Crew Pop: Love It or Leave It Alone

Let’s start it like that thur BK below…something real chill proper like…

Bang it in your mind until you cry. Close your eyes as we drive through the city side soul rock soul aware and third eye wide.

Never blind.

Who is first in this ride through time where we unwind in a straight jazzy line?

Memories of soul past. When sports was just that. Before the cats so wack began to attack so vicious, so out of turn…

Take that shit to hell and burn.

Crew Pop.

Do you love the rock?

Why do you love?

Does it favor your vibe?




I want more.

There is more.

Don’t you want more?

Pick up the shook stone that covers your insecurities and see.

This is deeper.

Did you see the soul rock flame through the child’s mind for the first time?

Burning the hater’s hide like Katrina’s Tsunami…yeah the other side.

How many died?

Yeah it was in slow motion.

Do you hear the ocean?

Let her love it with an unpretentious spirit.

That’s a place to start.

Get in the car.

Let’s ride.

Nah…just Talib…some Mos, Nassir and Idle Warship later.

What do you want to talk about?

You are hurting?

So am I.

You see it falling?

How deep hot will it go?

Throw away the change?


Because Queens get the money?

I guess it has to be corporate.

4 billion dollar industry.

I know it’s not about money.

You just wanna play?

I wanna see you play.

Bringing back sweet memories.

Are you cold?

I can put the top on if you want.

Yeah the sunset is beautiful

It plays like the city lights?

Damn I love your Texas thighs.

They generation flicker on and off to the beat huh?

Where you do want to get out?

They say this is the place where it all can happen for you…

But…it’s way over there.

You sure? The season isn’t over yet.

Hey, I don’t know what the…

You used to be a dream.





Pistol Pete.


Oscar Schmidt.




David and Georgetown Thompsons.


Reggie Lewis’ screechin’ sneaks.

No fire around Cheeks.

Jo Jo.

Jerry’s image should be Wilt’s.



Not him…Louie.

Lonnie Lynn.




Dave Winfield?




One day his son.

He will become one.

Felton’s son is one.


Will Michael’s become his 24?.


Does it flow like it used to?

Yeah I like Brandon as well.

What about Pooh?

Primitive perfection huh?


Anthony Randolph?

He’s gotta hold on.

So does Easy.

He has to learn the media game.

Is everything the same?

What will legend have it?

What is a superstar?

Just because they play one on TV.

Will Monta ascend?

Because Black Dante is so strong.

Yeah, we’re there.

Lets get out.

Some Marvin Gaye shit?

Yeah it is.

The waves roll from hot to cold when they finally hit your soles.

The beautiful are so bold.

This season a heaven will be told.

Throne him.

No heart West yet.

Don’t know.

Maybe he’s chasing Red.

We all have our goals.

Purity stole.

Yeah Kenyon was swole [sic].

Mark is hard headed still.

Why the poison quill?

Dirk rocked out last evening.

Take him out the bubble you billionaire you.

What do you think about the Northwest silent large?

He has to fall in love again.

LeMarcus too.


He should take it there.

Rim rock fire.

Like Artis.

Has he ever been in love with you?

Maybe he needs to move.


Dynamic second Gervin generation efficiency.


Ring alone?

Not sure.

If he’s the prodigal we’ll see won’t we?

Now Akron?

Do you want him to stay or go to Gotham?

He’s not a gambler.

Ehlo needs him.



Sound body and mind.




Perfect Beat.

Monster like Chuck at the rim.

And down the lane.

June will be him.



You know better.

It’s you.

What else?

Tired of suits, ties and cuff links?

The chill won’t last?

Hey, that’s America.

Always messing up the vibe.

The mascot.

Victoria Village cargo?

40 Million?


A problem?

He brought the Queensbridge physical back.

I would have knocked them out too.

What should the kids know?

Crew Pop this is not of you.

You ain’t human enough.

Tired of…

Be creative in your mind and not seek the back of those who sleep the back of others.

As you see here, the game weeps.

Love it or leave it alone.

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