan Boldin is on the block and the Eagles don’t acquire him they are sending a message to the sports world saying without a doubt the organization is not interested in winning the Super Bowl.

If that’s true then I don’t know if I can follow this team. I’ve been can’t stop won’t stop since Randall dripped activator on the Vet carpet.

I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I really don’t. That’s crazy for me to say but what more can I take?

I want my son to have a football soul model who looks like him. The White race have sports role models for their children, why can’t Blacks?

This is about sports and nothing else. Don’t take it there.

I’m being real here. I don’t mind if my son digs Marino’s release, Montana’s ease or Favre’s heart but sometimes there needs to be a physical connection to advance talent.

Do you understand?

Is that what this is all about? You don’t want Black kids to have quarterback role models?

I really hope that is not the case.

Let’s make a deal. If you begin to write naturally about Donovan McNabb like other quarterbacks, I’ll soften my stance.


What are you crazy? Man I’m representin’!

You weren’t going to do it anyway. Don’t front.

If I hear one more person call the Cardinals underdogs….

One more question: Why wasn’t 5 spoken of like this after coming back from 24-6 and throwing for 375 and 3 touchdowns?

“Man, he was good in the second half. He left it all out on the field. He sure is a leader. If only his receivers were open, we could shower him with man love and unequivocal affection. Did you see those perfect passes to Kevin Curtis, Greg something or other and DeSean Jackson? That number 5 sure is good. I wouldn’t have him over for dinner or nuthin’ but man he sure knows how to throw a deep ball. Do you see how he gets away from all those bigguns? He’s so strong and intelligent. His Daddy and Mother both were in the house raising him. He sure has a nice family. Man, if I was having twins it might affect me just a little. I want my son to be just…uh, never mind.”

That’s what they think about you Donovan. Wake up from that front office nightmare, break down Joe Banners’ door and tell him to get you what the hell you need. If he does, you will be in the Super Bowl once again.

After that?

Next stop Canton.

The time is right. Get it straight.

Don’t fall back to sleep either.

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