Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Mos Def Challenges Jay-Z to a Rap Battle Edition

Posted in Blogroll on June 17th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

In my first interview with Chuck D on (only a shell is still up on the server…won’t be there long.), Chuck said he thought Hov was the GOAT. I was surprised by the admission but understood his explanation. It touched off a huge debate across the web on various Hip Hop message boards that still goes on today. Well, Mos Def read an article somewhere and questioned whether or not Hov is in fact the best of all time.  He issued his initial challenge here (tongue and cheek, but it is real). I can’t wait for this to go down. I will be front and center. Trust.

Back at it.

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Verbum Dei: Black Institution or Done? Andre Miller’s high school makes historical coaching hire which has split its administrative and alumni base. (The LA Sentinel)

The Mighty Mos issues a rap battle challenge to Jay and Kanye. Damn right. We’ve all been waiting for something like this for a long time. (MTV)

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The remix of one of my all time Hip Hop tracks: