Monday Morning Starting Five: March 16, 2009

On the day after the NCAA Tournament field was announced, there are many articles to link to. I give you nine. I’ll have a piece on the Spectrum closing on SLAMonline in a bit. Until then, let’s get it.

Who are the beasts in this NCAA Tournament? (

Jay Cutler wants out of Denver. Philly don’t do it (USA Today)

DeMaurice F. Smith to head NFLPA. Damn, I wanted Reggie. Wishful thinking. (WaPo)

Tiger weighs in on the NBA MVP race. I’ll have a Flash piece tomorrow. (

Matt Jones released from Jags after getting out of jail early (

NIT field .pdf (

Discovery nears Space Station and so does debris (AP)

President Obama braces for an inevitable backlash (International Herald Tribune)

Drive by pundrity? (WaPo)

10 Responses to “Monday Morning Starting Five: March 16, 2009”

  1. I’m still upset about where the committee put my Mizzou squad. How do you not give either Mizzou or Kansas the No. 2 slot in Kansas City when both teams beat Oklahoma, and they, not OU, won the conference regular season and tournament titles? And oh, OU only has one fewer loss than Mizzou.

    Sorry for the rant.

    The beasts? Idk. Connecticut and Pitt are the only teams I see winning it all. UNC is going to choke before the Elite 8. I don’t trust Louisville or Duke. I think Michigan State is a good final four pick. And I clearly hope Oklahoma loses to No. 15 seed Morgan State.

    on Tiger MVP vote: He’s wise, and probably right. It should Bron or Kobe. But if I were the Cavs I would not want to see D-Wade come the playoffs. He’s going to still be beasting. Just watch.

  2. Miranda says:

    Mizzo, what Reggie did you want for NFLPA Exec Dir?

    Who does Jay Cutler think he is?? He can kick rocks. What makes him think he’s indispensable?

  3. Temple3 says:


    I think it was something about having the 4th most yards of any QB in a season under the age of 26. For some reason, this kid thinks he’s got some serious upside.

    I know you’re tongue in cheek, here, but this situation has me wondering about Pat Bowlen.

    You’re the owner who decides to fire the coach of a team that had clearly peaked under his leadership. Still, the offense was productive. Cutler threw for 4k even after banging his throwing hand on the first play against New England and even after playing with 7 different running backs.

    So, instead of hiring a fiery young defensive coordinator – the next Mike Tomlin or Raheem Morris, the Broncos hire the next Mike Shanahan — a guy who apparently strongly prefers QB’s he knows to talented players he doesn’t know. In other words, the Broncos are having drama on the offensive side of the ball even though their on-field problems are on defense.

    To me, that’s all on the owner. However this plays out — it will play out. Cutler to Philly? Ouch! McNabb to Chicago. Maybe the Broncos could dump Cutler and sign Rohan Davey. I’m sure he still remembers the Pats system. He could dust off his old LSU tees and get busy.

  4. kos says:

    Miranda, T3 –

    Somewhere, Philip Rivers is laughing right now. Jay Cutler acts like he’s been taking some of the now unemployed Matty “Caine” Jones products. If it’s one thing he should have learned about the NFL, it’s a business, don’t take things so personally. I thought he should have just shut up, and then went out and proved to the new coach that he was the man to lead the team. Now, he’s making it damn near certain that they’ll try to trade him somewhere like Detroit if he wants to be traded so badly. Yes, he’s a good qb, but until he can prove that he can win big games, and playoff games after that, he’s just another QB that can put up big numbers. And in today’s NFL, with the pass happy systems, even a lot of bad qb’s can go for over 3,000 yards.

    Rohan Davey? There’s a name I haven’t heard in a while!

  5. Origin says:

    Ain’t this a trip. The golden boy who hasn’t won sh&^ gets a hissy fit because the team tried to trade him. Yet he hasn’t won crap.


    Then the good ole boy media is trying to say that the Broncos handled this wrong??? What???

    Yeap Cutler is getting the WB pass and the Brett Farve pass.

  6. Mizzo says:

    I’m sorry Miranda. I meant Reggie Williams. I linked to the piece I wrote on him after your question. My bad for being vague.

  7. Temple3 says:


    I don’t think that’s entirely accurate.

    The first or second day that this story broke ESPN led with a story by Wojo telling Cutler to shut up. From March 4…

    The thing that emerged from the recent convo was that Cutler SAYS he went to the meeting with an open mind and looking to go forward. He SAYS that the Broncos are still keeping the door open to trading him — regardless — and that’s what he was pissed about. Who knows. It’s just his word against the team now. Cutler may be overreacting, but then again…he’s not 26 and has thrown for 4,000 yards…just him and Marino and Bledsoe and Lomax. Marino and Lomax were institutions in Miami and St. Louis. Bledsoe held down his job until his Statue in the Pocket Act no longer paid dividends — but he played in a Super Bowl and set the Pats up for a SB win by beating the Steelers off the bench in the AFC Championship game.

    The flip side for Denver is that the new coach has seen Cutler and must not like something. Maybe he’s seen a guy who isn’t as fundamentally sound as the former SC guy in Cassel. Maybe he’s got too much gun slinger. Either way, the Broncos are well within their rights to tell the guy to shut his pie hole.

    What I found compelling was that the coach wanted to meet with Cutler without his agent present. The kid is 25 years old. I know the coach is young, but by his own admission, he’s been around the NFL for 20+ years. He probably knows a great deal more about the business of this decision than Cutler. It sounded like divide and conquer to me. Cutler could have let it ride without saying a word, but perhaps he actually likes Denver and not only wants to be there, but believes the team just needed to get stronger on defense to make a real run. I think he has the right to express himself and assert his rights. If he doesn’t, no one else will.

    I can’t say where the media is on this now…I haven’t been following closely. I just read those two articles…the first day and today.

  8. Jerold Wells Jr says:

    Let him go…. right in the our waiting arms in MINNESOTA!!!!
    I like Cutler. He did more at Vandy than Eli did at Ole Miss with just as much, hell maybe less, talent around him.

    Shanahan was a godsend and I think he progressed nicely under him while in the league. Bad defense plus 7th string RB = A QB that was winning games by himself last year. I think he should bide his time and go force a trade to wherever Shanahan ends up next year.

    @Temple: Right on about the defense. They’re atrocious. A middle of the pack defense makes last years team very dangerous come playoff time. Why isn’t anyone talking about that? For my money, they load up on offense yet again in the draft. They’ve already signed a RB or two in free agency. What a joke.

  9. Temple3 says:


    Guess who’s got about 1500 more passing yards and 42 more touchdowns than Cutler in the SEC?

    Yep. The Little Prophet from Mississippi — Elijah. That dude did a lot of things in college. Take a look:

  10. origin says:

    I feel you Temple. I was actually refering to the local media here in Dallas. I don’t even mess with or Sportscenter. The only ESPN that I listen to is the local ESPN here in Dallas. They have finally began talking about the mavs and NBA basketball. Seems like they have nothing to talk about since TO is gone…..LOL!!!!!

    Well if it took TO getting cut for these fools to talk about the NBA then it was a good move. Anyway I just get a kick out of listening to these idiots make every excuse for the mavs when Avery told these fools that the team was trash as he was getting terminated.

    I have to second brotha big man…..I tell my little daughter that ESPN is bad for your health. Heck I tell here most that mess on TV destroys your brain cells and makes you dumb.