Jason Whitlock Steps Up

Look, Dwil, Modi, Dave Zirin, Temple3 and I have been some of Jason Whitlock’s biggest critics on the web and talk radio. The readers of SOMM and TSF collectively have been just as critical. I felt personally betrayed after my interview with him because I thought his dissent of Lupica and the rest of the cast on Sports Reporters was groundbreaking and a sign of a sorely needed revolution in journalism. We all know what happened after that (Black KKK, his foul moniker attached to C. Vivian Stringer which I will not repeat here). It truly pains me what I’m about to say. I don’t agree with a lot of what Jason writes but he deserves props for a recent piece about the real reason for the steroid witch hunt. I had hope (besides the Kev Dog Jemele interview, the Friday Fire thread is one of the best of all time on TSF) for him and some of you disagreed.

Check out Jason’s latest piece. It’s a gem. I have to admit I’m not shocked. He has consistently stated the steroids witch hunt has been about preserving American values–where Whites are concerned.

When Barry was young, he was hated despite his talent mainly because he told the media to kiss his Black ass. When he began to hit bombs, America let out a collective “Oh shit!”.

Before the haters hate, no one is condoning the use of PED’s. I’m torn on HGH until I personally get more information of its effects.

Some of Jason’s great points. This is exactly how I feel and some of us have been saying something similar for years:

“Willie Mays and Hank Aaron took good, hard runs at Babe Ruth, but The Great Bambino is still standing. Today he shares the stage with Brown, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan as the greatest of all-time in the American sports that define who we believe we are.

Babe Ruth is not going anywhere without a massive, nuclear fight. His supporters do not care that he dominated a segregated, inferior brand of Major League Baseball.

Babe Ruth is an important symbol, and challengers to his throne will be greeted with immense resistance.

That’s why steroids matter so much in baseball. They distort our appreciation of Ruth’s numbers, particularly his home-run stats, the penis-measuring digits of baseball. Chicks dig the long ball.

Barry Bonds threatened Ruth’s legacy in a way Hank Aaron never could. Aaron was consistent, durable and humble. Bonds was overpowering, menacing and arrogant. He was the epitome of macho.

When Bonds announced he wanted to pass Ruth more than Aaron, Bonds knew exactly what he was doing. He was giving the finger to all the baseball geeks determined to protect Ruth’s legacy. Bonds did not know he was also fueling the steroids witch hunt.

The hunt for Bonds ensnared Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and now Alex Rodriguez, the last known threat to Ruth.”

I don’t want to print it all, but dude is sure to catch mad wreck from the FOX readership. He already has over a thousand comments that I will not read because it’s Friday g’damnit! To those of you who think I might be overzealous in my praise for Jason, I have to say what he says here is very important to the discussion of how Black men are viewed in America (regarding baseball).

Black writers in particular have to step up and say what’s really real right now with no filler, backtracking, excuses or corporate junk.

I have to give credit where credit is due regardless of who the hell it comes from, so thank you Jason.

Of course I say this all with baited breath because ya still work for FOX bruh and we all know how they do us.

Please discuss this without prejudice.

79 Responses to “Jason Whitlock Steps Up”

  1. Mizzo says:

    Dolo thanks for the flattering words, but it ain’t about me bruh. ‘Preciate ya checking us out.

    Yo Des…I cannot get that song outta my head.

    Damnit man!

  2. Esquire says:

    Man, the only thing I can think of here is that this entire exchange was interesting. I don’t see why Jason would comment like that when Mizzo was clearly sticking his neck out for him in this piece as Jason clearly has few fans hear.

    Oh well, no good deed….

  3. Mizzo says:

    Matt I just saw this. This is it in a nutshell right hurrr.

