Why Don’t Journalists Call Out Their Own?

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Hope you had a great weekend. Remember, this is all about furthering the discussion. If you are a writer, editor or publisher who is doing great things, thank you.

My sister hit me up heated Sunday after watching Sports Reporters. She was hot over the comments made in particular by Mitch Albom and Mike Lupica regarding Steve McNair. John Saunders and Bob Ryan both handled themselves correctly.

Rant in five, four, three, two…one…

A true rant. A rant out of care if you will. A long rant to drive home a point rant. Please judge yourself accordingly.

This is just not about sports.

One thing before I start, why aren’t news outlets slamming the pool operators? Why are they just reporting the news and allowing the camp organizer to describe what happened? When are Whites going to get some balls and slam their own en masse when they know they are wrong from the gate?

It’s only right.

This is not about embarrassment or offending sponsors. This is about truth. The pool owners should be ostracized just like anyone of another color would.

You know damn well that was racism at its best. On the contrary, the degenerates who dug up all the graves? Disgusting. Of course that is disgusting. I don’t care what color they are. If that was my family…

Let me put something out there straight to the point. Blacks do not slam Whites publicly in the seconds, minutes, hours and immediate days after they pass. It’s just disrespectful. It’s not necessary. What does it prove? Anyone who is murdered can be called a dumb ass in death because it’s so easy. It’s the easiest column to write. Hate is easy. Hate is the least difficult reaction. Try going the other way for once in your life. Bad decisions are usually the case when someone dies right? I never see Blacks doing this, again, when someone White dies. His or her death is enough right?

You can continue this ridiculous separation of thought if you want to, but do it at your own expense.

Going forward, don’t be angry when an athlete gives you the gas face despite having a next hour deadline.

Someone send me some links to the contrary. I’m very serious. If I’m wrong on this, I will apologize.

There are enough intelligent people around of all races and creeds that will hopefully ensure legacies are defined properly.

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch…

Mitch Albom has broken the number one rule of journalism and judges anyone and everyone?

Get out of here!

Dude you stoop way too low to absolve your past words of written filth. You were wrong then and you are wrong now.

Look, all this “protection” of the field needs to cease. If some of us are messing up and writes some trash or makes bs comments then his/her ass(es) needs to get called out.

Readers do not know the layers to all of this. There is no way of them knowing unless they are there. We are their voice. We are their eyes. Give ’em clarity please.

I’ve said my peace about Jason Whitlock, but he damn sure ain’t the only one. You cats are like the guy sitting at the end of the bench collecting a nice paycheck.

Some are lazy with talent, some straight suck.

If I suck, tell me straight up.

I know the talented cats over at SOMM are doing the same. Why are we the only ones? Do you care about your job and how the public views journalism?

Why are you above criticism?

Why do you get on players and leagues about calling out their own, when you don’t practice what you preach?

I don’t care about production. Same thing goes for producers. You might be gauging the pulse of what you think America wants and might think you can get away with because we were in the throes of conservative leadership, but it’s over for that isn’t it?


No excuses out of fear of job security, friendship, nepotism, you went to school with him/her…what the heck ever.

Writers don’t cheat?

You really don’t know any writers who cheat on their spouses?

Seriously? Since when?

Presidents don’t cheat? Seriously? Since when?






Your Mom or Pop?

Uncle, baby cousin, sister’s auntie on the left side? Really?

Why are we holier than thou?

What have we done to become untouchable?

Listen, and don’t get this twisted, there does need to be a modicum of objectivity in journalism. It gives the reader a total scope of copy, but folks are taking advantage of what should be right and riling up their readers in ways so unnecessary.

This is really getting out of hand and is deteriorating the field in ways readers could give two nerds about the rest of us. If you want a job instead of athletes doing their own thing on twitter, facebook, myspace, their own blogs and the like, then you will get your stuff together. Not later, but right the damn now.

What is this some type of writer rebellion to obscure the talents of athletes? You know how stupid that is? Do you understand how dumb it is to slam an athlete just because you want to? Do you understand how you will be scrutinized after it’s all said and done. Do you care?

I guess that’s why most stories in newspapers resemble almost every single other one written on the same subject.

Athlete loses. Writers say he sucks…

Oh if he’s White then he deserves our sympathy but let’s slam the brothas ’cause we think that’s how the public wants it….news at eleven. Yeah, we can get away with that…

We can keep them out of the Hall of Fame if we just build a very public case against them. Then fans won’t complain. So what he’s only one of three quarterbacks who passed for 30 K and ran for 3,500. He’s not Hall of Fame worthy. We can make sure he stays out.

Uh…can’t we?

Why is that athlete so mad at me because of the question I asked.? It’s the public’s right to know. Uh…why is he smiling, laughing and talking to that Black guy over there?

