Better Than Kobe?

Posted in Blogroll on June 2nd, 2009 by Jerold Wells Jr.


When you talk about best player in the NBA, there are a few guys in the conversation. But there’s nobody better than Kobe Bryant.

No current player has been through what Kobe has. Walk a mile in his low top Nikes and it will destroy your feet.

Who has the talent to play for one of the league’s most storied franchises and relish the spotlight? Who played for a title contender before 21, had the zeal to launch game altering shots, AIR BALL THEM, and come back for more?

Who had the skills and the drive to emerge from the shadow of “His Airness” only to dominate in a similar fashion? Who comes with the ability to improve year in and year out, holding off all comers to his throne. Kobe Bean Bryant has dominated the post Jordan era and this just may be the time for him to seal his legacy.

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Interview With Atlanta Hawks Beat Writer Sekou Smith of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Posted in Blogroll on June 2nd, 2009 by Jerold Wells Jr.

There are things about a new place that stick with you. Perhaps you despise it because of what you left behind. Maybe you love it for the same reason. The possibilities of resting your head in a fresh location are endless. For me, moving to Atlanta introduced me to the practice of following a sports team through the eyes of beat writer. Reading his words and sharing in his carefully crafted experiences allowed me to visualize a team in a way I hadn’t before. His knowledge has allowed me to extend the dreams of what I could do and be. I can tell stories, I can give insight and I can make an impact. I know this because I’ve witnessed it firsthand. I know this because I read Sekou Smith.

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Tuesday Morning Starting Five: The Loss of a Child Leaves You in Constant Mourning Edition

Posted in Blogroll on June 2nd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Sorry for the sad post, but make sure you keep the families in your thoughts and prayers. Don’t take your loved ones for granted EVER. Finals preview tomorrow. I guess most of you know who I’m picking.

A Constant Mourning written by a talented writer over at SV. She lost her son in 2004. Please read. This story hit me hard and not just because I consider her a friend. (Sable Verity)

The author of They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, passed on May 29th. Here’s his site. (The Journal of African Civilizations)

Top blacks in NYPD demand changes following Omar Edwards shooting. (NY Daily News)

Yankees are rolling. 18 straight games without an error is Major League record. (

Elena Delle Donne, who was the 2008 High School player of the year and abruptly quit basketball after signing with UConn because she was tired of the sport, is returning to the court to play for the University Delaware. In a crazy way, this may affect my daughter. (Delaware online)

Both are these cats are my peoples but yet and still, Ron Artest calls out Chris Webber and TNT. (Ball Don’t Lie)

Remember the complaint where three members of the New Black Panther party were accused of intimidating voters on election day in Philly? Case dropped. (Washington Times)

Was Jimi Hendrix murdered by his manager? (Guardian)

Sade to record first album in 9 years. Welcome back baby girl! We missed you. (Reuters)

Search continues for Air France jet. 228 were on board. (NY Times)

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