Yet Another Bad Example of Satire President Obama Will Have to Deal With

By now, you’ve probably heard of the chimpanzee shot yesterday while attacking a visitor at its owner’s home. Well today, this cartoon was sent to my box by my sister.

I’m not gonna get all hot like I did here (I meant every word of it) after the New Yorker went mainstream mob crazy, because this imagery is expected considering the numerous examples highlighted in that particular post. Check the cop’s What have I done? eyes. This ain’t no coincidence obviously…especially after President Obama signed the landmark stimulus package bill into law just yesterday as well. This shit needs to stop. It’s wrong on so many levels for it insinuates all kinds of ignorance. I mean c’mon get over yourselves. Post-racial America my ass. Stop grasping…

39 Responses to “Yet Another Bad Example of Satire President Obama Will Have to Deal With”

  1. michelle says:

    Is this supposed to be funny? What is the point? DAMN SHAME!

  2. Matthew Fudge says:

    Figures the Post would run some crap like that.

  3. Miranda says:

    Anyone who even feebly attempts to justify this foolishness can catch fire. This is utterly indefensible. First of all, it doesn’t even make any damn sense. What’s the freaking parallel between the passage of the stimulus bill and a chimpanzee being shot dead because it was attacking somebody? What? There isn’t one…but this cartoonist works for the New York Post, a Rupert Murdoch rag….and they need SOMETHING to distract from the colossal failures of their wingnuts in Congress. They need SOMETHING for Sean Klannity and Bill O’Lielly to screech and shrill about for the rest of the week and what better than the over-sensitive colored folks? Hmmmm….I wonder what skinnin and grinnin bug-eyed minstrel will be on to defend the virtues of using a dead chimpanzee as the visual for passage of the stimulus bill? Who shall get the call?? The new GOP “chair” Michael Steele? Cross-eyed Ron Christie?? Will they just pull out all the stops and get Jesse Lee Petersen or Pastor Manning? Who? Rest assured that’s the plan….because the rabblerousing coloreds are acting out…all mad and uppity over a lil innocent cartoon!

    These rat bastards aint fooling me with this shit. I know a pick & roll when I see it. They need to change the conversation…so here we go.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Exactly Miranda. The previous incidents (covers) had me screaming and cussing.

    It’s not even big like that anymore.

    They got their asses handed to them by the proverbial dead monkey and are crying like the little cowards they are.

    Some will fall for this trash, but I hope most will not.

  5. michelle says:


    When I grow up I want to be just like you. Well said!

  6. Miranda says:

    Mizzo, this was a cartoon that ran in the Asheville Citizen Times on 2/9/09 (Dave Cohen is the cartoonist):

    These mickyficks are really trippin….they can’t hold it in at ALL….I don’t know if anyone saw the HBO Documentary “Right America: Feeling Wronged”…but the attitude of these cartoons is nothing more than what was displayed in that documentary…and that is what the GOP calls its “base.”.

  7. Miranda says:

    Michelle…this is how its all gonna play out:

    1. Controversial cartoon implying the face of the Stimulus bill (The PRESIDENT) is the same as a dead chimpanzee planted in Rupert Murdoch rag.
    2. Expected and justifiable uproar ensues – but specifically from the African-american community – who are the real targets anyway.
    3. All the players spend the rest of the damn week telling black folks how over-sensitive we are (Klannity, Limbarf, O’Lielly)….in- house coons come on board to tell us how this has nothing to do with black people who just want to have a grievance – ahhhh, the REAL reason for Michael Steele!! Yes indeed.
    4. A numbnut will ask the President about this damn cartoon when he is trying to have a press conference on the mortgage crisis.
    5. Wingnuts then have segment after segment on Fox and right wing talk radio about how disenfranchised white people are because of the radical mean colored folks. How poor white folks free speech is being denied, yada yada yada
    6. Real conversation on the ongoing economic crisis and how the GOP got their azzes handed to them and continue to get their azzes handed to them and we continue to learn how they screwed us over for the last 8 years gets muffled.

