Dreaming On 2010: A Dunk Contest In a Perfect World

Guess writer Holly MacKenzie writes of her starchild vision for next year’s dunk contest in Dallas, TX.

Yo, I need that Laker bench flick. Kobe?


Because I have been told that dreams can come true and because I kind of get to live out a dream every day that I write about the NBA, I decided I wanted to blog about what would be my dream dunk contest for 2010. While the hype is about whether LeBron James will be competing or not, to be honest, he’s not the guy on my list. He’s on pretty much every other list imaginable, but I picture him to be more of a powerful in-game dunker. I probably should know by now better than to vote against him. For this post though, it’s about my guys, the ones who would make All-Star Saturday night a little more exciting.

Oh yeah. I’m also going with five players and two honorable mentions, in case we need an alternate, because, well, because this is my dream contest. Who’d be in yours?

1. Mike Taylor

– Yeah, I know you’re thinking why of all people, would I choose Mike Taylor. Hush your lips and check out this video from a Clippers warm up last week. After completing this dunk like he was tossing up a layup, Al Thornton demanded that his rookie do a repeat so he could see it again. A few other things to know about Mike: He was the first ever D-League player to be drafted in the NBA draft and his being listed at 6’2″is like my being listed at 5’2″. It’s not right. This dunk certainly is though.

2. Russell Westbrook

– This is my guy. At the start of the season I was all about OJ Mayo and while I love watching his game progress, Russell Westbrook has been phenomenal alongside KD and Jeff Green in Oklahoma City. Besides doing it all on the court (he recorded his first career triple-double last night, in a win against Dallas without Durant and Green), he knows how to throw it down, as evidenced by this dunk, courtesy of a pass from Earl Watson. So easy, so high, he’s flying.

3. JRich

– If I had to pick a former champ/current player to be in my contest, I’d go with Vince, if he was still the VC of old, but I don’t think he can still quite get up like that anymore. Jason Richardson was one of my favorite dunkers to watch because in addition to being sickly athletic and amazingly explosive, he is so damn creative. JRich can still get up, can still throw down with the best of them and deserves to be in another contest. This is one of my favorite dunks of all time. Ever.

4. Dwight Howard

– Yeah, one more round for the new look Superman. None of the gimmicks though, just show me the kiss-the-rim dunk and I’ll be a happy girl. Honestly, every single time I see this, I’m blown away by the simple fact of his lips being at the rim. Not his head, not his eyes, but his lips, head tilted back. Imagine just hopping up off of two feet to kiss the rim. Kiss the rim, kiss the sky, it’s all the same for Mr. Howard. I know Shaq’s got the Superman name tattooed on his arm, but if Dwight can pull of that dunk in a contest, he can be called whatever he likes.

5. James White

– If we are talking about including the best, most electric, most exciting dunkers on this planet, I’ve got to bend the rules just a bit here, and orchestrate an NBDL call up to bring the one and only James White back to the NBA. While he’s played a few games for the Spurs, played on their NBDL team and actually received an NBA Championship ring for the 2006-2007 NBA season, he is back in the NBDL, working his way back up, flying towards the basket. Seriously, he can go between the legs… from the free throw line. He’s the definition of freak athlete. He’s something special.

Honorable NCAA Mention

– This may be because I’m loving all things Orange and it may be because I love his game more each time I see him play, but Jonny Flynn’s got a spot in my Dunk Comp. So quick, powerful and emphatic. That this was an in-game dunk only makes me love it more. Looking forward to seeing more of this come March.

Honorable NBA Mention

– This guy makes it on this list because of a block that was actually called a foul. Not even a dunk and it doesn’t matter. Shannon Brown comes in off of the bench in a recent Lakers/Hawks matchup, and this is how he introduced himself to the STAPLES Center crowd and his new teammates. Safe to say, he’s welcome. Talk about playing above the rim. Beautiful.

Thanks starchild!

7 Responses to “Dreaming On 2010: A Dunk Contest In a Perfect World”

  1. michelle says:

    Nice piece! I would love to see these guys in the next slam dunk contest.

  2. Justin Walsh says:

    I still think Holly needs to realize that a swingman, Brent Petway from the DLEAGUE can kiss the rim, way more exciting than Dwight Howard doing it. But this was a great post!

  3. Mizzo says:

    What you know about Air Georgia?

  4. ohiobasketball says:

    I agree James White definately needs to be on a roster during the Dunk Contest next year. I went to the University of Cincinnati and watched some of his amazing dunks during Mignight Madness and during games. Give him some time to prepare for the NBA dunk contest and people will simply forget about Nate Robinson.

  5. TC says:

    Guys, check out the Lakers’ bench reaction to the block: http://lakerlogic.blogspot.com/2009/02/shannon-brown-welcome-to-la.html

  6. TC says:

    You guys remember this one? When I saw J Rich’s dunk, it was this one that I thought of. Man, can’t argue with any of those guys….and yeah, Russell Westbrook might need his own area on Youtube by the time he retires.

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