Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Ya Column Is Garbage Edition

Still the death continues in a couple of links below. We’ll obviously never shake it. Interviewing Howard SID Ed Hill today regarding Air McNair. Any football or questions relevant to Air’s life, shoot me an email. Finishing up a piece on Michael Jackson after this is posted.

I’m sure most of you read Whitlock’s he ain’t learn nothing from that wack Sean Taylor death column hit piece on McNair. Can a brotha have a funeral before you kick his casket down the steps? Anybody can write that trash. Seriously. He’s trying to stay relevant. Dude just waits for someone to get into some BS and then slams them for it. Even in death. Nothing is off limits. That’s his hustle. Crap ain’t objective, is not informative, serves no purpose, definitely doesn’t help, exacerbates stereotypical thoughts of Black men by others, is lazy, lacks substance and it straight up sucked.

Fox trot, spam bot, words rot, corporate got, writer not, mouth slot, lip stick shot?

Go ahead, keep getting ya Becky on.

Ya column is garbage.

Have a great hump day. The year is flying by isn’t it?

Pistons hire Cavaliers’ John Kuester as coach. (Detroit News)

NBA sets salary cap for next season. (Chicago Sun Times)

US unbeaten at world junior basketball championships. (Miami Herald)

Royalty plan is set for online radio. (Wall Street Journal)

Mathieu Montcourt, tennis player recently banned for betting on matches, found dead at 24. (NY Times)

Why are so many Black babies dying in Palm Beach County? (Palm Beach Post)

Rep. Donna Edwards says U.S. lacks a spirited, open debate of Israel/Palestine. (Mondoweiss)

38 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Ya Column Is Garbage Edition”

  1. Miranda says:

    Since Fatlock wants to pin the “bad father” tag on McNair…I guess that means Michael Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, Dr. J, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Chipper Jones, etc……all bad fathers, right? Hell, shouldn’t child protection services have a file on every last one of these guys right now since they must be damn near abusive by Fatlock’s standards?? And clearly by looking at him, Whitlock is on a suicide mission is damn self, he should not be allowed to every procreate…well….nevermind…no woman will ever be THAT drunk.

  2. Jerold Wells Jr. says:

    Dude does just enough to make me wonder ya know? Juuuuuuuust enough. I liked the Jim Brown/ Tiger Woods article. Not so much on this one, his Derrick Thomas article or the Taylor piece either. I’d really like to talk to him to see how he ticks man. Forget ratings, hits, public outrage, etc. Whitlock writes what he thinks. I just refuse to believe dude can be this bad. It’s not possible…. is it?

    I’m about to email dude and try to get a convo. I just gotta know.

  3. Okori says:

    When I grow up I want to be just like Mizz.

  4. Miranda says:

    “Fox trot, spam bot, words rot, corporate got, writer not, mouth slot, lip stick shot?

    Go ahead, keep getting ya Becky on.”

    ROFLMAO…that really is a classic Mizzo!! LOL

  5. michelle says:

    I’m not surprised. Jason is really becoming a joke.

  6. michelle says:

    Miranda…….according to Jason at least half of everyone that’s married is a bad parent. Since there is a lot of cheating going on these days.

  7. Okori says:

    I’m going to pull a T3 and repost something I posted on SOMM:

    For Jason Whitlock, who probably doesn’t even know a GUY named Jim, to tell Serena Williams that she’s fat is ridiculous.

    Full Disclosure: I was once 4 bills. I am now 2 and 3 quarters. I fell in love with lifting, learned how to eat right, and took supplements to keep my body’s metabolism humming. And I don’t look at Serena and see fat. I see someone who is as devoted to the iron as i am. It’s comforting.

  8. Miranda says:

    Well from where I sit, Shitlock’s parents didnt do such a great job either. In fact, what can possible account for why Shitlock is such a gluttonous, judgemental heartless adult? Applying his standard, it has to be his upbringing.

  9. Damon says:

    You know I’m cool with him. I think that if you know him, you know he’s not a bad guy … He’s a good dude who cares about people. He has a unique perspective… one that sparks some head nodding, debate and dissension.

    No one agrees with everything he says. I surely don’t, and tell him often enough. While I vibe with some of what he said about the McNair situation, I don’t think it was time for a McNair “you’re not a good father” piece or a column that calls his wife into question…

    It’s more a time to make sense of what happened and who to truly blame for the tragedy … like I did over on TMCY. That said, he probably deserves some of the backlash he’s caught over this. And in a lot of ways your rant is warranted.

    the last bit is hilarious, too. lol.

