NBA Playoffs Last Night: Denver Is Not Gonna Let You Get Off Beans. Deal With It

(AP Photo/ Chris Carlson )

Denver blows out LA in Denver 120-101

3 Nuggets with 13 rebounds?

Look, straight up. Denver is bullying the Lakers into submission. While I do not condone Dahntay Jones pushing Kobe in mid-air (upgraded to a flagrant one) or tripping him in plain view of the refs, Kobe has to understand this isn’t the time to be complaining. What he needs to do, is somehow get his team to realize they have a distinct height advantage on the front line.

This is something Temple3 correctly stated and what I have been saying about Orlando all year long (check the interview with Rashard Lewis. I saw something in Orlando that night. The Sixers, like most teams, had no answer for the weak side jumper).

In the NBA taller more versatile teams usually win.

But…what’s happening with the Lakers?

Kobe has looked visibly exhausted from taking a beating on both ends. He’s doing his thing (most points ever to this point in the Conference Finals), but where is his second?

Cat’s need to man up. Andrew Bynum needs to man up. Kobe has taken a maddening 50 more shots than Pau Gasol. I think Gasol is overrated. There I said it, but he’s the only player down low who consistently has performed his job at a high level…he just isn’t getting the ball enough.

Lamar Odom has been very Brad Sellers like. Bynum is getting straight punked, Derek Fisher can’t hit the ocean even with that last name and Chauncey Billups is playing like a superstar.

Carmelo was a tad bit under the weather but J.R. Smith stepped up and mad hopped the Lakers to the tune of 24 points.

Dude has incredible spring. Incredible. I’m sure you all remember the one play where he almost jumped over Kobe’s back for a put black bang but was called for the offensive foul.

Great game J.R.

Speaking of fouls…

Is this not the playoffs? Dahntay Jones is 6 fouls…simple as that. His only purpose is to disrupt 24 early. Who in the hell would let Kobe Bryant do his thing without absorbing critical physical punishment? Seriously?

The entire sports world knows who the NBA wants in the Finals. Denver is doing whatever they can to crash the party. George Karl gets props for that. I guess he learned something from his battles back in the day with the Phoenix Suns. Remember Charles Barkley putting up monster trip dubs in deciding games and counting out every foul Shawn Kemp committed?

Chris Andersen is rockin’ out, but is being celebrated in an instance where Black players are usually vilified.

No double standards here please. Forget the cult figure BS. I applaud dude for coming back in earnest, but he gets no major props for getting his life together. What else was he supposed to do?

Yet and still, this is all about the shoulder chips. The Nuggets are playing with more cohesion. They are intimidating the Lakers in almost every which way.

Phil Jackson? You are now on the clock. The continuation of your legacy is being questioned. Is it important for you to simply be tied with Red, or do you want your name alone on the marquee?

After all, you have coached the best two players in the last 20 years and had a dominating center right?

Just sayin’…

No Laker fan hate please. Stating the obvious maybe?

This post season is one for the ages. When was the last time the Conference Finals was this dramatic? LeBron’s 26 or all the way back to the infamous Game 6?

We have the shot that tasted like three cookies. A shot that has saved Cleveland from being down 3-0, and a 2-2 series in the West. We all know Carmelo is coming back with a vengeance…well at least he should…but what will the Lakers do? Will they put their Jack stunna shades on and be sound set chill or come out like a Diesel elbow to Dikembe’s mouth?

It’s beat up or get beat up time. Man up Lakers.

7 Responses to “NBA Playoffs Last Night: Denver Is Not Gonna Let You Get Off Beans. Deal With It”

  1. michelle says:

    I don’t know why Bynum and Gasol don’t just camp out on the low block.

  2. Kirk Mitchell says:

    It’s probably because they’re soft as a newborn’s head.

  3. michelle says:


    Oh my. I hope not.

  4. Miranda says:

    I gotta say…I’m becoming more and more of a Carmelo fan each game.

  5. origin says:

    Kirk says

    “It’s probably because they’re soft as a newborn’s head.”

    HAHA I need to use that to describe Dirk and Damp.

    I always say that they are soft as charmin tissue.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    Sounds like Dirk is going to have a real newborn to be looking after in a few months:

  7. PB says:

    I don’t know why Bynum and Gasol don’t just camp out on the low block.