NBA Finals Game 5 Preview: With the Lakers on the Brink, Will the Magic Show Up Or Fold Up?

Posted in Blogroll on June 14th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

It hasn’t quite been a muggin’, but it sure looks like it huh? What do you think? Do the Lakers win it all tonight on Orlando’s floor…sending pre-teen Magic fans on a tearful lifelong journey of what if regret?

That was me when Magic went 42, 15 and 7 to go along with Silk’s 37 and 10 rips. My little black and white TV went out because I smacked the mess out of it and watched Magic smile historically on my sister’s TV as she slept. Still stings.

Damn right I cried. Cried like I had on one of those onesy jawns you could moonwalk with…yeah the ones my two rock heads used to wear. Damn Messy Marvins…

Oh, my bad.

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