  10. Miranda says:

    “I think that if you know him, you know he’s not a bad guy”….Damon…..are you serious? I’m sorry but if Shitlock doesn’t apply that standard to any of the bullshit he writes, why the hell should anyone “know him” to KNOW he’s an asshole. He’s a ho….a big fat silverback looking HO. He’s about getting paid to bash black folks. That’s his modus operandi and I dont need to know his mama’s maiden name or his favorite foods (grease, butter and sugar) to KNOW him. He’s a trick and his stroll is on Bash-a-Brutha Boulevard. Case closed.

  11. Tariq says:

    Rep. Donna Edwards is right.

  12. Mizzo says:

    damn miranda…his rights have been read…

  13. origin says:

    Planet eating Unicron is at it again.

    This dude has the nerve to call Mcnair a bad parent??

    If thats the case then so is JFK, Bush Sr., Bill Clinton….all these so called founding fathers who would creep off into the slave quarters and get them some of that late night black tail.

    Whitlock big ass is always trying to get on a soap box knowing he too big for one. Need to sit his Popeyes 2 piece for 99 cent meal ass down.

    Fu^K that fat whale……………his momma should have swallowed him.

    And for that coon dissing Serena someone needs to cut a pack of bacon off that S.O.B. neck.

  14. Temple3 says:


    Tell us how you really feel.

  15. TC says:

    Miranda – ’nuff said. I really can’t add to that. Again, I’m white, but to see Whitlock’s craven grasping at respect, or airtime, or whatever the fuck he wants is just an insult to all the fine black people in the world. He is pathetic and his mortal soul will have to answer for it one day.

  16. des says:

    grease, butter, and sugar. There it is. If i wasn’t happily married Miranda, I’d come lookin’ for you in the ATL 🙂

  17. Mizzo says:

    Des. I. Will. Fight. You. 🙂

  18. des says:

    miz, I challenge you to a duel 🙂

  19. Mizzo says:

    Ok let’s all start with this…


  20. des says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss M 🙂 No stress, no mess, low on grease, butter, and sugar.

  21. Happy Birthday Miranda!

  22. Matthew Fudge says:

    I agree with him when he says McNair’s children (and wife, I might add), are victims. She’s doing God’s work by consoling those kids and drying their tears every night. But how can Whitlock say he doesn’t know the nature of McNair’s relationship and then blast him for being a bad father. Was Whitlock a witness to McNair being a father and ministering to his sons? No. Being a good husband and being a good father are two different things.

    I remember something Roy Johnson wrote some time ago, “Anyone who thinks marriage is easy has never been married.” Whitlock (on the slim chance you’re reading this), you need to check yourself. God is the final judge. He doesn’t need your help.

  23. Matthew Fudge says:

    “he should not be allowed to every procreate…well….nevermind…no woman will ever be THAT drunk.”

    I don’t know, Miranda. Patron’s a dangerous thang!

  24. Matthew Fudge says:

    BTW, at the risk of sounding completely out of the loop, I have no idea what “Get your Becky on” means. Turning 40 sucks! LOL

  25. Matthew Fudge says:

    “That’s his modus operandi and I dont need to know his mama’s maiden name or his favorite foods (grease, butter and sugar) to KNOW him. He’s a trick and his stroll is on Bash-a-Brutha Boulevard. Case closed.”

    Miranda, remind me to never get on your bad side. LOL

  26. Miranda says:

    Thanks you guys!!!

  27. Miranda says:

    Matthew….ok, so no woman will WILLINGLY be that drunk…she might be passed out though.

  28. Okori says:

    Happy Birthday Miranda.

  29. Okori says:

    oh and Mizz….. an article will be coming soon.

  30. Okori says:

    article sent

  31. Eric Daniels says:

    I don’t take the “Big Sleasy” seriously because for the most part he writes and throws ‘red meat’ for his neo-conservative white supporters. And Serena is gorgeous ,who would have thought those two skinny, gawky, teenagers in 1994 would blossom into two of the world’s beautiful women. I would shove Shitlock a greasy, fat pork chop and tell him to STFU.

    Happy belated Birthday Miranda

  32. Miranda says:

    Thanks again everyone! I did indeed have a happy birthday!

  33. Matthew Fudge says:

    Glad you did.

  34. Sorry I missed your birthday, Miranda. Doesn’t appear I missed much else.

    One love,


  35. Matthew Fudge says:

    Still can’t believe I defended you once.

  36. Would someone mind telling me why Steve McNair’s BAC is newsworthy since he was not operating a vehicle or firearm at the time of his death?

  37. Miranda says:

    TBR…its not.

  38. […] I’m done reacting to these clowns. You, the reader, should done with them too. Be objective in what you take in. Decipher it all and let them react to us. If we fight their fight, we are gonna lose every time. […]