A Brand New Addition to the Family

Posted in Blogroll on July 15th, 2009 by Okori Wadsworth

A Brand New Addition to the Family

Hi. I’m occasional commenter Okori. You might know my work on this blog, or my own personal work, The Majesty of Wrestling. However…. I have been “hired” here to perform a task. I work out, religiously. Every other day I’m in the gym. So I have been “hired” as the new Health and Fitness correspondent for TSF. My beat will be as varied as the types you can find in the gym. From everything to getting interviews with professional strength and conditioning coaches to detailing the 10 workout flaws all African-American men make (I’ll give you a hint: one has to do with what we DON’T train.) I’ll be here to get you sharpened up and tight. But my beat does not only concern the men who read TSF. And the Ladies, I am sad to say, need just as much, if not more, work than the men do.

Let me make this clear: there are words banned in this general area. These are the following: toning, sculpting, and firming. Over the course of the time I have this position your ideas of what strength training can do for you will change.

In closing let me say….. thank you for letting me come aboard.

Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Michael Steele Likes Fried Chicken and Potato Salad Too Edition

Posted in Blogroll on July 15th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Michael Steele needs to chill fam. Seriously. I don’t understand why he continues to subject himself to all this mad coonin’. This is ridiculous. You know his own party is laughing at him, not with him. He’s the cat at this picnic. There’s no Black man, woman or child in their right mind who will drop everything and become a member of the GOP just because he says so. I don’t understand why you would do this to yourself Mike. Brotha please get it together. Real Rap? He reminds me of Humpty “I look funny, but yo I’m makin’ money see” Hump.

Straight gangsta mack…

I wonder if he likes the girls with the boom?

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