Manny Ramirez is Suspended 50 Games After Testing Positive for hCG? Really?

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Manny Ramirez allegedly failed a spring training drug test and must serve a 50 game suspension. The drug apparently is used to restart testosterone in the body after coming off a steroid cycle. The Dodgers have the best record in baseball and will have to scramble to replace the Hall of Fame bound (before the suspension) slugger’s production…if they can. I have so many thoughts on this entire era but I think baseball has been complicit. Embarrassing for the sport, but it’s time to man up Bud. All of this in my opinion validates Bonds. Try as some could to paint Barry as Public Enemy #1, but the truth is slowly but surely coming out.

From the New York Times::

“Unfortunately, the medication was banned under our drug policy,” Ramirez said. “Under the policy that mistake is now my responsibility. I have been advised not to say anything more for now. I do want to say one other thing: I’ve taken and passed about 15 drug tests over the past five seasons.”

Baseball has a serious problem if they can’t keep their stars on the field. I do think it’s the player’s right to be able to take care of their bodies (as far as the wear and tear 162 games puts on their bodies) but we don’t have enough information in that regard. Apparently, Manny got caught and now has to pay the price…he stands to lose 7 million…but will still walk away with around 38 million.

Remember, he hasn’t had his day in court.

Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the NBA Playoffs – Wednesday, May 6, 2009: “You’re hittin’ the wrong person. Don’t you know you’re hittin’ Ron Artest?”

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(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

TNT’s “40 Games in 40 Nights” NBA Playoffs coverage continues on Sunday, May 10th with a special half-hour edition of NBA Tip-Off at 7:30 p.m. ET, followed by the Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic (Game #4) at 8 p.m. ET.


“No, I just made the shot and I think that’s what happens when you start bustin’ someone.  They get upset like that and resort to bush league tactics.  We’re above that, we’re not into that and we’re just going to play basketball and keep trying to put wins on the board.”

Celtics guard Eddie House, in an interview with TNT’s David Aldridge after the game, on if he said something to Magic guard Rafer Alston that caused Alston to slap him in the back of the head.

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Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Dammit I Missed the Playoffs Last Night Edition

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Gotta make the doughnuts. I’d be stupid to complain of having a job in this economy, but missing the playoffs at night is wick, wick, wack. If I’m not texting everyone I know at all kinds of crazy hours, I’m literally going crazy trying to get the results. I hope you all had a good night. It’s 6:27 and after I post this, I’m crashing like J.R. Smith. Anyone need me, text me and I’ll get back to you when I wake up from battling Rip Van Winkle for the most zzzz’s. Be Peace.


Question for the TSF fam…Do you want me to report baseball scores? If you want me to, I will. It’s up to you. Anyone notice the reemergence of the stolen base?

Embattled mayor dies after losing re-election bid (USA Today)

I asked Kobe about toughness here. Last night he was tougher. (Houston Chronicle)

Celtics blow out Magic. Courtney Lee hopes to be back for game three. (Orlando Sentinel)

Subcommittee meeting on the future of journalism (

Detroit-area businessmen are accused of paying and giving gifts to Toledo football and basketball players to shave points. (LA Times)

In Georgia, lawyers abandoning the poor. (AJC)

Sister of Cuban activist ‘Antúnez’ to deliver letter to Congress. (Miami Herald)

D.C.’s ‘Ambassador of Rap’ has little time for chillin’ (Boston Herald)

The Wale I bang…