Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Ya Column Is Garbage Edition

Posted in Blogroll, Charles Barkley on July 8th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Still the death continues in a couple of links below. We’ll obviously never shake it. Interviewing Howard SID Ed Hill today regarding Air McNair. Any football or questions relevant to Air’s life, shoot me an email. Finishing up a piece on Michael Jackson after this is posted.

I’m sure most of you read Whitlock’s he ain’t learn nothing from that wack Sean Taylor death column hit piece on McNair. Can a brotha have a funeral before you kick his casket down the steps? Anybody can write that trash. Seriously. He’s trying to stay relevant. Dude just waits for someone to get into some BS and then slams them for it. Even in death. Nothing is off limits. That’s his hustle. Crap ain’t objective, is not informative, serves no purpose, definitely doesn’t help, exacerbates stereotypical thoughts of Black men by others, is lazy, lacks substance and it straight up sucked.

Fox trot, spam bot, words rot, corporate got, writer not, mouth slot, lip stick shot?

Go ahead, keep getting ya Becky on.

Ya column is garbage.

Have a great hump day. The year is flying by isn’t it?

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