The Monday Morning Starting Five: 2*23*09

Posted in Blogroll on February 23rd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Have a good weekend? That’s whassup. Skip Bayless’ interview will be posted tomorrow. It’s been one of the more challenging convos to transcribe, but the content is peace.

Dirty cop put away your g’damn nightstick (

It ain’t just about hold ’em. Blackjack addiction on the rise (Miami Herald)

Flash goes for 50, still gets blown out (Orlando Sentinel)

Where are the revolutionaries? Right here (In These Times) Thanks Josh

The Concerned Minds of Feminine Minority Consciousness + a Brotha (The Sable Verity)

One More: The discovery of the mythical island of Atlantis off the coast of Africa? Word? (After Dawn)

I lied: Could Marvin Harrison run routes for his college quarterback back home in Philly? (