Friday Fire: What Do You Think About the 2009 NBA Playoffs So Far?

Posted in Blogroll on May 1st, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Yeah there’s only been one round played (or yet to play), but there seems to be something special coming out of this year’s second season. Lakers vs. Cleveland? LeBron vs. Kobe? Chauncey Billups and to a lesser extent, Jason Kidd showing the young fellas what got them here, Dwight Howard elbows…is the Boston/Chicago series one of the best first round match ups of all time? Who knows? Ron Artest crackin’ brawl jokes, Skip and J.J. Redick’s pre May Day Sixers party crash, Derrick Rose…Ray Allen going 51? Melo getting out of the first round…Andre Miller underrated? Andre Iguodala a star? Hedo? Stan Van Gundy? Dirk and Josh? Detroit and San Antonio will watch? What? Talk to me.

Jeremy Tyler, Euro-Pro By Dave Zirin & Billy Buntin

Posted in Blogroll on May 1st, 2009 by davezirin

Jeremy Tyler has chosen to shovel his way out of the sleazy world of youth sports. Whether this move proves to be audacious or audaciously stupid remains to be seen.

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