Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Quit Blaming Black Men For Your Crimes Edition

It’s alleged that Derrick Rose cheated on his SATs. (Commercial Appeal)

Mother arrested in Florida after she alleged being abducted in Southampton, PA. She said two Black guys did it. Close by us AG huh? (

President Obama and the Harsh Racial Reality. (Institute for Policy Studies)

Xerox Appoints Ursula Burns as CEO. She’s the first Black female to run a Fortune 500 company. (News Factor)

Teachers Leave Schools with Inflow of Black Students. (Softpedia)

Eminem scores 2009’s best debut. (LA Times)

What you think?

3 Responses to “Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Quit Blaming Black Men For Your Crimes Edition”

  1. Temple3 says:


    The story about high-quality teachers leaving schools as the percentage of Black students increases is education’s dirty little secret.

    Billions of dollars have been spent on a widely-circulated myth called “The Achievement Gap.” New York’s education pimps, The Board of Regents, have even had the audacity to claim as their principle vocation the closing of “the achievement gap.”

    How do these pimps propose to close the achievment gap? High stakes testing of children; school closure; more money for big publishing houses using so-called “research-based” techniques. Do these pimps have plans to keep high-quality teachers in low-performing schools? Nope. Does the teacher’s union have a plan to keep them out? Sure does. They simply buy all the Democrats and keep it moving — straight to the leafy green suburbs.

    The pimps in Pennsylvania are playing the same game. Charter schools are part of the con as well because they rely heavily on inexperienced teachers and selective admissions. More on that later. This is a huge education story — if the study is even remotely as compelling as I believe it may be.

    It calls into question the role of federal funding and state oversight of every public school in the nation. This has not been an area of focus because it is too politically charged.

  2. Miranda says:

    The police were hip to this woman’s bogus story from the jump. As soon as I read it I had that same feeling I had about that damn runaway bride here in GA and that silly azz girl who carved up her own face with a backwards B. Stupid tricks.

  3. kos says:

    T3 –
    Do I smell an article about the education pimps?

    It happens everywhere. In NC, except for Wake County, it’s the same pattern. The US Justice Department says that there’s no need for busing anymore, and the schools have become re-segregated. Even here, the best teachers head out for the suburban schools, and the inexperienced ones go to the city schools. It used to be with busing, you had a small percentage of black kids bused out to the suburban schools and an even smaller percentage of white kids bused into the city schools.

    Wake County (Raleigh) does their busing by income, not race. Needless to say, a lot of the folk there aren’t happy. One thing that does bring a smile to my face about Wake County. You actually have white kids having to ride 30+ minutes to get to school. When I was going to school, it was usually the black kids that had to make that sacrifice.

    If Pennsylvania is like NC, most of your experienced teachers wouldn’t touch a charter school. They can be fired easier from a charter school than at a regular one. On the surface, some of them seem like better ideas due to not following traditional teaching methods. In the end, though, the kids still have to take the same tests as the kids in public schools.