    This shit is TEXTBOOK and this bullshit will happen over and over again for the next 8 years because all they have left is to try with ALL their damn might to keep building on the imagery of the BLA-ACKS enslaving all the innocent white people. This shit would be comical if it weren’t so damn sad.

  8. MODI says:

    Miranda spelled it out

    sad but true

  9. HarveyDent says:


    I peeped that HBO doc tonight and it was pretty much what I expected especially when the filmmakers went down south to the NASCAR races and MS. I was counting down the minutes until inevitably Obama’s race came up. The people they interviewed didn’t disappoint me in the least because the ignorance, the fear, and the hate was what I expected when I sat down to watch it.

    I did have a nice laugh watching them cry after McCain lost though.

  10. Patrick says:,0,2265395.story


    I don’t recall Bush or Reagan being parodied EVER in that way, even though these two are among the worst presidents in history.

    Find the advertisers, boycott them..

    At the very least the editor and the cartoonist should RESIGN immediately, if NOT SHUT THIS PAPER DOWN>>>>>

    And the depiction of the chimp being shot in that cartoon could be seen as a threat to the president…

  11. Patrick says:

    Eric Holder had a timely speech in which he said in regards to race, we are a ‘nation of cowards’ and Dave Cohen from Asheville and this a-hole from the New York Post fall under that coward depiction..

  12. Matthew Fudge says:

    PREACH, Miranda!

  13. Matthew Fudge says:

    “Eric Holder had a timely speech in which he said in regards to race, we are a ‘nation of cowards’”

    Well said, Patrick. Unfortunately, Obama being elected didn’t mean this crap would automatically stop, but we knew that already.

  14. vleeflo says:

    Is this really that shocking? Don’t you expect to see these types of things, especially now. It just gets tired after a while. It’s wrong on a whole bunch of levels but not unexpected. I’d be more shocked if this didn’t happen. There will be much more of this soon and everyone will cry ignorance or black people are too sensitive and we will get in an uproar over disrespecting a black president all to distract us from the real issues. The real issue is the continued corporate welfare labeled as a bailout or stimulus package. America will continue to ship jobs over seas, the dollar will continue to weaken, our children are going to be left with a hefty ass bill and wall street cats are going to continue to get rich while middle class families get squashed. As this thing gets worse, Obama can expect to see more of this because after he can’t clean up somebody else’s mess, it will be labeled as his fault. More monkey satire to follow. Watch!

  15. anon says:

    sorry, but all of you are over-reacting. there’s no way this has anything to do with obama.

    let me explain the joke for you:

    – a monkey was shot the day before for attacking a woman
    – the stimulus bill, which many feel was written poorly, passed.
    – the joke is that the bill is so bad monkeys could have written it.


  16. Patrick says:

    Federal regulations bar a company from owning a newspaper and a television station in the same market.

    However, Rupert Murdoch was granted a special waiver from the FCC in New York City. So he has ownership of TWO TV stations and one newspaper…


  17. Matthew Fudge says:

    Are you serious, anon? First of all, what other race has been wrongly associated with apes, gorillas, and chimps? Second, whether Obama drew the stimulus package up or not, it still has his name on it. Look at it in its proper context.

  18. Mizzo says:

    Anon. Please. Take that someplace else. Don’t insult our intelligence. No need to patronize. There is no way that particular cartoon didn’t raise eyebrows before being approved for print. These things change many hands, eyes and minds and in that atmosphere there had to be a couple giggles or 22–with comparisons attached.

    We have experience in the field so there is knowledge of how these things work.

    Just look at the cops eyes. That says it all.

    Boycott the Post’s advertisers if you all want to make an impact.

    List of advertisers:

    Please email or call and let them know you will not do business with them as long as they advertise in the New York Post.

    National Advertisers:

    Bank of America
    City Bank
    Capital One Bank
    Bloomingdale’s Department Store
    Diesel Clothing Line
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    New York Local Advertisers:
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  19. sankofa says:

    anon… fuck you and the bitch that shit you out! And if Mizzo allows me to go further, I’ll talk about your momma and the bordelo she works in. No way you can come on here telling sensible people to chill out.

