Reggie Evans Traded for Jason Kapono

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The Sixers have coveted a long range sharp shooter ever since they traded away Kyle Korver. This is a roster of hustle players and athletes whose defense creates fast break opportunities because of an inability to score consistently in the half court. Well today Sixers fans got their wish as Jason Kapono comes to town with a green light in tow. He’ll be great spotting up for threes in transition and off secondary breaks. Problem is, Reggie Evans unfortunately was on the other end of the trade. Reggie Evans came in with Andre Miller as part of the Iverson trade and is infinite hustle. Great teammate who was one of the few professional athletes who paid visits to the opposing team’s locker room after games because he was one of the most liked players in the league. I’ll miss dude’s enthusiasm in the locker room as well. He is the epitome of what a cult figure should be. They’ll love Reggie in Toronto. This past season, he worked on his free throws but had his minutes cut with the emergence of Mareese Speights. Mos def will miss Reggie for stuff like this:

Tuesday Morning Starting Five: The Rest In Peace Omar Bongo Edition

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Omar Bongo Ondimba, Africa’s longest serving leader, dies of a heart attack. (Reuters)

NBA Shows No Respect for Black Press. (LA Sentinel)

Mos Def is diverse to say the least. (USA Today)

Drake is killin’ the game right now. (Rolling Stone)

Kwame is still doing his thing…just not in the D. (Detroit News)

The Tampa Bay Rays leads the revival of the stolen base. (Canadian Press)

Mighty Mos and Slick Rick the Ruler…

NBA Finals Game 3 Preview: How Will the Magic Hold Serve Against the Lakers?

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6 baskets. 1 dunk. 9 turnovers. 2 losses.

It’s not all his fault. He’s getting better. Yeah, I go hard on Dwight, but my criticism is grounded in his vast potential. This is not about creating a sensational headline. After all, I am the son of a Marine and because of experience, see things a little more hardcore than most.

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