I Challenge ANY NBA Writer to a Debate About Why Ricky Rubio is a Number Two Pick

Hasheem Thabeet changed last year’s tournament by his damn self. Now there are whispers he won’t amount to much in the NBA despite his above average height and shot blocking ability. I get Blake Griffith going one, but why isn’t Thabeet a consensus number 2 pick? We live blogged the Gold Medal game against Spain and Rubio’s line was an average 6 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. What in that line warrants a number two pick? I’ve said this many times, but foreign players have benefited basically because of a war. How many of our top stars didn’t make the trip to Athens because of security concerns only to be mad hated on by OUR own media? Nash and Nowitzki have three MVP trophies? What?!? Look, if the kid comes in and wrecks shop in the league then I’ll give him his props, but until then stop swinging on his nutsack. Straight up. I don’t care who you are. Bring your A game and debate me here or in your forum before Thursday’s NBA draft. Put up or shut up and that includes you too Lang Whitaker, Ben Osborne (hell anyone at SLAM for that matter. Especially after this garbage. Ya better than that.), Myles Brown, Doug Gottlieb, Bobby Knight, Mike Breen, Doug Collins…uh who else? I guess most of you have forgotten how talented Jonny Flynn is huh? Why is he not being mentioned in that spot? Teague will bang it on him. Curry will shoot his eye out. Hell Patrick Mills did. Maynor? Come on.

This type of hype almost gives the cat the ROY because of all the attention he’ll receive during the year. Reminds me of how they were giving Nash the MVP after ten games in a season where Kobe scored 81 points in a game or the year Shaq helped turn around Miami and Nash still ran away with the award. How many rings do Dirk and Nash have? How many do Kobe and Shaq have? This cat better be scrutinized like any other BLACK player who has come into the league with so much hype. A line of 6 points and 6 rebounds his rookie year is not gonna cut it. No excuses. He’ll definitely not get any here. For the record, this has nothing to do with Ricky Rubio the person….just the hype. I don’t care how many years Rubio has spent in a SPANISH pro league, until he does it over here then shut the hell up. This BS is not based on talent alone. Why am I talking about this? Ask the sleep deprived Madison Square Garden crowd after 6 overtimes who the man was and you have your answer.

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  1. Tariq says:


    So can you accurately predict who will be a star and who will be a bust in this year’s draft?

    Also, this year’s draft isn’t particularly strong.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Of course not bruh, but everyone and their Mom thought ATL should have picked Chris Paul or Deron Williamsl. If we can see it, then why can’t an organization’s brass?

  3. Okori says:

    remember, Mizz, mexican spanish is different from traditional spanish or dominican spanish…. and so on.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Did you just call me Archie Bunker? lol

  5. TheLastPoet says:


    You’re right, taking you seriously is absolutely out of the question. After reading your reply today, it’s clear to me that I actually gave you TOO much credit. I was not patronizing you then, but I am now, because today I can see that you (and GAM) are dumber than I realized.

    Listen, next time, if you don’t understand something, rather than drawing implications based on initial assumtions which were falsely construed (by you & you alone), how about taking the following novel approach to knowledge and edification: ASK for clarification. Or are you “too white,” – oh, excuse me, “not Black enough” to understand that?

    Don’t worry, lil poet hasn’t run anywhere. Say something interesting, something meaningful, and I’ll give you an honest reply. Otherwise, back the *&!@ up cuz you’re sucking all the “air” out of my “condescension.” Jeez if that’s the best you can do, then just leave me alone. Please.

  6. Tariq says:

    little poet:

    lol. i liked you more when you used big words. where has your affectation gone, wayward son?

    call me names if you like. call me dumb. i won’t sink to that level.

    i rephrased your argument PRECISELY for you to PROVIDE CLARIFICATION if it were needed. Instead, you preferred to hide like a blushing virgin in her quarters for 146 comments and then act all flustered and appalled when your precious point was misconstrued. well, little poet, i gave you a chance to clarify your point, but you WANT TO BE MISUNDERSTOOD. that’s how you define yourself, you little self-righteous versifier. And no, I’m not Black enough to “overstand” anything. but then again, pigmentation has nothing to do with cognitive skills.

    run along, little poet. i’ll leave you alone now. what i say won’t interest you anyway. i’m not black enough for you.

  7. Tariq says:

    And by the way, little versifier,

    you act like I deliberately mangled your argument to prove a point or something.

    By that’s not the case. What I did was very normal: I rephrased your argument and said: “I don’t know if this is what your saying, but this is what I understood”. And I do this WHENEVER I engage with anybody so that the other party has the chance to say “Oh, no, that is NOT what I meant…THIS is what I meant.” But you did not say anything. WHY? Why didn’t you say: “No, Tariq, I’m afraid you misunderstood me. HERE is what I meant…”

    No, you want to use “being misunderstood” as an excuse.

