Friday Fire: Right Now, Who Wins the 2009-2010 NBA Champioship?

Posted in Blogroll on July 3rd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

All kinds of stellar moves are going down and the biggest IMO is Artest going to LA. There is also the possibility Sheed goes to Boston in another move that decides the NBA Championship. Shaq in Cleveland, Vince in Orlando? Jefferson in San Antonio? Damn…David Stern has to be loving the current state of the league. I don’t know about Allen Iverson in Memphis but yet and still, I think the NBA is beginning to creep into taking over baseball for that second slot. Anyone who hates on the league is just throwed [sic] off. Yeah, it’s early, but who does this? Who would you like to see dance in the confetti reign?

There will be other shoes to drop. Where does Andre Miller land? How many sign and trades will go down after July 8th? So many possibilities as teams jockey for 2011. (Still don’t think LeBron is going anwhere) These are gonna be a very interesting next two seasons huh? Right now, I’m going with Boston over the Lakers in 7…especially if Sheed signs with the C’s. Of course, the Celtics have to be healthy, but I just don’t see a more cohesive unit. Who ya got?

Ron Artest Signs With the Lakers: Kobe Has An Enforcer Now?

Posted in Blogroll on July 3rd, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Talked to Ron Artest’s people last night after the rumors began to swirl and the key word was “official”. So I waited and waited, went to work, fielded all kinds of calls, came home and turned on SportsCenter. The first image I saw was Ron Artest being interviewed by Stan Verrett and Ron Ron broke the news he was signig with the Lakers. I didn’t think this would happen because he played just above the MLE last season in Houston, so why in the hell would he sign with the Lakers for 3 yrs./18 (or 5 yrs. 35 ) million? Answer? He wants a championship. Look Ron is a straight up soldier. There are no friends when the game is on the line and there is no better teammate in this league. There is no bigger heart in the league. He’s probably my best interview and definitely keeps it 100%. Beans has to be salivating. Again, he’s coming for you Mike. So the Lakers, faced with either Artest or Ariza, went with the former in basically a MLE swap. This cat could bring the ball up, post up, d up, and also blow up. There will be instances next year where Ron will blow his stack, but ultimately dude is so good and so hood that it would be a monumental upset if the Lakers didn’t get out of the West. There will be all kinds of backcourt rips, blocks and Kobe/Ron Ron defensive scrambles that will lead to easy Lakers buckets on the other end. Their perimeter defense will just be sick. Artest gets to play with his boy Lamar Odom? C’mon, this won’t even b fair. What a versatile team this will be. Kobe no longer has to play the best perimeter player. He can just say “Yo Ron, get ’em!”