The Skip Bayless Interview Part I: Colorful, Conscious and Of Course, Controversial

Posted in Blogroll on February 24th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Hmmm…how can I freak this? Let me see…

This is not a typical TSF interview. I know many of our readers don’t like Skip in the least. They think he is loud, off point and some actually think he is racist. Nevertheless, it is our job to bring you the best interviews the web has to offer regardless of subject. We all know these conversations are unedited transcripts and while they usually run long, the content speaks for itself. I happen to have a profound respect for Skip, because he speaks the truth regarding Barry Bonds. Skip is one of the few mainstream journalists who openly proclaim Barry as the best ever–regardless of the specter of steroids. I also respect Skip because while doing the necessary research, I realized how talented he is in his approach to journalism. His purpose is to strike a chord, thus drawing the reader in emotionally when your senses are at a frenzy. I was a little surprised Skip was as reserved as he was eloquent during our talk–which gave me a key to his persona on and off the set of 1st Take. Simply put, he’s very intelligent and knows his stuff whether you like him or not. The show is the show and you all know the premise is all about the debate. Debates as you know, have the potential of boiling over the surface and no matter how tempered points are made within the constraints of production, there is always a chance voices will carry across the set and ultimately make your TV speakers pop. Skip touches on a myriad of topics, so please read without prejudice, for some of this will surely get your attention.

This is Part I of II.

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