Games Recaps for 04/24/2009: Is the Philly Series Lead Really a Shock?

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As the series begin to startle, shock and awe, it’s time for the big boys to step up. Who will take charge and move on to the next fight? Here’s some recaps from last night?

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers (79)

vs. # 8 Detroit Pistons (68)

Detroit actually showed signs of life and looked as if they were determined to climb back into this series. As I watched I felt like the lead never really got big enough. Detroit wasn’t able to deliver a knock out punch and ended up losing by double digits.

Is this era of Detroit basketball over?  Who should go and who should stay? How much blame should Joe Dumars assume for this team going from perennial Eastern Conference contender to also ran?


#3 Orlando Magic (94)

vs. # 6 Philadelphia 76ers (96)

Philly went up big in this one only to fall victim to a huge game by Dwight Howard and some timely shooting by Orlando’s long range bombers. In the end though TSF favorite Thaddeus Young converted a left handed lay up after a scramble in the lane and sealed this victory.

Critics have been attacking Orlando for not feeding Dwight Howard enough and depending on the long ball too much. They fed him all he could handle last night and they still lost. I really think this is a match up nightmare personnel wise for Orlando, they just don’t deal well with Philly’s strengths. Much like Atlanta/Boston last year this series will most likely come down to the last game and be full of intrigue.

How can Orlando re-establish control of this series? How will they counter the big games by Andre Miller and Andre Igoudala? Does Philly have to control Dwight Howard to win this series or can they take the “let him get his and stop everybody else” approach.


#4 Portland Trail Blazers (83)

vs. #5 Houston Rockets (86)

As Brandon Roy goes, so the Portland Trailblazers go. The only elite team in the league that can depend so heavily on one player is the Lakers. If Portland doesn’t find a way to get Roy some help this series will be over fast. He’s not going to score 40 against the Rockets 4 times.

I could be nit-picking but I’m very uneasy with the Rockets point guard situation. Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowery take way too much liberty with the offense and certainly don’t facilitate enough. I can understand not wanting to crush the young guy’s confidence by placing all kinds of restrictions on them but they have to run the offense. They have to get Yao touches late in the game and they have to ensure the ball and player movement that makes Houston harder to guard.

How can Portland find the peripheral scoring they’ll need to win some games? Can the Rockets finally get all of their scoring options on track at the same time? Do they need Yao to dominate to win this series?

9 Responses to “Games Recaps for 04/24/2009: Is the Philly Series Lead Really a Shock?”

  1. john says:

    I knew the Rockets will bounced back in Game 3. All they need to do is protect their home court and they will be okay. The win from Game 1 was so crucial so they should screw things up at home.

    I have great respect for the Blazers but they are still young but now lets leave destiny in the hands of the Rockets to full fill that long awaited dream.

    Hats off to Scola was his big performance tonight. Every shot which he nailed was huge and again I’m so happy he got the better of Aldridge. Please check out my match review, and what do you think about the prosoect on Game 4?

  2. michelle says:

    DET, SAN and UT are all going fishing.

  3. MODI says:

    Im a little surprised considering how Phile ended the season. I still think Orlando takes this in 7.

    In other news… Jeremy Maclin

    Lets hope this works out!

  4. origin says:

    Oh my god I think I am going to faint. 3 black starting QBs get WRs in the first round.

    WOW……………..the end of the world must be near.

    And Mcnabb got a WR and a RB…….the pessimist in me says something must be up…..they about to trade Mcnabb to the vikings. So that Kolb will have all those weapons………..LOL!!!

    The eagles just need to get a TE in todays draft and a big RB.

    Now all mouse davis reid needs to do is run the ball and the eagles will be in the superbowl. Barring injury………or BS Mcnabb benching.

  5. MODI says:

    O, the pessimist in you is correct! Expect Minnesota to lean toward Sage Rosenfels over Tavarius Jackson

  6. TC says:

    I gotta say, the way the AP even reports the games is irritating. First they posit how one player is underperforming or is living up to expectation. Then they report on how that one athlete is achieving or underachieving……..and then they elaborate at length and often only mention how other athletessin the game performed as afterthoughts at the end of the report. And in the account of the DET/CLE game they seemed to take great relish in how ‘sheed didn’t do much and how it would be a huge shock for him to be re-signed. That may be true, but are they privy to a great deal of insight from inside the GM’s office? I doubt it. And then a couple of shots at AI about how he was a shocking failure as a Piston – as though he’d never led the league in scoring, or been an All-Star….and as though they could have known from the get-go that the trade would be an abysmal failure.

  7. Mizzo says:

    Definitely a topic of conversation I’m willing to have with you in private TC.

  8. Temple3 says:


    I haven’t watched much of this series, but the little bit that I watched last night was compelling. I was wondering why the series isn’t already over. I get that Stan Van is a nervous nellie. Nonetheless, when Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu spot up outside, no one on the 76ers can close out and block their shot. These two have been looking to take the ball to the hole off the dribble where they’re playing right into the hands of a shorter, more athletic team with a 7-foot shot blocker. Instead of attacking the hole, Lewis and Hedo just need to pull up and shoot uncontested jumpers all night.

    They should relax. They’re going to miss some. But, philosophically, the Magic need to get comfortable with jacking 3’s — the same way that Miami is comfortable with it. Philadelphia cannot defend two 6-8 or 6-9 guys who shoot that well if they both keep shooting. When they’re not shooting, they should be throwing entry passes to Dwight Howard or hitting open cutters like Rafer and Lee. Lewis and Hedo should save their legs — not do a lot of running around…let Rafer do all of that. They should just work a side and jack it.

    I think if they played one game like that they’d win by about 40 points.

  9. Temple3 says:

    Did you see Brandon Roy bounce off of Artest last night? He looked like my son. Talk about a muscle mismatch. Ouch!!