  20. Matthew Fudge says:


    Great work. Where’d you get the info about the advertisers?

  21. Miranda says:

    Heh Heh………..y’all wanna read something funny?? This is hilarious:

  22. GrandNubian says:


    I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that on CNN. LOL 🙂

  23. Mizzo says:

    Yeah I’m with you my people. Talk about a token negro…

    I can’t wait to see one of those cats dance on stage or strike a B-Boy pose.

  24. origin says:

    What up everyone. Man when I first saw this I was hotter them a MFer.

    Well said Sista Miranda you took the wrds right out of my mouth.
    And thanks Mizzo for posting those advertisers.

    Brotha patrick man Holder held it down with that speech. Brotha kicked straight knowledge and truth.

    The GOP trying to attract young blk folks….LOL!!!

    Whats their slogan…….”Even though we are against affirmative action, equal rights and pretty much hate you folks. Remember Lincoln freed ya’ll people and he was a Republican”

  25. Mizzo says:

    I just added the Friday Fire to Yahoo buzz and you should see (or not) the comment section on the cartoon. Most do not see the connection between monkeys and Black folk. WTF? Some white folk have been calling us monkeys since the days of Drum.

  26. origin says:

    Yeap its amazing how they play the dumb role Mizzo.

    “What I have never heard of comparing black people to monkeys”

    Yeah whatever.

  27. Miranda says:

    Somebody tell Michael Steele that 1992 called…and it wants its slang back.

  28. Matthew Fudge says:


    I just opened the link. WTH? Is he serious?!

  29. Matthew Fudge says:

    Please tell me that was just an early April Fools joke.

  30. Mizzo says:

    Matt they are so far stuck in the past they don’t know any better. They actually think having a Black head will lead their party into the future. Whatever. Don’t insult our intelligence.

  31. GrandNubian says:

    The funny thing about linking monkeys to black people is this:

    If you were to shave a monkey bald, it would like just like a white person. 🙂

  32. Matthew Fudge says:

    I wouldn’t even call him a token negro. That’d be an insult to token negroes.

  33. Miranda says:

    Matthew….Michael Steele is actually that stupid. He is past stupid…he’s post-stupid.

  34. sankofa says:

    I’m not sure of the truth in this, but I heard that the reason the monkey attacked the woman was due to her being sadden by the loss of her husband decided to make the monkey her companion. According to what I was told, she would even bathe with the monkey, but as this was an older monkey, cranky and ornery it didn’t the kind of monkey love the human was giving it.

    I am just repeating what I ‘ve heard. Now I can’t find any supportive information- yet- on this, but a monkey’s story has to be told ya know!

  35. Miranda says:

    sankofa, the woman did have bubble baths with the chimp…fed it lobster and steak…..had wine in long stemmed glasses with the chimp……

    I never thought I’d say this about a dead chimpanzee…but

    Travis the chimp is in a much better place…cuz Lord knows he was living with a fool.

  36. Mizzo says:

    She allegedly cuddled with him as well.

  37. Matthew Fudge says:

    White people and their pets!

  38. Enormous Brad says:

    Hey, just happened upon this site and like what I see.

    First, disclosure: I’m a 40 year old white boy from Texas who has lived in North Carolina, as well, so I fully know about the monkey/black link. It IS disgusting, and it is, thankfully, dying out. But I have to say that when I first saw this cartoon I didn’t see the Obama/monkey link at all. My feeling was that the columnist was making a comment about the make up of the stimulus bill, nothing more, nothing less. To me it said “The bill appears to be written by a monkey”, i.e., not coherent or well thought out. And CONGRESS wrote the bill, the President just asked for certain things in it, he didn’t write it.

    If the artist has a history of racial insensitivity then, yes, we should tear into him like crazy, but if he has no history shouldn’t we give him the benefit of the doubt, for if we don’t aren’t we guilty of the same thing we’re railing against? Deciding a person’s intent based solely on the color of his skin?

    Just my $0.02

  39. She allegedly cuddled with him as well.