    When Bud Selig, Donald Fehr, Gene Orza, Hank Steinbrenner, Tom Hicks, etc. are called out on the carpet and punished for letting PEDs flourish under their watch, then I’ll take this seriously. Otherwise, it amounts to smacking Pookie around while Nino Brown walks free.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Sing it ya’ll: “Don’t wake me…I’m dreamin. Girl don’t wake me…”

    See what you did MF…ya took me back to the movies just like that.

    Just please…no CMB references.

  5. Matthew Fudge says:


    “SIT…yo’ five dollar a—- down before I make change!” LOL

  6. Matthew Fudge says:

    And to think Miz and I have had it out here twice over Whitlock. I defended him in particular and free speech in general. Ain’t that nothin’?!

  7. Matthew Fudge says:

    “Black writers in particular have to step up and say what’s really real right now with no filler, backtracking, excuses or corporate junk.”

    Miz, you may as well as Black writers to turn water into wine.


  8. Matthew Fudge says:


    Before you come here and reply “Y’all funny”, check what’s being said here. Sites like this are necessary because MSM won’t do their job, which is to be informative and objective. Respect our opinions, or at least have something intelligent to say.

  9. Kirk Mitchell says:

    Origin that Barbecue sauce line is classic.

    Whitlock lost me when he started blaming Hip-Hop for everything conveniently when it was popular to blame Hip-Hop for everything, although he is mostly right about this particular issue

  10. Mizzo says:

    Rocka bye baby…

    Oh the CMB comment was Color Me Bad lol

    You know what though? There’s a definite incertitude behind Babe Ruth’s race mainly because of his physical appearance, birth certificate, how he grew up and Ty Cobb’s comments. You never know what’s to come of this or the motives of corrupt news organizations.

    Question everything.

  11. Matthew Fudge says:

    Here’s a thought: hip-hop gets blamed for everything wrong that black folks do, yet Hollywood’s been flaunting violence, premarital sex, having babies out of wedlock, homosexuality, just all kinds of mess, and nobody says a word. Not judging, but I do see a difference.

  12. Matthew Fudge says:

    CMB = Cash Money Brothers

  13. Miranda says:

    I will respectfully agree to the basic tenets of the column written by Jason Whitlock………that’s as much as I can muster without throwing up. I refuse to actually offer anything more complimentary than that to a man who calls himself Big Sexy but can’t find a pair of socks that fit over his ankles.

  14. MODI says:

    Wow Miz!

    Listen, don’t regret the original post because the spirit of it was right. If there is a day when Whitlock should ever come around to “the side of right’, then a door should be open and I think that you have graciously sent that message more than once. ‘Til then: “Ether”.

    Now about Burundi the philosopher:

    “If the friend of my enemy suddenly morphs into an enemy of the enemy and levels a blow that injures that enemy horde, I’ll take it.”

    I swear that I had to read this shit four times to understand! But I agree.

  15. michelle says:

    Jason is ummmmmm. Not worth talking about. Nice piece Mizzo but NEXT!!!!

  16. J WHITLOCK? says:

    Do we know that was ACTUALLY Whitlock?

    Just curious. I imagine Mizzo must have some way to confirm, but it would be a shame if Mizzo went all “Hit em up” on Whitlock only to find out that it was DavidMac or something……

  17. michelle says:

    I miss David Mac. LOL!

  18. Matthew Fudge says:

    I didn’t have a problem with either of his articles. I was just pissed when he got on this site and tried to clown folks.

  19. Okori says:

    I read all 69 comments here, and I have read a lot of his articles (although doing so required me to numb myself with whole 2-liter bottles of Dr. Pepper afterwards) and I have one question for Mr. Whitlock: Who in the FUCK do you think you are?

    You honestly think that just because you write a nice column every once in a while, a column that by the way still traded on the cheapest stereotypes about people and made a ham-fisted obama joke, that you can spend your valuable column space, space that real talented writers and not shiftless hacks like you would kill for, on clowning every black athlete and stepping and jiving for the white men who sign your paycheck?

    Let me make this clear: I wish you ill will. I hope you get fired. I hope you can never receive another job in journalism again more meaningful than throwing out typewriter ribbons. You hear me?