    And then, my “rephrasing” of your argument found favor with people like Okori and Sanokfa! Imagine that! They AGREE with my mangled, misappropriated, misquoted, unfair version of your precious argument! Imagine that, my precious minute versifier! Imagine that!

    And what is this precious argument that I mangled, versifier?

    Get the fuck off of your high horse and have a seat, versifier. I’ll even let you write a haiku.

  8. sankofa says:


    You’re all over the place and your entries on this post as shown me how much you suffer from tunnel vision.

    Jerome James, in basketball is a wanted (don’t laugh) commodity. A 7-footer who can walk and chew gum at the same time. The league loves people like that, as “you can’t teach height.” Even a grade school child knows that a 7 footer should be able to get a rebound or 5 and block at least a shot.

    These are the types of players that can come off the bench and maintain, or protect a lead, or better still build your team around or complement the true engine (the star) of the team. A commodity like this can make or break a playoff bound team. James, from what was reported, acquainted himself well during Seattle’ playoff run, the year before the Knicks signed him.

    James averaged 18 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks in 31.5 minutes a game vs. Sacramento. During the regular season, he averaged only 4.9 points, three rebounds and 1.39 blocks in 16.6 minutes a game. But many a GM’s remembered the play off and this was why many were salivating to grab him come free agency. During that play off game, James was getting out on the floor contesting shots, and offensively he is getting the ball in positions where he can score.

    A quote from the locker room explains it to some one like yourself who was looking for some one of James’s skill set…”Maybe the rest of the world would say I’m playing above expectations,” James said. “But for the guys in our locker room, our coaching staff and this organization, I’m finally coming into my own.”

    Isaiah was in abiding war for Jerome James plus he had James Dolan’s money. According to MODI @ Cosellout and SOMM about the trades and signings by James was NOT acquired through a trade. Everybody seemed to be engaging in revisionist his-story. Was James a bad signing? Yes, in retrospect.

    The rest of the civilized world, following the Anti-Isaiah faction has used this as one of the more potent weapon against the ex-Knick GM. Luke Walton has not shown any reason to earn $30 million. Jerome James, IN HIND SIGHT is not worth $30 million. Ultimately, this is the climate mentioned by Mizzo.

    One other thing. A part from Pau, Tony Parker and Boris Diow and maybe Calderon, everybody else on this roster are bench players. Diow is fast becoming irrelevant Hideo and Peja even with the skill set they possess are only starters on flawed teams in a watered down league.

  9. sankofa says:


    “…Isaiah was in abiding war for Jerome James plus he had James Dolan’s money. According to MODI @ Cosellout and SOMM about the trades and signings by Isaiah, James was NOT acquired through a trade…”

  10. Tariq says:


    I guess I suffer from tunnel vision from all the “overstanding” I attempt. By the way, a word of caution: before you “overstand”, always try to “undersit”, otherwise you might get cramps.

    What you said about Jerome James fits my scrub formula. I said that Jerome James got paid the same way EVERY scrub gets paid, regardless of color: Scrub puts together a few good games; GM gets excited and overpays scrub. Scrub gets paid.

    Jerome James played a few good games for Seattle during their playoff run in 2005. That’s why he got paid.

    Similarly, when Luke Walton signed his contract, he had a career year. The season before signing that contract, he had career highs in field goal percentage, 3-point percentage, steals, blocks, rebounds, assists and points. Naturally, the Lakers were excited to tie down a player they thought was an important bench player. But after he signed the contract, Walton’s numbers went down.

    Same thing: Scrub plays well for a few games. GM gets excited and overpays. Scrub gets paid.

    What’s the difference?

    I don’t recall Mizzo mentioning a “climate”. He just said “Some people may think he deserved 30 because of the NBA pay scale” I said “How so, Mizzo?” He said: “My bad for entering into a discussion in which I know nothing of the context”. He didn’t mention any “climate”.

  11. sankofa says:

    “…By the way, a word of caution: before you “overstand”, always try to “undersit”, otherwise you might get cramps…”

    What the fuck are you about? Really? Unlike you I don’t try to turn others statement around to hype myself. If that’s your masturbation incentive, ESPN can fulfil that for you. On one hand you accuse Last Poet of condescension and name calling then you next wallow in the same slop you throw out at others. When it comes down to it, bitches like you confirm my notion that given enough time, you will show your true color as an arrogant, self righteous mother fucker, as soon as TSF deviates from the national past time of straight jacking African athletes to questioning the socio-political reasons why they become a focus of disdain.

    I predict that you will further slide into more condescension and arrogance, even though it will not be apparent to your self rightous ass!

  12. Tariq says:

    Shoo fly shoo.

  13. Tariq says:


    ESPN has nice pictures.

