Monday Morning Starting Five: March 23, 2009

Ashley Fox’s nice piece on the toughness of North Philly. 1st in a series. Good work Ashley. (

His Dad never won a state title so it’s good to see that Marcus Jordan led his team to Chicago State Championship. That’s whassup. (Yahoo)

ARod likes the same jawns Eliot Spitzer does? Word? (NY Daily News)

Where’s the outrage when it’s Black on Black murder? (San Francisco Chronicle)

Brother Jesse is out there when others just talk. Here he asks if text messaging impacts our communication skills. (Brother Jesse)

Blacks lag in stock ownership (Chicago Sun Times)

Study shows those who listen to Hip Hop are stupid? I guess we are some dumb *##(@@(@()# (

In Tenaha Texas you won’t be charged with a crime, but they’ll still take your belongings after a traffic stop.

NASA halts tests on urine recycler? Uh… (Reuters)

Africans came to the New World with Columbus. Nah really? (

For the Mommas needing something unique to bake for their kids, I give you the rootbeer cupcake.

Who used to spin 360, hamma pants, shiny shoes, no socks?

Yeah I did. Proud of it too. No pictures please 😉

Dig the Troop! This entire cd was def. Why you let ’em do it to you Hammer?


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  1. Temple3 says:

    The fact that Africans came WITH Columbus isn’t nearly as significant as the fact that they came BEFORE Columbus.

    That article, frankly, is a bunch of bullshit that’s only 4 decades late to a discussion that’s been raging across three continents. The debate is over…Columbus’ significance is not with respect to the role of Africans on his voyages — except that they actually told him the best routes to take.

    If confirmed, that would put Africans in the New World as contemporaries of Columbus and decades before they were thought to have first arrived as slaves.

    Seriously — what the fuck is that? Crack head junkies with keyboards are dangerous.

    For solutions to this latest manifestation of white supremacist miseducation, please refer to Ivan Van Sertima’s, “They Came Before Columbus.”

  2. Temple3 says:

    Yo MIZZ:

    No thoughts on the weekend?? Sup with that?

  3. michelle says:


    I’m with Temple.

  4. GrandNubian says:

    So am I…..

    In regards to Afrikans coming here with Columbus….what they neglect to inform people is that those Afrikans that traveled with him were navigators AND natives of the Americas.

    Why would Columbus take navigators with him? Because he didn’t know where he was going.

  5. Mizzo says:

    Ya’ll wasn’t saying shit during the regular season when I posted college stuff…but I gotcha.

    I posted that article to show just how far behind most Western thought is regarding Columbus. Ridiculous.

  6. Temple3 says:


    I know you know…but

    On the CBB tip, you’re right. I know I haven’t had time to watch much. I saw a handful of segments of games during the season. This is the high season, bruh…so what’s your take on the weekend?

    Arizona? UConn? UNC? Louisville? Pitt? Who ya like? Now that Maynor’s gone, is it all about Lawson and Fields? What about Mizzou, Mizzo?

  7. vleeflo says:

    My beat is ever boomin’ and you know I get it started!

    favorite hammer cuts:

    1. Get it started
    2. Turn this mutha out

    I guess I’m just an uneducated dumbass confused hip-hop lover…
    I can live wit’ it.

    Hoooo! Ho Ho Hoooooo!

  8. GrandNubian says:

    I’ve been a Tar Heel follower since MJ was a freshman in 82, so i’m going with the Heels.

    My Final Four looks this way:

    1. UNC
    2. Villanova
    3. Louisville
    4. UConn

    UNC will beat NOVA and Louisville will handle UConn…..

    UNC will beat L’ville 83 – 78

  9. Jerold Wells Jr. says:

    I fumbled on the recap of the weekend Mizzo, I shoulda done that. My bad. I see the them giving you grief, I got you homey. I’ll push the preview of the sweet sixteen ahead a couple of days. There are some pretty good match ups on tap.

  10. Temple3 says:

    Ah, hah!

    Confession is good for the soul.

    I feel better now.


    Love the true Baby Jordan find.
    but, the Brother Jesse link may be the best of all. Thanks for the Gathering Storm.

  11. Patrick says:

    …”Marcus Jordan, 18, is considered a higher-rated college prospect, projected to be a top-conference major-college point guard…”

    Apparently at this late date, Marcus hasn’t decided on a college. According to a recruiting website that it will come down to two Big 12 schools, Iowa State and Nebraska… however there was a rumor he was talking with Michigan State…

    Georgia Tech needs another point guard, so why not Marcus? Derrick Favors is here for a year. Tech would really have some star power and Paul Hewitt can save his job.

  12. Patrick says:

    ESPN’s soft, cautious coverage of Jay Cutler’s journey to find a new team continues–apparently the Jets have interest. Man if this was McNabb, JeMarcus, Taravris talking the kind of s*** that Cutler has over the past three weeks, ESPN-ESPN radio and their hosts would be giving more emphasis to this story.

    Keep in mind, Cutler is 17-20 as a NFL starter and has never made the playoffs in his three years as Shanhan’s ‘franchise project QB’ in Denver.

