Friday Fire: What Is Your Most Heatbreaking Game Loss?

Webb put on your ear and eye muffs bruh.

April 5, 1993. I worked at the post office and put in to get off the National Final because I could sense my squad…the Michigan Wolverines…were gonna get their second chip in four years.

The Fab Five were in full effect.

My son Gaston was was a little over 4 months old and I held him almost the entire time like any Pop would in a proud sports moment. I was also on the phone with a buddy, Brian Miller, who was a North Carolina fan. So Michigan is taking care of business–with sickdiculous swagger–and all of the sudden Donald Williams goes Glen Rice and seemingly hits every shot.

I go from talking mad shit to BMiller to rocking Gaston to sleep just in case I had the sudden urge to break stuff. As I hold him sitting on the floor, I see Webber grab a rebound, travel and dribble the ball up to the Michigan bench and signal timeout. No lie, I dropped my son (it was only about six inches) on the floor. I just couldn’t believe it, in shock and I’m still a wreck. I see the score in my sleep. I’ve spoken to Webb, Juwan and Jimmy King on numerous occasions personally to gain a semblance of closure, but it ain’t happening. I wish that first meeting could have been something different. Maybe I need to see a doctor (any fine bespectacled sistas wanna analyze me in their office?), because this one stung…big time.

Every time I see this I get sick…

27 Responses to “Friday Fire: What Is Your Most Heatbreaking Game Loss?”

  1. Diallo says:

    Easy. Fiesta Bowl. 2003. Referee Terry Porter rips my heart out and sets it on fire, after calling a Pass Interference on Glen Sharpe roughly thirty minutes after the play was over. ‘Canes should’ve beaten tOSU. It took me a week to get over that, emotionally. I still refuse to look at any highlights from that game. Only time the outcome of a game physically hurt me.

  2. Miranda says:

    UGH….it was definitely the Fab Fives loss….oh my God…I was with a group of friends at FAMU we were stunned…I mean we were silent for like a good half hour. That was gut wrenching.

  3. michelle says:

    Mine included Webb also. Game 4 of the Lakers Kings series back in 2002. Of all the places for Vlade to smack the ball to. Robert Horry………I think he made a deal with the devil. Unbelievable shot. I cried for days. Trying to figure out how I could rewind time and change my boys fate. I must mention that Webb played his ass off in all of his MI tournament games and in his playoff games in the NBA. But who said life was fair………..DAMN!

  4. michelle says:

    And another thing. That loss wasn’t Webbs fault. MI was losing and still needed to score. Who knows if they would have or not b/c of the time out.

  5. Mizzo says:

    Man Webb would have banged it on Montrosstein’s head…plus the foul for the game winner and the cabbage patching would have begun.

  6. Okori says:

    Here’s a good one: Chicago Blackhawks losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1992. We all figured, every blackhawk fan, that this was going to be our year. We just KNEW. And what happened? We got smoked.

  7. michelle says:

    Hey all you Eagles fans. Didn’t you get your hearts broken this year against AZ????? lol! All I kept hearing was ” IT’S DESTINY” Yeah right! LOL!

  8. Big Rob says:

    I got three: Skins vs. Raiders in the Super Bowl, Game seven New York vs. Houston, and the Fab Five loss to UNC.

  9. Patrick says:

    Most heartbreaking losses?

    1. October 27, 1991 Game 7: Twins Win World Series over Braves, 1-0; MVP Morris Goes the Route.


    1a. October 22, 1996 Leyritz HR sinks Braves in Game 3
    LINK: Wohlers vs. Leyritz:

    2. May 22, 1988 — Bird versus Wilkins GAME 7 Celtics 118, Hawks 116

    3. January 23, 2005– Eagles snap three-game NFC title game skid, beat Falcons 27-10… (Vick’s biggest opportunity thus far of getting to a Super Bowl)


    4.2004 NCAA Championship game: Connecticut 82, Georgia Tech 73

  10. GrandNubian says:

    For me, it was when the Steelers lost the 1994 AFC Championship game against the Chargers…..and I really don’t want to talk about it…..unless T3 forces me to. 🙂

  11. RonGlover says:

    Eagles 2003 NFC Title loss to the Carolina Panthers. It was bad enough they closed out the Vet losing to the Bucs the year before, but Carolina just seemed ripe for the picking until Donovan was knocked silly and the season rested on Koy Detmer.

    The only positive that came out of it was that the Eagles’ receivers were manhandled so that they went out and brought in T.O.

    When they faced the Panthers the following season Owens said, ” I hope (Panthers CB) Ricky Manning doesn’t think he’s going to come in here and try to handle me the way he handled some of these receivers in January.”

    Classic T.O.

