Interviews with Sacramento Kings Jason Thompson, Kevin Martin and Assistant Coach Shareef Abdul-Rahim

Posted in Blogroll on April 2nd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Just some short interviews I felt were timely because of the Kings 143-141 loss to the Warriors. Kevin Martin tossed in a career high 50 but was offset by Monta Ellis’ career best 42. I’ll start off with Kevin Martin. What fans don’t see is his attention to off the court responsibilities. Kevin has a hand in all kinds of charities and is one of the few who does so much around the league. His are the eyes of a killer on the floor. He just has that knack for scoring. Some players have it, some don’t. He’s had his share of injuries this year, but last night will go a long way to showing NBA fans this cat is a true fire starter offensively.

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Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Happy Birthday Marvin Gaye Edition

Posted in Blogroll on April 2nd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Yeah yesterday was some kind of cruel 1984 April Fool’s joke. Marvin would have been 70 and these two days give me that frustrating emptiness still to this day. Love your loved ones right now people…no damn excuses.

Jason Campbell is not a franchise quarterback? Really? How many coaches and systems has he played in since high school? Cutler? I smell a pass. (WaPo)

Dante Stallworth to turn himself in. Sad case. (Miami Herald)

Tim Floyd lands at Arizona. This could actually lead to Sean Miller coaching Pitt. (

Serena Williams: “I’m a good rapper.”(Vibe)

Someone flips a switch when the Kings and Warriors play because damn they score some points. Short interviews with Kevin Martin (50 points) and Jason Thompson (19 boards) will follow shortly today. (

Allen Iverson: “Eighteen minutes, c’mon, man. I can play 18 minutes with my eyes closed, with a 100-pound truck on my back. That’s a bad feeling.”I’m wondering what the rush was to get me back. I mean, for that?” Anyone wanna bet Allen Iverson isn’t in Philly next season again? I told ya’ll this could happen. I’ll have more on this Saturday hopefully. (Detroit Free Press)

Philly cop allegedly calls residents he normally patrols animals and the violence “t-n-s” when riding with a Temple journalism student and gets reassigned. Dumbass. Here’s the Temple article. (

Sistas not getting their due. (

Here you go Damon: