Sixers/Magic Game 6 Recap: Two Elbows From a Man

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

Magic 91, Sixers 78. Yeah, Dwight Howard went off on the Sixers last night. For the first time this series, they were the tougher team. Instead of crying about an elbow that Sammy doesn’t feel anymore, man up and represent at home in Game 6. Losing Game 2 might have doomed the Sixers. We’ll see. Click on the pic to check the piece out on SLAM.

3 Responses to “Sixers/Magic Game 6 Recap: Two Elbows From a Man”

  1. Mizzo says:

    Howard suspended. Courtney Lee out.

  2. HarveyDent says:

    I don’t agree with Howard’s suspension because if the bow was that egregious then the officials should have tossed him last night during the game. They don’t do that and he goes for 24 and 24 as the Sixers go down and just because Superman is out does not mean this game will be a cakewalk for the home team.

    Too little, too late IMO.

  3. TC says:

    I agree Harvey. If it was that bad, he should have been ejected. Banning him for a game ain’t right.