Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the NBA Playoffs – Wednesday, May 13, 2009: (Anthony) is not on the same level as those two guys, but as far as instant offense, he can score on anybody. He’s got a better jump shot than Kobe and LeBron. LeBron is the best player though.”

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(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

TNT’s schedule will be confirmed at the conclusion of Game #6 of Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic.

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Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Chauncey Billups Will Shoot Your Eye Out Kid Edition

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Dallas gets gone. 7 goes Elway. (Denver Post)

Sixers to interview Eddie Jordan tomorrow? (

Get it Reggie! Proud of you bruh. (

Why don’t the Sixers draw? (

Watch out for the groupies brothas; they are out to get your ass. Can’t knock their hustle though. (

Dontrelle is back. (

So is Cam’Ron. (

More minorities applying at West Point. (

A review of Angels and Demons. (USA Today)

Limbaugh says Obama admin economic plan is forced reparations? Clown. (Media Matters)

All NBA FIrst Team. LeBron the only unanimous? What about Flash and Kobe?

Position Player/Team PPG
Forward LeBron James,
Forward Dirk Nowitzki,
Center Dwight Howard,
Guard Kobe Bryant,
L.A. Lakers
Guard Dwyane Wade,

Give ’em the finga!