Thursday Morning Starting Five: April 30th, 2009

There’s all this buzz about the A Rod book, but I’m not totally convinced there’s anything credible to speak of that has not already been said. I’m a Yankee fan…not an A Rod fan and definitely not a fan of gotcha journalism. It’s not news. Jerold Wells will have an Atlanta/Miami report later and an interview with Spencer Haywood will be posted later as well.

Carmelo finally gets out of the first round. (Denver Post)

All Fort Worth Schools closed amid swine flu concerns until May 8. I was just there. (Star Telegram)

Brandon Roy is the best player Ron Artest has played against. (YOUBEENBLINDED)

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on the Pacquiao/Hatton Championship Bout. (Ebony/Jet)

Davey D Interviews Somali-Born Rapper Knaan, Pt 1 — The Real Story Behind Somalia’s So-Called “Pirates” (Black Agenda Report)

Inside the 2009 NFL Draft: Everett Hood vs. B.J. Raji. (Temple3)

Justin Walsh gets down with the Professor, Grayson Boucher…twice. (Ball Is Life and SLAM)

Philly baby…

3 Responses to “Thursday Morning Starting Five: April 30th, 2009”

  1. Temple3 says:

    From a related article on Black Agenda Report:

    In an episode of South Park, the eight-year-old kid protagonists set off for Somalia, where they hope to live the care-free life of pirates. A teenaged Somali boy who has become a pirate in order to feed his desperate family, can’t understand why one would want to engage in piracy, if given the choice. At the end of the episode, American sharpshooters kill all the Somalis, leaving the would-be American child-pirates unharmed. The American commander tells his gunmen, “Be careful not to hit the white ones.”
    Thus, the cartoon succeeds in describing the life and death struggle of the Somalis and the arbitrary power of the Americans and others patrolling the Somali coast. The Americans here at home are totally ignorant of the true situation in Somalia, while the Americans manning warships and war planes have no problem with killing people they don’t know – people who are made to look like cartoon cut-outs.

    I was fortunate to have a conversation last night with a young woman who was able to see through the smokescreen of misinformation. It made me feel hopeful that not everyone has been duped.

    I simply recommend that all develop a healthy suspicion for “news” as it is peddled by the MSM. They’re usually lying and there is usually an economic reason. Find the money and you’ll find the truth.

  2. Okori says:

    oh and we ARE gonna get a breakdown of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight right? Because Hatton is about to get….. WORKED.

  3. Temple3 says:


    That’s a great article about Denver’s approach to dealing with CP3.

    New Orleans does not have many ball handlers on their roster. In fact, I’d say they have 2. They play the same position and are rarely on the floor at the same time.

    If you double the primary ball handler and get the ball out of his hands, it becomes (by definition) prohibitively difficult to run the offense. The Hornets don’t have ball handlers or guys that can get their own shot. They’re a flawed team and were crushed. Good job by Denver. They match up well with Dallas as well — but Dallas has lots of guys who can handle the rock AND get their own shot.

    Den is 4-0 this Dal this season. I suspect it’s going to come down to Denver and LA.