Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The 100 Day Presidential Edition

Whether or not you ascribe to President Obama’s politics is immaterial, for no one can deny how proactive he’s been over the first 100 days of his term. He is shaking up the infrastructure in ways never before seen and that’s a good thing.

He’s also brought out the worse in some of those on the right…who have blamed him for everything from the current financial climate and “sleeping with the enemy” to the recent outbreak of the very serious swine flu and being “soft”.

The $787 billion stimulus plan is the early mark of his presidency, but Barack has also signed 18 other executive orders and 12 laws.

We won’t know how long before a true impact can be felt regarding the stimulus package. There’s less public pessimism than when the issue was headline news, so we’ll see. How about the child health insurance expansion, shutting down Gitmo, bringing the troops home (initiating a pullout) and pay equity? He’s tried to persuade Republicans to help right the ship…whether he’s successful depends on how long the Republicans pout after getting their asses kicked on November 4th. Other positives: The reversal of a string of anti-union executive orders issued by the Bush Administration. The establishment of the Middle Class Working Families Task Force. His tour of Europe with First Lady Michelle Obama, which raised good will for America abroad during the G-20 economic conference. His trip to Mexico with hopes of stopping violent drug cartels and preventing them from entering the U. S. His reaching out to Cuba for the renewed relationship, supported by the Congressional Black Caucus. A new commitment to pour millions of dollars into the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS in America.

There will be all kinds of excuses why President Obama will be labeled a failure despite the aforementioned, but he can’t sweat that. He has a serious road ahead of him.

The Specter party switch pushes Democrats closer to that mad coveted 60 seat majority in the Senate, thus eliminating filibusters.

Have some damn patience people, because if anything, President Obama has opened the minds of folks who previously had no eyes for the political process. We all need to get out and take care of our own one two. As diverse as this country is, there’s no longer a credible reason for anything to be headed and or controlled by a majority when it affects us all. Everything should be questioned and not blindly followed obviously, but the words for “ourselves and our posterity” actually provide inclusive comfort for anyone who wants to go get something…say something…be something.

Whether folks want to believe it or not, that was just not the case in the past…especially in the political process. Disenfranchised folks were permanently locked in a mindset shrouded in despair, depression and helplessness. There obviously have to be more attempts made to provide proper education and soul model support for everyone who walks the land (especially the poor) but at least there’s a glimmer of hope.

History will be written by the victors and while some feel it’s all about one man, IMO, Barack’s election is more about the future and a vision for a more diverse understanding where every race has a voice, thus adding unique thought leading to work collectively on solutions previously reserved exclusively for Whites.

Unfortunately, that makes some folk uncomfortable. Some segments of society are not for change. They want things the way they were even if their dumbasses suffer because of it. This ain’t about taking over, it’s more about helping out by holding citizens more individually accountable to want to make way inside of the political process they individually seek…regardless of corruption…and precipitating a more rounded advancement of thought.

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5 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The 100 Day Presidential Edition”

  1. michelle says:

    I’m so proud. I think our President is doing a great job. Our first lady is doing her thing as well. America couldn’t be represented better!!!!!

  2. michelle says:

    Mizzo ,

    I told you the Spurs were going fishing. They needed Ginobilli

  3. Mizzo says:

    Yep you did.

  4. HarveyDent says:

    Forget Obama, Miz, you guys better make sure Specter’s security detail is tight. With him jumping ship from the Repugs, don’t be surprised if he gets a white dust filled envelope.

    Looking at the POTUS’s PC right now. Didn’t like the answer he gave the Black reporter’s question but I do like how he’s putting the WSJ reporter in his place with his major stockholder question.