Monday Morning Starting Five: The R.I.P. Steve Air McNair Edition

Posted in Blogroll on July 6th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

He knew where he was going with it and don't blink, because he might run over you. There’s so much celebrity death going on. I knew somebody who was tragically murdered as well and I wish it all would stop, but time stops for no one. There will be more death. There will be death around your corner, on your street and in your neighborhood. You will know some and will have heard of others. Steve McNair’s death is the most searched event in this site’s history…even over a holiday weekend. He was that dude. Played with great chill and was the face of the Tennessee Titans for a decade. He and Eddie George rocked the NFL block with poised and proper professional athleticism. Lining up against a McNair led team meant you were in for a straight up bar fight. He won and he smiled doing it…even though he was in ridiculous pain. His years on this earth would have been painful becauseAir II? Steve McNair Jr. is a great receiver in his own right. of all the wear and tear but now his sons are missing a Father. His family is missing a son and a brother and his wife is missing her husband. I hope you all are listening when stuff like this happens. Women are no different but we as men need to understand the importance of raising our kids with one woman. I look at my three kids and wonder what would have been. How would they be different? Would they be more earth grounded as a result? Life never knows. If you are out there, stop. If you are in a marriage you don’t want to be in and there is no shot at reconciling, then step clean. Come on brothas. The sins of the Father affect his grandchildren. I’m not judging Air. I loved him. I rocked an authentic jersey of his for years. It was sturdy like him. I was proud to wear it and now I truly know why. He was really the first Black quarterback to be drafted and given the Yeah, draped all over him and he still scores. keys to the organization and he damn sure showed and proved. How will Vince Young be affected? He still owns the Division 1-AA total passing yardage record. I thought he’d come in and wreck passing shop in Tennessee but Fisher relied on his penchant for winning the moment instead of the big bang play. All that fight was on our mind when he drove 87 yards in the Super Bowl and was one step from taking an already crazy game into overtime. He was shedding lineman and linebackers on that final drive like his life depended on it. His legacy was defined by that moment…even in defeat. He was the toughest athlete I’ve ever seen…bar none. What a quarterback. What a player. What a fighter. What a teammate. What a friend. What a husband. What a Father. Hold ya own and love the ones you are with. If it works out, generations of your family will shine. We miss you Air. Even in death you still teach us.

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