  12. vleeflo says:

    For me, It was the UNLV runnin rebels goin down to the Duke blue devils, ending a chance for back to back national championships and an undefeated season. I’ve hated Duke basketball every since. Damn refs!! Used to like Duke too, when Johnny Dawkins and Tommy Amacker were runnin the show.

  13. RonGlover says:

    That’s Heartbreaker 1a for me. One of the few times I was literally sick to my stomach after a game.

    I don’t wear any Royal Blue, that’s how deep my hatred for Duke is.

  14. Temple3 says:

    1 Vanilla-nova over Georgetown! (1985)

    DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!

  15. kos says:

    For me, Super Bowl XXX. The Steelers came in big underdogs to the Cowboys, but were undefeated in Super Bowls. Neil O’Donnell hadn’t thrown many interceptions in the regular season, but in this game, he threw 2 very costly ones to Larry Brown. (Sorry for mentioning his name, T3 and GN!) High & Wide, as O’Donnell has been known by Steelers fans since that game, wouldn’t come back after this game, signing with Jets. The Steelers beat the Cowboys every which way except the one that counts in that game, on the scoreboard. Even Emmitt Smith said that they never had a tougher game than in that Super Bowl. I’ve always thought that High & Wide was on Jerry Jones’ payroll for that game. The way he threw those passes right to Larry Brown, is always one of those things that I’ll never be able to get over.

  16. Enormous Brad says:

    To salve the wounds of you Steelers fans, my 2 most heartbreaking: Super Bowl X (Swann defies gravity) and Super Bowl XIII (No, Jackie, no!!). Just heartwrenching.

    I’ll also throw Game 6, 2000 Staley Cup Finals: Stars lose in OT to NJ.

    More personally, though: Plano East over W.T.White, 1985 Texas State HS Playoffs. We lost because our punt returner fumbled one away late in the game. To this day I still have nightmares about it…..

  17. oh sangjin says:

    1983. Clyde and Hakeem get denied by NC State. 🙁 Still hurts.

  18. Temple3 says:

    Damn — I won money on that Houston – NC State game.

    Thurl Bailey, Cozell McQueen, Lo Charles, Sidney Lowe and Derek Dub…

  19. AXG says:

    Anytime Temple University lost in the Elite 8, I was crushed, and I’m still hurting from my year.

  20. HarveyDent says:

    January 25, 1981, Super Bowl XV

    Oakland 27
    Philly 10

    The first and only game I’ve ever cried over. The fact it was my mom’s b’day and she was a Raiders fan didn’t help my mood at all. There I am crying my eyes out and she’s running through the house feeling nice because of her b’day libations and all the money she won from the Eagles’ fans.

    I wasn’t able to cut the Raiders any slack until after Art Shell was hired and even now I still reserve the right to unzip my pants and let fly on the Silver and Black.

    Dammit, gimme a tissue.


    You were at FAM in ’93? I graduated from there in August of that year from Arts & Sciences.

  21. Burundi says:

    Philly losing to Az this year was crushing and had me wandering through Walmart at the half muttering like a crazy person.

    My proximity Michigan basketball… Well, no comment.

    UNLV losing to Duke was irksome, for sure, and nothing short of a point shaving scandal. That game was less disappointing and more of an outrage. Stacey Augmon had freshman Grant Hill on him and made only TWO attempts the entire game to attack the basket. He got paid that night, for sure…

  22. Jerold Wells Jr. says:

    Vikings vs. Falcons in ’98. I still can’t believe we lost that game. Anderson hadn’t missed a kick ALL YEAR LONG!!! Not an extra point, not a field goal, NOTHING. NO MISSES.

    Green went conservative and Robert Smith probably ran out of bounds one too many times but even so we had a chance to ice it and G.A. missed.

    The Dirty Birds then proceeded to get thrashed in the Super Bowl. That made it hurt even worse.

    Then guess who resides in Atlanta during the 10 year anniversary of that Super Bowl run? Yep, yours truly.

  23. Burundi says:

    I forgot about that game. It certainly hurt alot. Dang!

  24. Mizzo says:

    Jerold I have the tape of that game. I taped every Minny Nice game that season. The Jax game was amazing. I also have a clip of Chuck Smith talking about it before the NFC Championship sandwiched around the Ha video.

    I refuse to watch that game.

    I didn’t watch the Broncos dismantle the Jets the next game either.


  25. thebrotherreport says:

    Another loss was the Eagles/Cowboys Monday night game where Ty Detmer of all people drove the Eagles down for the game-winning field goal only to have Tommy Hutton fumble the damn snap.

    I drove around for 2 hours after that game.

  26. KevDog says:

    NBA finals 2008. Game 4. Lakers up by 24 in the third. Crumple and go down 3-1. Series over.