How does he get full access and exclusives? Who does he work for!!”

Yeah it goes down just like that.

Why do you think athletes are cutting out the middle man?

If no athlete speaks to us again, is that the final straw to open up the big mouth floodgates and say whatever about someone despite the trash going on in your own lives?

I know editors, columnists and reporters are reading this and I know they aren’t going to subsequently agree…or comment for that matter, but trust me until the day my sun sets…

I’m writing this for you.

There should be no “objective” criticism of anyone who gets murdered. What the hell is that? How is that objective? There’s nothing objective in criticizing someone who is dead. It’s the easiest piece to write. It’s lazy. What, are you getting off some pent up steam about athletes making more money than you and your entire family? So what. Ya ass should have picked up a bat instead of trying to defend yourself with a pen out of your pocket protector. What is wrong with you? Who the hell are you? I’m talking to you. What are you going to do when an athlete’s kin walks up and smacks the mess out of your face? I’m serious.

Whose fault would that be? Mine for writing it? OK buddy.

You really are going to call out clergymen offering words of Steve McNair appreciation at a memorial?

It’s a celebration of his life dumb ass.

If I write or say some dumb crap like that, please call me out. I have no problem with constructive criticism. None and that includes any and every reader on this site, my family, friends, significant other…whoever.

Get yourself together. We have a job to do so let’s get it done. Write what you want to but it’s over for that bs where cats write some craziness, don’t show their faces in the locker room and expect to not hear a thing.

Again, it’s not about my career.

I have respect from those I seek and even if they fall off, my conviction will be intact in its solitude.

Don’t you see what’s happening? Don’t you see our jobs slowly being taken from us? Don’t you see classic newspapers becoming dust? It ain’t all writers fault (net explosion), but trust readers are tired of hearing about steroids (when that blew up in your faces as some tried to make Bonds the most hated man on the planet. How did that work out for you?), tired of cats who have never played games they cover critique sports like a world champ, tired of White outlets covering Black sports exclusively at the expense of common views or truth (I don’t see a bunch of Black guys jumping to cover Tiger Woods and criticizing Golf for letting him straight dominate), give those who look like you a break when you know they are messing up (Roger Clemens was only called out because you went after Bonds and you had to get him. Don’t front.) or insert your journalism transgression here.

Did you read all that? Do you get it? Is it too much of a rant for you to read the rest? Does it pertain to you personally? Do you care? Is it all about your job? Are you trying to make a mark on the world or just cash a paycheck?

Publishers and editors…you do understand the laziness of yellow journalism right? You do understand the need to be responsible outside of the 24 hour news cycle right? I know your job is stressful coming up with content readers are going to clamor for every single day, but dammit man something has gotta give.

Do you too want a job? Do you think you are irreplaceable? Do you think because you criticize athletes then turn a blind eye to the writer you are some sort of hero with journalistic integrity?

What if it was you everyone piled on? Could you handle it? What would you do? What if it was you who was at the line with 2 seconds to play down one and the basket was your deadline? What would happen if you missed and the crowd Philly booed your behind? Would you run and hide? Never to be heard from again or would you face your detractors the next day instead of avoiding the press conference last night that was covered worldwide?

LeBron knew writers were going to ask him to criticize his coach and teammates. Why would he do that? So you can slam him for it afterward?

Please ask the right questions. Please understand there is a right and a wrong way to get the word out.

Be creative and they will read it. All this bad news is good news is bull crap. Change the game.

Remember just 10 years ago where you exclusively saw tabloids in the super market checkout isle?

No one with a mind wants to see that trash on the TV or so far in front of computer screens that we shiver from the funk of its deplorable existence.

I want to be in the locker room. I want to report from an objective perspective on game happenings, what’s going on outside of the games athletes play and write historical pieces that shape legacies.

What you don’t know, I know. What you don’t write, I write. What you don’t like, I like.

Am I always right? Hell no but at least I try.

This is not about shunning total athlete criticism. See the logical difference.

I didn’t know “Stop Snitching” applied to writers as well. Do you see the contradiction? The hypocrisy is absurd. Advance the field or every single one of us is going to be off the cliff and unemployed looking for something unrelated to the field just to feed our families.

If you don’t see this coming, there is something wrong with you.

Damn right I’m going hard to highlight some ills. Somebody has to. Readers aren’t as dumb as you think. This is common knowledge for the reader.

Cold man unemployment winter is chasing the “I’m just the messenger boy” lemming. Keep up with the popular opinion crap. You can get pushed off the cliff if you want to but I’m standing and fight.

Put up ya dukes. Put them up.

What is going to be written about you when you die? Do you care?

I do…yeah even about you.

