Friday Fire: What’s Your Favorite Beer?

Posted in Blogroll on May 8th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

For real, for real? I was about to get all serious for today’s question but the Jeffersons and Good Times got the better of me. Both of those shows have been mad therapeutic lately so I gotta tip my hat to the past.

Anyway, since Temple3 was talking about buying the entire TSF crew nice and frothy Guinness pints, I gotta ask the fellas (and the sistas in case your Chardonnay is a little to dainty) what’s your favorite beer? How did you come about that decision? If not beer then whatever else soothes the mood when it’s time to chill after a meal or when smoke is coming oh so blessed aroma propa like off the grill.

I’m down with the green bottles brothas.

I’ll have a couple of more posts after I get back into town after taking care of some business. Those of you hittin’ up the Happy Hour spot trying to get a whiff of that sensual almost summertime perfume while tossing down a couple work week quenching brews, please don’t drink and drive. It ain’t cool to be dead.

Be peace and enjoy your Friday.