  13. Temple3 says:

    With all due respect, the Broncos defense lost Darrent Williams to a brutal homicide and last year, they played 7 games without Champ Bailey.

  14. Temple3 says:

    The four years before Cutler came, the defense was 9th, 9th, 3rd and 8th in points allowed. The last two years, the D was 28th and 30th. No DBs, no D. Last year, the offense was 2nd.

  15. Patrick says:

    …” With his pro day workout last week, Georgia’s Matthew Stafford showed himself to be in a class by himself, and he also was in a class by himself among the top quarterbacks with regards to the Wonderlic. He scored 38. USC’s Mark Sanchez scored 28 and Kansas State’s Josh Freeman 27. All are acceptable scores for quarterbacks….”,0,7151782.story?track=rss

    Stafford may have scored a 50, but I don’t see him as a franchise QB. The mainstream sports media has to anoint someone, and I guess its him. Stafford had all types of talent around him at Georgia, but to me Georgia was never really a first-tier team who can challenge for a national championship.

    Stafford is more likely to be the next Joey Harrington than Ben Rothelisberger.

    I question Stafford’s ability to handle NFL defensive pressure on a weekly basis and actually he is a lesser talent than Leinart and even Cutler, bith who have struggled to lead their teams in the three years they have been in the NFL.

    It would be a big mistake for Detroit to select Stafford as #1.

    I feel Josh Freeman has more upside/potential/talent than Stafford, but Freeman has ignored for the most part by draft experts. Stafford had weapons and talent surrounding him at Georgia every year he was there, but Freeman never had someone such as Knowshon Moreno in the backfield…

    Freeman is a thrower at 6’6, but he has mobility and I think if he goes to a NFL system that respect his dual threat intangibles and give him at least a solid power running game, he can surpise a lot of people on the NFL level.

  16. Patrick says:


    Denver does have defensive problems and it was a factor in the Broncos underperforming, but the Broncos blew a three game lead late in the season to the almost dead Chargers in a very weak AFC West.

    Cutler never won in college at Vanderbilt, and still having problems on the NFL level. Nice passing stats, but there is a point of diminishing returns with Cutler. His Ryan Leaf-like ego is getting the best of him at times and if he is not careful, he may turn into the 2009 version of the nomadic Jeff George.

    All teams have some type of problem, but the good (great) teams are able to adjust with the help of drafting, evaluation and free agency. This is where Shanhanan lost leverage and his tenure become more of a debit than a credit–especially in terms of developing young impact players. The Broncos had defensive line problems as well and that revolving door of Bronco RBs hit a snide as well.

  17. Temple3 says:

    More yards than Arizona, Houston, New England, the Giants, the Chargers…and you’re hatin’ the QB?

    2nd in the league with a rookie wideout, 7 running backs and Brandon Stokely at the 3? Sup with that?

  18. Patrick says:


    Your short statistical synopsis is to the point, but its not hating. As I said earlier, Cutler put up nice stats at Vanderbilt and couldn’t take his team to one bowl game, yet he viewed as a better NFL QB prospect than Vince Young who had a 18-11 record before being taken off the field abruptly in Year 3.

    I am not hating on Cutler, and maybe Josh McDaniels’ attempt to get a more manageable Matt Cassell from New England was supposed to be originally a secret, but McDaniels did his best to make that trade happen.

    McDaniels isn’t dismissing the offensive performance of Cutler, but apparently there was something about Cutler which may be negative in much the same way Jeff George was perceived despite being very talented and putting up nice numbers….

  19. Origin says:

    Temple and Patrick you guys make some good points.

    Also Patrick I am with you on Cutlers record as a starter in college.

    And I believe that Josh Freeman maybe the best QB in the draft. But being a black QB is tough in the good ole boy NFL.

    Patrick the key is like all black QBs whether they will get a fair shot as a starter and whether their teams intend to actually surround them with talent.

    In other news check out how Nate stock is falling. Sounds like the brotha from Kentucky last year. I swear they will get these brothas on something. If they can’t get you on your height, then its your wonderlick, or your leadership, or your mobility, or the offense you played in. Boy the sh%$ don’t stop.,149836

  20. HarveyDent says:

    *The median net worth of the average black family is 10 times less than that of the average white family, a 2006 National Urban League report found.

    *Zvi Bodie, a visiting finance professor at MIT who recently issued a press release headlined, “Sell your stocks.” Anyone saving for retirement would be better off in government bonds pegged to inflation, he said—particularly African-Americans.

    “People with less wealth can ill-afford to take risk with their hard-earned savings,” he said. “If you cannot tolerate a loss, stay away.”
    Black people do need to find a way to build wealth but this is timely for me because I was reading today about how the recession has hit Blacks and Latinos the hardest and one thing in the article I read that made me stop was the fact the median wealth for a white household is 90K, a Latino household 8K, and a Black household 6K. When a person has so little to gamble with he/she will hold to that little bit much tighter than those who can play with it.

    Not saying what should be done but I understand why we as Blacks may be a little leery of playing stocks because it’s hard enough for some of us to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads than to plan for some nebulous future.