  20. Matthew Fudge says:

    Don’t even trip, Okori. Karma’s real.

  21. Okori says:

    i’ll be fine Matt. don’t worry about me.

  22. God is too good for it to be this angry up in here!

    But I do love it when I spark Mizzo to break out his extra big thesaurus and turn into Cornell Eric Dyson West with a laptop.

    One love,


  23. Mizzo says:

    My computer has been down all day long and this is what I get?

    We have been saying this same stuff about you for years. Don’t flatter yourself mang.

    One love?

    Is that a joke?

    That’s what I’ve been saying to you since 2006.

    Show and prove.

    C’mon man this is not even insulting any more.

    I want to see you with your CEDW glasses on. Maybe then you can rock something substantive that could be entertaining as well instead of speaking to the cave grunts.

    That’s not your stee though right?

    I understand.

    You know, your peers that come here, do so with open eyes and crisp minds. I just hope you’d do the same but you know, that’s cool.

    You ain’t entitled to.

    Take care big guy.

  24. Big Man says:

    Interesting discussion.

    Folks are complicated. I’m guess Whitlock really feels like he’s fighting the good fight. Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice probably do too. Shit, Michael Steele might feel the same way.

    People believe all kinds of stuff. I remember Whitlock wrote a really nice piece about Ralph Wiley and I emailed him my appreciation. I wonder if he thinks he’s carrying on Wiley’s mantle. I wonder how he sees himself. That’s the really important thing, how people view themselves. Because as long as folks are convinced they are doing the right thing, they’ll never change.

  25. Burundi says:

    MODI: Thanks for the compliment.

    I think that we are left with being Philosophical about those Blacks who willfully, knowingly aide and abet attacks upon the collective. The only way to keep folk in line is for them to see folk of that ilk pay the wages of their “sins,” as it were. I used to think that some Black folk were simply ignorant; that they just didn’t know. Now I know otherwise.

    I always think of one of my favorite movie lines from “Romeo’s Bleeding:”

    Roy Scheider’s character says, “Jack (Gary Oldman), you know the difference from ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. You just don’t CARE—and that’s perfectly natural.”

    That’s why I can see the poetic justice in his audience turning on him. Whitlock and others just like him seem entirely oblivious or indifferent to understanding that his audience is hardwired to hate him, nonetheless, despite him maybe one day falling victim to them a la David Berg (I think that was his name though he wasn’t a turncoat, if memory serves).

    T3: You always come to mind when Mona Dimarkov (Lena Olin) has Jack digging a grave for Scheider’s character. Scheider is less pissed about his fate, as opposed to were in NYC it is. Scheider does an excellent job of channeling your disgust, which is one of the funnier things in life.

    Big Man: Whitlock’s piece on Wiley, whose work I thoroughly enjoyed, was the first I’d ever read of his and, perhaps, is why—on occasion—I suffer through a column or two of his—despite doing so, often is like sifting kernels of corn from excrement, lol. No question in my mind that Ralph would be greatly disappointed were he alive to read some of the crap Whitlock has penned and, I’d bet he’d tell Whitlock not to use his name in association with him.

    Once again, I think that it’s less an issue of folk being complicated, but rather them being indifferent to ‘right’ or ‘wrong’—or, them simply finding the word ‘integrity’ a quaint, antiquated notion. After all if no one is going to hold you accountable, what’s the point? You can delude yourself with the twisted notion that you’re doing right and give a sincere performance to boot! But if no one brings you to task, what does it mean? In other words, had Black folk not lost their sovereignty and their ability to hold the ranks accountable, it’s unlikely that we’d see the likes of a Clarence Thomas or Condi “I’m a war criminal too!” Rice. They’d just know better.

    I think that those folk straight Jedi-mind trick themselves in order to get that check and all it can buy—or, in those rarest of cases, they may just still be slaves.

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