Tuesday Morning Starting Five: The I Would Reject the Offer Too Edition

Posted in Blogroll on July 14th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Just because we have a Black president doesn’t mean racism will cease. Get over the sentiment and change the dynamic from within. Could you imagine the scene if Black Fathers were with Creative Steps and this went down? Would the cops actually have been called on them? How would this story have then been reported? If I was a parent of these children, I would have no regrets. This needs to be experienced now so when it smacks them in the face later, they’ll know whassup. They then can process it and move on. As far as Valley Club. Don’t act new now. You are what you are. If grown adults treat children in such a way young tears are shed for realizing the ignorance of man, you get what you deserve. I’m sure there are White folk across the land who see this as disgusting, but where are you? Why don’t you speak out publicly? Why do Blacks always have to be the bearer of truth’s fruit? If you don’t think there is racism going on, then stop it in its tracks. Speak up and speak out with the same passionate force it takes to keep your damn mouths shut when something so painfully obvious goes down. Your reticence is typical and keeps racism alive. Read most of the comments that correspond relevant pieces around the nation and get back to me. Don’t know why I’m expecting different. And yeah yeah, reporting it is not enough. Slam it!

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If You Have a Weight Problem, Face It by Okori Wadsworth

Posted in Blogroll on July 14th, 2009 by Okori Wadsworth

Let’s be real here. That is what TSF is about. Right now, someone you know has a weight problem. They might not admit it. They might even get hostile when you bring it up.

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