The Starting Five Sweet Sixteen Rankings

Posted in Blogroll on March 23rd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Before Jerold Wells Jr. posts his picks later on this week, I wanted to have a little fun and rank the Sweet 16. It’s crazy that despite all the criticism the NCAA has had to deal with, two brackets have the top four seeds intact and the other two have the top three still bangin’. I guess they got it right huh? Could this be the second year in a row the top 4 seeds get to Final Four?

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Monday Morning Starting Five: March 23, 2009

Posted in Blogroll on March 23rd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Ashley Fox’s nice piece on the toughness of North Philly. 1st in a series. Good work Ashley. (

His Dad never won a state title so it’s good to see that Marcus Jordan led his team to Chicago State Championship. That’s whassup. (Yahoo)

ARod likes the same jawns Eliot Spitzer does? Word? (NY Daily News)

Where’s the outrage when it’s Black on Black murder? (San Francisco Chronicle)

Brother Jesse is out there when others just talk. Here he asks if text messaging impacts our communication skills. (Brother Jesse)

Blacks lag in stock ownership (Chicago Sun Times)

Study shows those who listen to Hip Hop are stupid? I guess we are some dumb *##(@@(@()# (

In Tenaha Texas you won’t be charged with a crime, but they’ll still take your belongings after a traffic stop.

NASA halts tests on urine recycler? Uh… (Reuters)

Africans came to the New World with Columbus. Nah really? (

For the Mommas needing something unique to bake for their kids, I give you the rootbeer cupcake.

Who used to spin 360, hamma pants, shiny shoes, no socks?

Yeah I did. Proud of it too. No pictures please 😉

Dig the Troop! This entire cd was def. Why you let ’em do it to you Hammer?