Thursday Morning Starting Five: March 26, 2009

“In discussing the history of a people one must distinguish between what has actually happened and what those who have written the history have said has happened. So far as the actual history of the American Negro is concerned, there is nothing particularly new about it. It is an exciting story, a remarkable story. It is the story of slavery and freedom, humanity and inhumanity, democracy and its denial. It is tragedy and triumph, suffering and compassion, sadness and joy.” John Hope Franklin “The New Negro History,” Crisis
February 1977

John Hope Franklin dies. Big loss. Huge. Did you know him? I love this man. (Duke)

UConn could be in a bit of trouble and James Beale tells you why. (The Sports Complex)

This is just sad. Don’t cops have something better to do? (Dallas News)

The Steelers are the shit. Congratulations John Stallworth. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

A bill against saggin’? I can’t stand it more than most, but a bill is just too much for the obvious reasons. (Commercial Appeal)

These clowns are getting outta hand. Take off the pink socks and flip flops and realize why you were trounced this past election and modify your party ideals. We are in the worse of economic times because YOUR party decided to invade the wrong country for your own personal gain. Tito get them some tissues. (NY Daily News)

5 Responses to “Thursday Morning Starting Five: March 26, 2009”

  1. Temple3 says:


    I know that the Steelers have their warts — all teams do, but this is really heady stuff over the past few years. Mike Tomlin, Bettis, Ward, James Harrison, Polamalu. The 2008 election cycle through Pennsylvania. It’s almost surreal.

    We talked before about the implications of race and the Nunn family in Pittsburgh, but this is becoming one of the more compelling stories in all of sports.

    Thanks for the link. I knew they were looking — and it is great to see that John Stallworth was prepared for this opportunity.

    Aside from Swanny being a Republican, they seem to have mostly turned out alright. 🙂

  2. Mizzo says:

    Blame it on the hospital balls 😉

  3. TC says:

    John Hope Franklin was a living legend in the field of history. I read some of his work and to consider even the circumstances under which he was forced to write-without full privileges even in places where he was doing research-it was sadly ironic that he continued to experience many of the conditions and events which he was writing about. The world is poorer for his loss.

  4. HarveyDent says:

    RIP Dr. Franklin and I echo TC’s statements. A true giant of academia who’s voice will be missed.

  5. Miranda says:

    RIP Dr. Franklin – your work will live on forever.