  21. origin says:

    Very true harvey. IMO in this economy if you have money to invest in stock I think it would actually be better to invest in land or real estate. I mean I think that your returns would be better then guessing which stock will pay out over the next few years.

    Think about it if there is a home that is going for 70K and was worth 200K when the market was good. Wouldn’t it be better to invest in that home. I mean surely the economy will come back over the next 5-8 years. In my eyes thats a much better investment then dumping thousands in stock with the market so unstable.

    Don’t get me wrong I own stock myself. But land is going for so cheap now.

    Oh and Mizzo that study on rap is for dumb folks is silly. I would argue over the years listening to rappers like Cannibus (as the article mentions), KRS-One, Immortal Technique, PE, Paris and etc have actually made me smarter.

    These kats have whole history lessons in their lyrics. As stated Cannibus has all types of science and math in his lyrics.

    Shoot listen to Ras Kass “Nature of the Threat” that song is like a grad school thesis paper on historical issues.

  22. Patrick says:

    There is a wide gap between black/Latino median wealth and white median wealth. And look at the unemployment figures:

    Overall black unemployment rate: 13.4 percent
    Black MALE unemployment rate : 16.3 percent
    The unemployment rate for black teenagers (15-19)……. 38.0 percent

  23. Mizzo says:

    Origin I was waiting for someone to mention Josh Freeman before I absolutely had to. I knew it would come from this site. Dude has size, accuracy, intelligence and arm strength to make it in the NFL. He’s an absolute physical freak. He’s 6’6” 250! A bigger Warren Moon.

    It’s just plain absurd Sanchez was able to leapfrog someone everyone had the number one QB coming into the season, but I digress…

  24. origin says:

    Good points Patrick and Mizzo.

    Its amazing Freeman got no pub when he was in the big 12.

  25. Temple3 says:

    Patrick —

    You aren’t going to hold Vandy’s team performance against Cutler as a measuring stick against Texas, are you?

    That would be like saying Barry Sanders couldn’t win a Super Bowl for the Lions — so Emmitt is a better runner. It would be like saying Gino Torretta is better than Daunte Culpepper. It would be like saying Danny Wuerrfel is better than Aaron Brooks. It would be like saying that Matt Leinart is better than Randall Cunningham. Or, it would be like saying that Cutler is better than Cassel since Cassel never got off the pine at SC. It’s still a team game — and even more so in college where recruiting, tradition, and boosters are such a big part of the game. How many Vandy guys have ever played in the NFL?

    It would take about three days to name all the Texas alums. Besides Cutler and Young aren’t in college anymore — and the Broncos didn’t hold Vanderbilt’s performance against Cutler…he was drafted 11th.

    More to the point, passing for 4000 yards is about as big as deal as their is for QBs – on an individual level. If you wanted to kill Cutler for only throwing 25 touchdowns, I could work with that — especially with 18 picks — but I’d bet some of that was due to having 7 different guys in pass protection in the backfield and not having a viable 3rd WR option.

    I know you aren’t literally hating on the guy, but based on performance, I find it presumptuous of anyone from New England to go to Denver to change their offense. Cutler was injured very early in the game vs. NE this season and Denver lost, but Shanahan had Belichick walking the track like a $2 hoe. He’s the only coach in the league who did – and he had a very dynamic offense of which Cutler was the cornerstone.

    All I’m saying is that based on performance, Cutler seems to have a case. Moreover, this is the first I’ve heard of a resemblance to Jeff George. Aside from one ESPN article that mentioned George purely based on their respective ages, you’re the first to promote this theory.

    There is no question that McDaniels has the right to make changes. As I said up top, you both could be right about Cutler. I think he still has room to grow at 25 — and McDaniels may rightly believe that he’s not as fundamentally sound as the USC-product Cassel. Either way – I can’t see how playing with mediocre talent at Vanderbilt is even remotely relevant — particularly given his on field success.

  26. Temple3 says:


    Thanks for the links on the employment data.

  27. Kirk Mitchell says:

    None of the three quarterbacks expected to be taken in the first round are all that great, which makes me wonder about all the Stafford hype, but I do agree with all of you that Freeman has by far the most upside.

  28. Mizzo says:

    No doubt Kirk.

    Patrick that 38% number angers me.

  29. Temple3 says:

    Harvey D:

    Black folk could make a lot of loot by buying stocks of companies of people that provide direct services to us and our people. We don’t need to watch CNBC or Bloomberg to figure out new ways to give our money away to others. There are plenty of under-capitalized folks who are doing great stuff who could benefit from selling shares of their businesses.

    If we did this, it would increase the circulation of capital and make business development easier for folks. It’s complicated, but we have most of what we need in our hands…

  30. Mizzo says:

    It’s not as complicated as you think bruh. It’s all in the diligence and the rethinking almost everything we’ve learned to finally get that aha! moment.

  31. Temple3 says:


    Did you catch any K-State games? I haven’t watched them in awhile. I liked the coach and was surprised to see him get the ax so quickly — but I hadn’t realized they were 5-7 the last two years.