Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The We Miss You Marvin Gaye Edition

One of my dear friends in the field wrote this a while back, but the striking imagery remains. (Seattle Times)

Two slayings linked to condo of Saints Jonathan Vilma. There is no indication Vilma is involved. (NOLA)

John Calipari is the 22nd University of Kentucky head coach. (Kentucky Kernel)

Calipari’s class was said to rival the Fab Five of Michigan as the best ever. Don’t know about that, but Xavier Henry and DeMarcus Cousins both decommit from Memphis. Hmmm I wonder where they’ll end up? (Kentucky Kernel)

Jack Johnson, born in Galveston, Texas, would have been 131 on March 31st. Today John McCain and Peter King…both Republicans (hmm)…are fighting to get his conviction pardoned by President Obama. (Dallas Morning News)

Mark Ecko the cat that bought the Barry Bonds record breaker, is 200 million dollars in debt. (

Race still matters for poor Blacks. Written by Clarence Page. (Chicago Tribune)

Pharaoh Akhenaten’s wife Nefertiti’s bust has second face. (

Thank you Marvin.

12 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The We Miss You Marvin Gaye Edition”

  1. michelle says:

    I miss Marvin too…a great talent gone way too soon. As for Ecko……….maybe he can ask Barry for a loan……… NOT! Put an asterisk on that Mark!!!

  2. Temple3 says:

    On Nefertiti:

    The differences between the two faces are slight and include creases at the corners of the mouth and a bump on the nose in the stone version. Huppertz believes that someone must have ordered the adjustments.

    Thanks for that.

    On Mark Ecko:

    Maybe his books were on steroids. With all this testing of fiscal integrity, he’s back down to his “Giambi weight.”

    On CalimariCampariCalipari:

    They’re going to get the talent and they’ll win some big ones, but I think he relies (like Pitino) on gimmicks. Pitino’s system works really well until his teams get deep into tournaments against physical teams with talent. Same for Memphis. If they can’t out-quick and muscle your guards (Mario Chalmers in ’08; Mizzou in ’09), they usually can’t beat you. He needs to add more to his arsenal. With UK’s recruiting reach, there will be no excuses.

  3. GrandNubian says:

    On Neferteri:

    I had read where a few African historians and anthropologists made the case years ago that the bust was fake.

    If i’m not mistaken, Manu Ampim also made this argument but don’t quote me on that.

  4. GrandNubian says:

    Speaking of Pro. Manu Ampim, here is a link where he’s wrote exclusively about this type of thing:

  5. Temple3 says:

    You are a Grand Nubian.

    I was working on another research topic concerning the Sudan and the Original Bedouins and came across this Wiki page with a bust of a Roman emperor. The bust depicts him as European. A coin minted during his era, however, clearly depicts him as African.

    The Coin:

    The Bust:

    That’s supposed to be the same man. Hardly.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    Ecko’s about to go belly-up? Priceless…karma’s be that big bi***h

    Re: Nefertiti…the devil never rests

    ‘Unforgivable Blackness’ is must reading and viewing for anyone who wants to know more about Jack Johnson. A truly fascinating man.

    RIP Marvin…long gone but never forgotten…playing “Here, My Dear” in his honor right now

  7. Patrick says:

    After reading the Vilma story, it has elements of the Michael Vick case when it first broke in April 2007…

    Once the media and police found out the house was in Vick’s name, the police were determined to attached something to him even if Vick wasn’t even in the state of Virginia!

    …..”According to Vilma’s attorney, Michael Tein, Vilma has not been at the condominium for more than a year since he put the condo up for sale. He said the only person who is supposed to have access is the real estate agent….”

    …”According to a report in the New York Post, a member of the condo board said five men, one of whom identified himself as Vilma’s cousin, drove up to Vilma’s home last Thursday night before shots were heard inside the building. The anonymous condo board member said the men had the password, the electronic gate opener and the keys to enter the compound and Vilma’s home….”