15 Responses to “Why Don’t Journalists Call Out Their Own?”

  1. Miranda says:

    They’re bottom feeders. Roaches. These cowards are less than a flesh-eating bacteria. The self-righteous who spit on McNair’s grave are too arrogant to realize their diatribes say more about them than it ever will about McNair. Its a reflection of who they are, which ain’t much. Its a reflection of the people that raised them, what does that say? Its a reflection of their spirituality and/or morals, or rather lack thereof. They think its about McNair, but its not. Its really about them.

  2. Temple3 says:

    I can’t say whether I enjoyed the rant or the cartoon the most.

    Frankly, I’m glad that men of this caliber are losing their institutional grip on sports. The final piece of the puzzle is wresting control of sports Halls of Fame from writers. The economic supports have all but fallen away. Newspaper budgets will continue to shrink and the options are truly limited. The internet generation has no intention of paying for the type of content that sports writers produce.

    At some point, some entity is going to figure out that there is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more money to be made by dispatching with these old, middle-aged, unattractive men and replacing them with knowledgable and attractive women. When this happens, the justification will be purely economic. These men have come to believe they should command a certain salary for the work they do — not so in the real world. Would you REALLY(??) rather get your Sunday Morning fix from Albom and Lupica? Really??

    All that is needed now is for some SMART producer to test the bounds of DEMOGRAPHIC LOYALTY. Watch how fast “the base” votes with its collective phallus. Hello unemployment line!

    As such, this group has one ace in the hole — their role in Hall of Fame voting. Rodney Harrison went on record about his concerns with the voting process and the role of the media. Admittedly, he’ll face a stiff challenge, but it will not be because of his numbers. It will be because of his reputation. I’m sure Harry Carson had similar concerns

    If sports leagues can realize that the bread that used to be buttered by newspapers is no longer the case; and veterans can cobble together a concerted effort to demonstrate the media impact in excluding certain players, the final nail will be driven into the coffin.

    We now live in a world where technology is a better communicator for athletes than any sportswriter.

  3. awb says:

    A**holes like Albom and Lupica are especially galling because they can barely contain their envy of these players. They detest them. But what is funny is that if one of these athletes let them into their inner cirlcle, they would jump at the chance tail wagging and tongues hanging. It’s like some weird highschool dynamic on an adult scale. These guys are scum bags. Albom particularly shouldn’t have sh*t to say about anyone.

  4. awb says:

    Oh and am I remembering wrong or did Chris Benoit get more sympathy or at the very least much less scorn heaped upon his corpse after he killed his family? Y’know, “The drugs did it!”

  5. Mizzo says:

    AWB, perfect example. It’s in their voice inflection and the subtle violence (hate) surrounding their words.

  6. Okori says:

    @ AWB: it was the drugs and the concussions that did it.

  7. Matthew Fudge says:

    I might be wrong, but newspapaers as we know it will be dead within five years. People want informed, smart, objective reporting (and not just in sports). Newspapers, by and large, don’t supply that. They don’t call out politicians when they mess up (still don’t know Bush ran amok for eight years). And they’ve been arrogant to think that the internet wouldn’t be a difference-maker the way it is now.

  8. Matthew Fudge says:

    Miz, these guys run in the same circles. Not too many of them will channel their inner Cosell and put their peers on blast when necessary.

  9. OffMainMedia says:

    The unofficial “Fourth Branch” thinks this is a monarchy and that the people must look to them on how to react to news stories. I became interested in the media because I liked the responsibility of delivering objective news and information to the masses. I feel that many journalist either found law school too challenging or they were in too much of a hurry to serve 15 years as a lawyer before being appointed to the bench. They find it easier to be a journalist and become a judge from day one.

  10. Tony McClean says:

    It’s a reminder of that old bumper sticker, “The Moral Majority is neither”…..

  11. Kirk Mitchell says:

    It’s a mixture of envy and ego. All of us want to be famous athletes, but sports writers maybe more so, so what happens ESPN is created and eventually sports writers became “onscreen personalities” and you get guys who go out of the way to become the story, instead of telling it, and they become the Jim Romes, Colin Cowherds, Mike Lupicas, Mitch Alboms, etc… they all become caricatures of themselves much the way the athletes they criticize do. The envy comes from the huge changes that have happened in sports. Old white sports writers can’t connect with young black athletes that are now making millions, while young, and old black and even young white sports writers can. You damn right Lupica, and Albom are pissed and will do anything to satisfy their egos.

  12. MODI says:

    I didn’t see TSR but I can only imagine… my own Mount Rushmore of worst reporters are Albom, Lupica, Rick reilly, Mariotti, and Whitlock…

    I don’t put Jim rome with the others because Rome is really just putting on a show, and doesn’t even take himself seriously like the other dudes. He is just going for a laugh.

    now Albom just can’t contain his disgust, especially when talking about black athletes. It just drips off him. If I see that dude in an alley, I;m going to kick his ass. Tell it Miz.

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