Wednesday Morning Starting Five: March 25, 2009

The Professor Griff interview will be posted a little later on tonight after I get back from my daughters softball game. Whassup people? What’s goin’ on? Everyone having a good week so far? Hopefully that’s a guuud.

Hall of Fame player and broadcaster George Kell is remembered. (Detroit News)

NBA News. (

Julian Bond and Benjamin Todd Jealous write about the NAACP and it’s relevance. (The New Republic)

The son of a mayor arrested and folks wonder if he’ll get off lightly. (The Advocate)

Professionals, middle class losing out on income and opportunity. (Final Call)

Rekindling Pan-Africanism’s message of Black greatness (The Gleaner)

You know who you are…

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  1. des says:

    GM Miz,

    Normally I would ignore this stuff, but this piece is based on a piece from a christian website:

    P.S. When I sent a message using a certain word that starts with B, I was told to change it, despite the fact that the piece contained the same word.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Morning Des. That article has been passed around facebook. I was so angry after reading that trash I haven’t commented. I’ll let my peoples handle that.

  3. Patrick says:

    …Professionals, middle class losing out on income and opportunity…

    “Blacks have not recovered from the recession of 2001 where during the good years of the 2000’s Black employment decreased by about two per cent and income declined about two per cent. Blacks only have about fifteen per cent of wealth of White Americans with a disproportionate amount of wealth accrued in home values. These facts have led to projections that almost a third of the Black middle class could fallout of their middle class status,” observed Dedrick Muhammad, a senior organizer and research associate for the Program on Inequality and the Common Good at the Institute of Policy Studies in an e-mail interview with The Final Call…”

    The biggest threat to ‘black-middle class’, working-class people at the moment) is conservative democrats…

    They are also called CONSERVDEMS!

    I have one in my congressional district in Central Georgia. It’s a 50-50 district meaning half African-American and half-white. However, Jim Marshall (Democrat) has voted a lot of the time with Republicans including many George Bush initiatives. Marshall was one of a few Democrats who voted against SCHIP, insurance for children.

    Unfortunately, a lot of African-Americans don’t vote and this hurts us because it gives CONSERVADEMS more power to continue the status quo and undermine real change.

    President Obama said something last night when he was answering a question about the Middle East, but you can apply to current domestic and fiscal policy that affect African-Americans specifically.

    “The status quo is unsustainable”.

    Remember those unemployment statistics in regards to black folks..
    13.6 overall, 16 black males, 38 black teenagers? Well, these figures won’t get better if black and brown voters don’t assert themselves during the mid-term elections.

    At President Obama’s press conference Tuesday night, he put forth a very ambitious budget that includes support for health care, energy and education. However, there is growing pushback toward Obama by conservative U.S. senators led by Evan Bayh of Indiana.

    …”Bayh’s bloc’s agenda is to eviscerate Obama’s agenda in order to prevent healthcare reform and climate change policies. The Democrats willing to admit to being part of this new anti-Obama bloc are all the usual suspects, the conservatives with shit voting records who seem always eager to show the folks back home how much they detest working families and how dependable they are when it comes to denying the aspirations of ordinary Americans….”

  4. Patrick says:

    Maybe this was why Jim Calhoun was suddenly sick last weekend? He probably knew this report was going to come out about recruiting allegations.

    …”University of Connecticut men’s basketball coaches broke N.C.A.A. contact rules in the recruiting of Nate Miles, a former player, according to a report by Yahoo Sports on Wednesday. The article drew on cellphone records to detail contact among Miles, UConn coaches and a former student manager..”

  5. Patrick says:

    …And more news involving former Huskies’ player and current Detroit Pistons’ star Richard Hamilton..$1+million+from+him

    Report: Pistons’ Hamilton says agent stole $1 million from him
    The Detroit News

    A sports agent and former Connecticut basketball student manager is guilty of recruiting violations in the men’s program, Yahoo! Sports is reporting.

    Agent Josh Nochimson also is accused by Richard Hamilton of stealing more than $1 million from the Detroit Pistons player, according to the story.

    “He was pretty much running his business as an agent off of me,” Hamilton is quoted as saying.

  6. Miranda says:

    T.O. is being honored for his work with Alzheimer’s patients….but that didn’t make any mainstream sport sites main page.

  7. Temple3 says:


    Great links. Thanks again.

  8. origin says:

    Great links Mizzo, Patrick and Miranda.

    These hating @ss Bast@rds can’t stand seeing a black man and women in the white house.

    Anyone see this story?