  14. Tariq says:


    It’s funny how being wrong brings out ugliness and anger in people. It’s OK to say that I “suffer from tunnel vision”. That’s fine. But when I make fun of the word “overstand”, all of a sudden that makes me an arrogant, self-righteous bitch.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that your argument is weak. And as a way to avoid admitting that you’re fucking WRONG, you lash out and call me a bitch.

    But yeah, whatever. As I said: Shoo.

  15. GAM says:


    Here ya go….


    Seriously, I don’t see anything in this thread worthy of calling people “bitch” “lil this” or whatever other pejoratives are being shouted about here. Is Ricky Rubio worth this? Hell, is what Ricky Rubio supposedly represents worth this type of discourse between people that I reckon are closer in terms of ideology than your average dual on Bill O’Reilly (because those folks even refrain from such name calling, but maybe that’s for the sensors).

    I mean, I get it, it ain’t fair, but it’s not as if I (or even Tariq or Jukai) came round here and said that Oscar Grant was asking for it, or started making disparaging statements about black athletes (nevermind that you don’t even know my race, but I doubt that would matter).

    My whole point above (with a bit of sarcasm) was that none of the posters in this thread wrote anything that consituted flaming, so why the hostility and anger? The fact that someone like Tariq is here, at least means that he’s interested in engaging different perspectives, which is apparently not something that many here welcome.

    While the “national pastime of jacking African Athletes” may indeed be worth it, the overhype of Ricky Rubio or any white athlete is not worthy of speaking to another human being like that.

    Maybe what some want is a place where a “heated” arguement is a debate over whether the white media is more unfair to AI or TO (I say AI by a mile btw), but I was under the impression that engagement with those of differing opinions can prove benefical to both parties. But I’ve lurked a great deal and found it rare that dissenters weren’t greeted with a big fat vitriol sandwich (tho many like DavidMac and another that escapes me did deserve it).

    Mizzo, you’ve never come at me like that, so I don’t mean any disrespect. You’ve just disagreed real hard, which is cool.

    I view TSF as a community that I usually like to eavesdrop on to gain some perspective, and when I disagree (one in a while), try and add mine. If that F-s up the community, my bad. I know I’m a visitor here and that it sucks to have a nice little online enclave invaded by the unwelcome. I get it, and I’ll be sure not to let the door hit me on the way out.

    Anyway, stay cool….

    Looks like our boy and Johny Flynn are gonna get to show and prove up real close to each other:)

    Though I suspect one might be traded by the weekend.

  16. Tariq says:


    LOL. I lke the 4th definition of the word “overstand” the best. In any case, I know the word EXISTS. I think Nas used it in a song once. But he used it ONCE. LOL.

    By the way, GAM, I didn’t just come here for the Rubio post. I’ve been coming around TSF for a while. And I enjoy the fact that TSF is anti-establishment and all that.

    But I think you hit it on the head with the TO/AI example. And I agree, AI by a mile.

    You know what usually happens on TSF? Usually, people like LastPoet and sanofka and I have the SAME OPINION. We usually agree! That’s why we’ve never had problems before! On the contrary, if you go back to old posts, you’ll find that I’ve never had problems with ANYONE on this website. Hell, go back to THIS SAME POST, and read what I said about Nash not deserving the MVPs, someone said “AS ALWAYS Tariq, well said.” I’m not bringing this up to toot my own horn. I’m just saying that I’m not DavidMac. I’m actually looking for interesting conversation.

    BUT, I deviated from the straight path, apparently: I defended WHITE athletes. LastPoet hypothesized that White scrubs are handed multi-year, multi-million-dollar contracts JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE WHITE. I challenged this hypothesis, and all of a sudden I’m part of the problem. I should have just accepted his theory at face value without questioning it. Now I’m a self-righteous, arrogant, dumb bitch who doesn’t overstand.

  17. Tariq says:

    But I’ve already wasted WAY too much time on these misoverstood victims. I’m out.

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  19. KevDog says:

    GAM says

    “Brandon Jennings would have been a star in College, but he can barely get time for ROMA. Which check it man, is NOT A EUROLEAGUE level team.”

    LOL, damn you made yourself look like a clown with that one.

  20. Mizzo says:

    They believed the hype bruh. Jennings is rockin’ outta this world. He is the real deal, not some fabricated wunderkind from a league that has yet to produce a HOF player.

  21. Temple3 says:

    I come here looking for something on Week 8 in the NFL and two of my favorite guys are still working the Rubio angle. What gives?

  22. Mizzo says:

    Got bigger things to tackle bruh. NFL this week. Gotta prioritize. Learned a valuable lesson.

  23. Eric Daniels says:

    I quess GAM and the rest of the fools hating on Brandon Jennings are eating crow now, Ricky Rubio was scared to play in the league and have his liablities exposed for all to see. Jennings game is perfect for the NBA while Rubio’s may be limited.

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  25. Dboy says:

    Time to update this article?