    Vilma isn’t Vick, but he his a multi-million dollar NFL player. Certain assumptions may come into play such as the fact that Vilma played at the University of Miami and might have criminal connections. However, Vilma is not a black QB so that is a plus and the media is willing to wait and listen for any more evidence. In the Vick case, the media just ran with the story and had it on the public airwaves within hours. And Vick was on the defensive ever since.

    Who is the Vilma relative and what is their relationship?

    The ‘cousin’…remember Devon Boddie who lived in and had access to Vick’s property. Boddie had been arrested which led to linking Vick by the Court of Public Opinion and eventually the Feds. It was a big leap, but will the cousin or other person involved try to bring Vilma’s name into it?

    Vick said he rarely visited the Virginia property and that the relatives or acquaintances were there on a every day basis.

    Vilma through his lawyer has publicly stated: …”Vilma’s attorney and a New York police spokesman declined to comment on those reports or to get into specific details about whom they might be investigating. But Tein reiterated that “no one had access to the inside of the house.”

    Vilma has been viewed as a nice guy who has stayed out of trouble and I don’t recall him ever getting arrested or being in recurring legal trouble.

    HOWEVER: …”Vilma also ran into legal trouble earlier this year in Miami when he was arrested for reckless driving and resisting arrest after a traffic stop. Vilma disputed the criminal charges, which were later dropped…”

    Vick had minor incidents such as the Miami-TSA in which he was cleared of, but it had garnered a media firestorm…

    With the two-year ‘anniversary’ of the Vick case breaking, its ironic that some of the details of this case regarding Vilma’s condo are somewhat eerily similar.

    The difference thus far is that the media wanted to nail Vick to the wall really bad so they can have a reason to take him off the field.

    Vilma is well-known, but right now there isn’t a desire or ‘market’ to really go after him or make up stuff on ESPN or ESPN radio.

    Will Vilma have a meeting with Goodell before the NFL draft?

  8. Patrick says:

    Is New York police giving Vilma a pass by immediately clearing him of any type of involvement, but will the pass be accepted by the mainstream sports media…?

    …”According to the AP, Vilma was not there when the two men were shot in the head sometime Thursday night. The condominium, located in a gated community, reportedly is up for sale and members of Vilma’s family had access to it….”

    If this was Tarvaris Jackson, Duante Culpepper, McNabb, or JaMarcus Russell– would the coverage be different? Would ESPN be trying to influence the investigation by calling the Feds, waiting at the doorstep of the state prosecutor and constantly reporting before all the facts are in…

  9. Patrick says:

    ***I wonder what is going through Jason Campbell’s mind right now with this Jay Cutler to Washington rumors?***

    If Jason Campbell speaks out in a forceful way, then he may be perceived as a malcontent by the media, while Cutler is just letting off steam– no big deal…

    Cutler with his 17-20 record as a NFL starter is seen as the next big thing despite his mediocre record and inability to lead his team to the playoffs, but Campbell with a nearly identical record of 16-20 is seen as a lost cause not worthy of redemption and has had different coaches every year as a starter. Cutler has had consistency in regards to coaching at Vanderbilt and Denver with Shanahan and the end result is that the team doesn’t make the postseason.

  10. @Mizzo: one quick link for you, to my fav Marvin Gaye song ever.

    @thegallery: an open letter asking Bud Selig to resign …

  11. Temple3 says:

    Denver finished with the #2 offense in the league. I said it before and I’ll say it again — why blame the QB.

    The team was 4-2 before Cutler was hurt very early in the New England game.

    After that game, Champ Bailey missed the next 7 games.

    Definitely not feeling the blame at the feet of the QB. Scored 30 at Cleveland — they lost. Lost at Miami when Michael Pittman amassed all of 4 yards on 7 carries.

    Campbell’s record speaks for itself. He’s a fine young QB who just needs time in the same system. Snyder is just trying to make a splash and put some fannies in the seats.

    I agree that if JC was more forceful in his concerns, it would be perceived differently, but JC is a grown up and he won’t be heading down that path — even though it is his right.

  12. Debra says:

    Not a day goes by that I don’t play at least one Marvin Gaye song.Miss the concerts,miss the man. Sweet sounds coming down on the night shift.