Friday Fire: What Was the Baddest College Performance In the NCAA Tournament You’ve Ever Seen?

Bo Kimble was a monster in 1990. His Loyola Marymount team came into the tournament averaging 124 points a game. It’s safe to say UNLV might have gone down if only Hank Gathers survived. My oldest, Mizzo Jr. was born in December a preemie at 1 pound, 14 ounces–so his Mother and I were fixtures in the Christiana Hospital NICU (one of the best in the nation) ward to feed him every day and obviously check on his progress. At that size, you could see the food go through him. Scary, but trust he’s a full grown rock head now and truly doesn’t surprise me with anything he does. So I’m feeding Mike and LMU vs. New Mexico State just so happened to be on the tube. I’d actually saw Hank Gathers collapse after a dunk live on (I’ll never forget seeing his aunt scream “Help my baby”) TV, March 4th, 1990 (WCC tournament semi-final against Portland), so despite being a Michigan fan, LMU was the team I most wanted to see cut ’em down. Bo was a scoring machine in games Hank missed during the year. I think he scored 50 five or six games in a row so his scoring binges weren’t shocking. Bo went off for 45 against state in a 111-92 win. He had four fouls at halftime and didn’t foul out. I’ll never forget that game because I knew I was seeing something special. Dammit if they didn’t blow out my Michigan squad (the defending champs) 149-115 the next game behind Bo’s 37. Goodness.

6 Responses to “Friday Fire: What Was the Baddest College Performance In the NCAA Tournament You’ve Ever Seen?”

  1. Okori says:

    I got 3:

    1: Fennis Dembo in ’87 against UCLA. 41 Pts, 9 Rebounds, and six assists including 16 straight free throws.

    2: Christian Laettner against Kentucky in the ’92 Regional Final. dude never missed a shot from anywhere. He was overrated, but i struggle to imagine who else had the nuts to play that game on that night.

    3: Dwayne Wade’s triple-double against Kentucky.

  2. GAM says:

    Didn’t see it live, but Bill Walton’s performance against Memphis State in 1973: 21-22 from the floor.

    Best performance ever.

  3. Temple3 says:

    The first name that comes to mind is Harold “The Show” Arceneaux. If you can lead Weber State past UNC in the tourney, you’re doing something.

    Some others:
    – Mr. Unconscious – Glen Rice, Michigan 1989.
    – UNLV’s Freddie Banks (1987)
    – Kentucky’s Goose Givens (1977)
    – Kentucky’s Jamal Mashburn (’92 and ’93)
    – LSU’s Chris Jackson – whenever, wherever.
    – Carmelo…dayyum!!

    Best offensive performance — I have to agree with Mizzo. That Michigan team was the defending national champ and had guys who could run — but they got smoked in that game.

    Best defensive performance — When Georgetown held a Kentucky team with Sam Bowie and Melvin Turpin and Sky Walker SCORELESS for 13 minutes in the 2nd half of a Final Four.

  4. Temple3 says:

    I also just wanted to spread a little love to Ed and Charlie O’Bannon who tore Arkansas to shreds. That was an amazing game as well.

  5. MODI says:

    Phi – Slamma – Jamma!

    Houston’s 21-1 run on Louisville in the Final Four

    Hakeem; Drexler; Michael Young; Benny Anders

    2nd? Gotta go with that georgetown run over kentucky…

    3rd? I’ll go with an obscure one in the Fennis Dembo mold… I remember Dayton’s Roosevelt Chapman going off for 40 with some ridiculous shots

    Watched college ball religiously in the 80’s before slipping off the map in the mid 90’s

  6. Mizzo says:

    Fennis Dembo….Roosevelt Chapman….wow.