Friday Fire: If You Could Change One Rule In Any Sport, What Would It Be?

This question is not posed because of anything presently going on that may give you pause, for despite its many many flaws, there will always be a passion sparked whenever I hear the word sports.

I got this idea after speaking with Kobe Bryant and asking him how he would like to see the NBA changed. He spoke of the current physical culture of the game. Was it something Knicks/Bulls reminiscent he longed for? Yeah, the thought of seeing Mike go fly slow motion baseline powerful on Gotham City just one more time would take me back as well.

Nevertheless, think of the rules that have changed the games we love and the impact stamped on the history of sports because of those changes: Football moving the goal posts 10 yards deeper, Bob Gibson forcing MLB to lower the mound because he was embarrassing hitters like Josh did pitchers or the NBA implementing an ABA three point shot so cats like Dereck Whittenburg could dream 3 big while they still had father figures as coaches. How about the likes of a collegiate Rooney rule so young coaches like Big House Gaines or Eddie Robinson could show their Joe Paterno mettle? Man could you imagine witnessing Peal spin right and left so poetic jazzy and never realizing he just dropped 50?

It’s not complicated because the future beckons. I know it’s Friday, but get creative. You can always come back over the weekend. Have a good one!

61 Responses to “Friday Fire: If You Could Change One Rule In Any Sport, What Would It Be?”

  1. Mizzo says:

    O you had me cracking up reading your post. You wanna fire all those cats? LOL That was good stuff bruh.

    Yo Dale? When we heading up to Syracuse again man? LOL

  2. Kirk Mitchell says:

    1. Make Referees full time employees. Maybe that will cut back on bad calls.

    2. In college football receivers should have to get two feet down in order have a catch. They have to do it in the NFL may as well start in college.

    3. Stop making up BS penalties to cut back on celebration. It’s time that old white guys got over that S***.

    4. Mentioned earlier, but worth repeating if College coaches leave, than players should be able to leave, no sitting out a year or anything like that.

    5. Guarantee NFL contracts. If the organization can cut a guy at any time, then why should players honor contracts? Never really made any sense to me.

    6. Not really in sports, but somethings got to be done about ESPN. I mean damn How many times can you say T.O.’s a bad teammate, or A-Rod’s a narcissist, or Barry Bonds is mean? How many shows do you need that have old guys nobody cares about giving opinions that no one cares about? PTI was enough, and finally they traffic in the two things that I despise the most: Gossip and Hypocrisy.They’ve had segments on that network about Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson. Who cares?! That stuff belongs on the E Channel, and having Keyshawn Johnson criticize T.O.? is laughable.Keyshawn is/was T.O.! Bill Parcells is a jerk to people and they kiss his ass and say he’s “old school” when a player’s a jerk to people he’s a malcontent or he has character issues. Andy Reid’s house is described as a Drug emporium whatever that is, and they go on about how he’s a nice guy, who’s job kept him from his kids and blah, while Ricky Williams is vilified for smoking a joint.I could go on and on but I’m sure you got what I’m saying.

  3. Dale Murphy says:

    I’m driving this time.

  4. Mizzo says:

    As long as there are no stops in Quakertown, I’m good.

  5. michelle says:

    The dumb hand going forward rule in football. If the quarterback gets hit and loses the ball it should be a FUMBLE PERIOD!

  6. Mizzo says:

    Yes Michelle. Great point.

  7. michelle says:

    I don’t care if his hand is going forward, backwards, side ways, up or down. IT’S A DAMN FUMBLE. They take up too much time looking at the play 100 times. I hate this rule. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which way the qb’s arm is going.

  8. michelle says:

    If the ball doesn’t hit the ground and is intercepted then for stat reasons only that determination can be made but only if the qb’s arm is fully extended.

  9. michelle says:

    Now I changed the rule. The NFL can send me my check please. LOL!

  10. Mizzo says:

    Uh…if they do…pass that. I neeeeeds it.

  11. michelle says: