NBA Finals Game 3 Preview: How Will the Magic Hold Serve Against the Lakers?

6 baskets. 1 dunk. 9 turnovers. 2 losses.

It’s not all his fault. He’s getting better. Yeah, I go hard on Dwight, but my criticism is grounded in his vast potential. This is not about creating a sensational headline. After all, I am the son of a Marine and because of experience, see things a little more hardcore than most.

Dwight is home. He’ll get it back tonight. He seems to step up when the heat from the press is on.

Shoulder chips…

Rashard Lewis and everyone else has to get in there and give the young fella help. This point guard bs has to be resolved right now. The Magic have to play with confidence instead of being so tentative in the half court. There offense seems a little predictable as well.

I’ve said it before, but there’s just no way the Lakers are this good in the defensive interior. Maybe Patrick was right when he said Dwight is getting beat the hell up inside. Why isn’t the same thing happening on the other end?

I also still don’t understand why the Magic didn’t have Dwight sit on the low block and just throw the ball up so only he could get it on the last play. Everyone and their Mom would have saw the foul if one was committed. Instead, they trusted a rookie who hasn’t played his best in these Finals.

But it’s over for that. Time for Game 3.

The Magic have to play a lot more fluid. They have to play with a mad sense of urgency. Get ’em off your big man and get out on the break.

Defensively they have to man up and understand the challenge before them. I’d still double Kobe every chance I got and live and die with his teammates taking shots.

They also have to take one game at a time until they win all three at home. They can’t lose any of these three if they expect to win the championship but their mindset has to be focused on getting this first one.

I think SVG is making it harder than it actually is. Another thing. How the hell are you gonna call a man super when you wanna see him in tights every chance you get? He’s not soft and a man as big as him shouldn’t have to tip toe around the lane while his defensive counterparts are allowed to push and grab and poke and prod.

The NBA has to let big men play. Why is there more attention given inside? Just because they let players bang doesn’t mean a fight is gonna break out. Quit playin’. Why are floppers allowed to get the upper hand over superior talent?

I’m not understanding how Dwight gets 6 baskets in two games on 16 attempts. Something is just not right with that stat line.

Kobe’s gonna get off tonight. No way he has as many turnovers. Gasol and Odom also seem to be locked in. Hedo Turkoglu has to get his stroke back and join in on the party…which I see happening. Expect the Lakers to focus a lot of attention on Rashard Lewis so Orlando point guards should get off.

Yes, Phil Jackson is one of the best of all time, but the Magic are making it easy on the Lakers. Too many turnovers and too many alligator arm jumpers. Tonight things change and the Magic get back on track.

I expect a Dwight Howard breakout…around 30/20 in a Magic 116-100 win.

Who ya got?

5 Responses to “NBA Finals Game 3 Preview: How Will the Magic Hold Serve Against the Lakers?”

  1. kos says:

    I think you’re right on the money when you say that Stan Van Gundy is making this harder than it needs to be. He’s outcoaching himself. He needs to throw out all of the pretty stuff, and get back to what got his team to the Finals in the first place. L.A. has gotten away with some fouls on Dwight that weren’t called, but I’m expecting that to change now that the series shifts back to Orlando. SVG has to settle this point guard mess, and decide who is going to be leading the team.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Believe it or not, I think the games in Orlando could serve as a coming out party for Andrew Bynum. He’ll be away from the Grotto for a few days and he’ll have an opportunity to focus. Frankly, if he played with his arms straight up on defense, he’d be averaging about 30 minutes per game — and he hasn’t missed many shots.

    I think a guy like Odom may fade a bit tonite. I expect Kobe and/or Gasol to do some real damage. I expect Ariza to have a bounce back game.

    I have no idea who Van Gundy gives minutes to tonite. I don’t know if he knows yet. He may not decide until the game starts. That’s a tough way to do this thing.

    I think the Magic pull out a close one if Bynum does his usual — but if he steps up, I like LA to win again in a totally different manner. 17 and 10 from Bynum should = a W.

  3. TheLastPoet says:

    I love you brother, but why you mean muggin Leviathan; meanwhile, in a previous post, Kong gets a free pass to do whatever he pleases? I’m just sayin… 🙂

  4. Mizzo says:

    Because LeBron puts up the numbers. He ain’t Kobe killer, but he gets it done for the most part.

    It’s fate, it wasn’t my choice to make
    To be great, I’m giving it all it takes
    Trying to shake, the crates and fakes and snakes
    I gotta take, my place or fall from grace
    The foolish way, the pace is quick and great
    Smiling face, to hide the trace of hate

    Just wanna see the face of Pac in the brotha every now and then Poet. Not all the time, just when it’s time to get down get down.

  5. Temple3 says:

    The game went largely as I anticipated, but I felt like the Lakers should go to Bynum more often on the block. He has nice enough footwork to draw some fouls and create offensive rebounding opportunities for Gasol and others. He had one play where he scored and drew a foul — then they didn’t go to him again until many minutes later. They seem to be wasting opportunities to use him more efficiently.